Why Test Marketing is Important

September 30, 2021

Do you have an innovative, new product idea? If so, it’s essential to get an early read on your product’s market value to improve its success. Here’s why- The earlier in the product development phase you determine the value of your product idea or emotional connect it will have with the global customer base, the better. That way, you will have enough time to make adjustments and realign your messages or redesign the product to meet the target market’s needs.

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What is test marketing?

Test marketing refers to the strategy that companies use to test a new product in a small part of the target market to gauge the viability of a product or service in the target market prior to an international roll-out or launch. It is used across the business world to analyze consumer needs and factors impacting product launch. It is like an experiment performed in a real-world setting, i.e., the test market, to analyze the response rate and gauge profitability for specific products categories.

Why opt for test marketing

Test marketing offers several benefits for businesses looking to launch new products and services.

First, it helps gauge sales performance by enabling businesses to test the product and its performance in a real-world setting. This can help stakeholders and key decision-makers accurately predict the turnover and make well-informed decisions regarding market or portfolio expansions.

Moreover, while the product is on limited sale, it provides an opportunity for product development teams to identify and correct any flaws in either the product or its marketing plan before committing to a more extensive international launch. It’s crucial because it will generally be too late and certainly very expensive to incorporate product modifications and improvements post the launch phase.

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Whether to test market or not is a direct compromise between collecting market data at a considerable cost, reducing uncertainty, and driving product launch success.

Businesses must weigh a myriad of information to decide and conclude the market impact of the product. Test marketing can help businesses decide and identify the best strategy to market a new product. However, for those contemplating test marketing its essential to find answers to the following questions-

  • Is test marketing the current requirement?
  • When should you conduct a test market?
  • How can you benefit by leveraging the information?

Test Marketing: Purpose and business benefits

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The direct costs associated with test marketing include a pilot plant to develop the new product, commercials, point-of-sale material produced in small quantities, high media expenses because of low volumes, sampling, and higher trade allowances. The indirect impact often revolves around the cost of revealing a new product idea to a competitor. If he is better organized for new product introductions, he can beat you in market share and visibility. These factors severely impact decisions due to which businesses postpone the decision to test market until they feel confident about the new product, including a successful product development strategy, a competitive marketing plan, and a superior communication plan.

Test marketing your product can help you identify market differentiators and capitalize on new trends. But it’s often difficult to decide whether to test market or not, especially since there’s a lot at stake if you don’t. If you have few details or insights about the target market, spending money to test a new product before you launch might seem unneeded. Executives can decide to test market a product after receiving the marketing plan.

Test marketing must be leveraged to gauge the marketing plan in terms of consumer response, profitability to identify new ways to improve the plan and avoid potential catastrophes post product launch. You may need to use financing to fund prototypes or even for test marketing. But as long as your actions propel business growth, there is no reason to think twice.

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