How technology is leading the way for efficient Market Intelligence | Upcoming Webinar – Infiniti Research

January 27, 2023

Navigate market challenges with tech-enabled market intelligence

How technology is leading the way for efficient market intelligence

We hosted a complimentary webinar for our NA and EMEA region audiences in January, 2023.

While the dynamic business environment that we are living in now has made market intelligence a necessity for companies to recognize new opportunities and threats, traditional research methods are no longer sufficient to effectively respond to today’s rapid marketplace changes. The continued use of research methods such as questionnaires, interviews and focus groups over the last several decades speaks volumes of traditional research’s usefulness. However, reliance on only traditional methods for the entire market intelligence needs of a company can cost companies in terms of lost sales and market share. Traditional research methods often fail in providing information fast enough to enable companies to respond quickly in today’s dynamic marketplace – they either end up focusing on the wrong trend or are not quick enough to take advantage of the information they receive.

It is this backdrop that the use of technology is changing the market intelligence landscape. The possibility of obtaining real-world market insights is enabling companies to better adapt to the changes witnessed in the market, both in terms of taking advantage of the latest trends, as well as keeping track of competition.

To get all the scoop on how technology enabled market intelligence can help your business, please watch the recording of our webinar:

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • How is the use of technology improving the effectiveness of market research
  • What are the available technology enabled market intelligence solutions and how can they benefit businesses

Speakers’ Profiles:

George Mathew is part of the Market Intelligence team of Infiniti Research. He holds an MBA in Finance and has 11+ years of experience in various areas of market intelligence, including quantitative and qualitative market assessment, growth forecasting, competitor intelligence, category benchmarking, and supplier analysis and benchmarking. He has worked on projects covering the pharmaceutical, CPG & FMCG, energy, and automotive sectors.

Mohana Ilavarasan holds an MBA degree in Finance and has 6+ years of experience in market assessment, sourcing and procurement intelligence, and competitor intelligence. He has worked on various projects in the areas of industry benchmarking, competitor benchmarking, cost modeling, rate card benchmarking, negotiation advisory, and supplier intelligence, covering multiple industries such as pharmaceutical, F&B, industrial and manufacturing, oil and gas, and utility.

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