Why Visual Merchandising is More Important than You Think

June 8, 2018

A myriad of brands are fighting with one another to gain customers’ attention. What is one of the crucial elements for deciding their success or failure at this attempt? Visual Merchandising (VM) could be the answer. Undeniably, impeccable visual merchandising is a great way for retail stores to increase their footfall and gain a competitive advantage.  Stimulating the consumers is no longer a matter of just displaying the goods but focusing on the quality and aesthetics of the displays has become imperative for brands and stores alike. Visual merchandising is a retail strategy that is important in enhancing aesthetics of a product with the intent to increase customer attention and maximize sales. Still not convinced on why VM should be a part and parcel of retail stores?Request Proposal

 Here’s why visual merchandising is important, and you should not ignore it:

Positive shopping experience

Let’s face it, the more effort you put into your display, the more are your chances of getting customers’ attention. By displaying and promoting the products in a manner that encourages higher sales, retail stores will create a more enjoyable shopping experience for the customers. Shoppers tend to appreciate the attention to detail that goes into window displays and other visual merchandising materials because it’s the small things such as this that will make a store stand out from the rest.

Easier to locate products

Put yourselves in the shoes of the customer and think of the frustration you would go through if you have to spend 5-10 minutes just searching different aisles in retail stores to locate a product? visual merchandising is the solution to combat this problem. When a product is properly displayed, it will catch shoppers’ attention, guiding them towards it. For instance, displaying a new arrival in clothing on a mannequin will make it easier for customers to locate the product.

Helps introduce new products

In case of a new product launch, there is nothing that works better for retail stores than visual merchandising. It is obvious that customers will be discouraged to buy your product if they do not understand its utility or how it functions. Though some may purchase it merely out of curiosity, the majority will choose to pass. Visual merchandising can help retail stores explain new products to shoppers.

Enhanced brand identity

Brand identity in simple terms refers to something that the customers identify the brand with. The right type of visual merchandising can help build an identity around your brand. For instance, when Victoria’s Secret developed their new brand PINK, they stepped away from the more mature and provocative nature of visual merchandising and went with a more playful vibe. This has helped them build a brand identity that appeals to their target audiences of young adults and teenagers.

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