Uberization: The next big revolution in the automotive industry?

October 19, 2017

In many nations, driving to work has become a thing of the past with the introduction of reliable and affordable services, which have given birth to the “uberization revolution.” Earlier, the automotive industry focused less on the commercial segment, which included vehicles purchased for uberization. Now with the growth in popularity of uberization, they are focusing on taking full advantage of this segment’s growth prospects. Digital innovations have raised the bar for customer’s expectations on the standards of service. To survive in this ‘era of improved customer experience’, companies planning to adopt uberization in the automotive industry must focus on these three key ingredients:IR_Brochure

Facilitate Real-Time Booking with Accurate Location And ETA

Often, proving an approximate location tracking and accurate estimated time of arrival to customers might become a difficult task in uberization. By working on this aspect, companies in the automobile industry can enhance their customer experience and offer a more reliable and impeccable service to their end-users. Apps like Uber are so advanced today that the customer who is booking a cab can see the exact driver location and distance from the pickup point; this helps to reduce the no-show rate for both the parties. Getting an accurate ETA will help the customer to plan their schedule accordingly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Deliver Seamless Experience

An efficient user-experience can be attained through quick and seamless transactions. A major benefit of uberization today is that digital technology has made transactions more transparent and faster. Billing and payment are highly automated; thus, reducing the risk of fraud or irregular pricing. In Uber, the billing is calculated automatically based on the driver’s GPS, which is monitored by an online system that measures the exact distance covered and the payments. Customers provide the payment details at the time of signing up for the service. This automated, cashless service gives the customers a seamless experience because of the speed and convenience involved.

Establishing a Rating System

Adopting a rating system would ensure high standards of service in uberization. This can work both ways – for the driver and the rider as well. Uber has adopted this mechanism and utilizes the ratings to incentivize the drivers. Positive reviews help the drivers attract more rides and a driver with repeated negative feedback can be eliminated from the system. Having a rating system helps the companies to provide outstanding services. However, it needs to be precise and less time- consuming to be able to attract genuine customer feedback. Additional feedback and user inputs can also be used for improving the level of service provided in uberization.

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