Trends That Will Revolutionize the Transportation Industry by 2050

September 12, 2017

Thanks to technological advancements and innovations, the transportation industry has drastically evolved in recent years. The modified forms of transportation have made life easy, streamlined supply chain and logistics networks, and ironed out the global trade issues. The transportation industry, one of the important industries across the globe, is the backbone of global trade and logistics, which entails a wide range of activities right from transport, packaging, logistics, and warehousing among others.  The transportation industry is growing as manufacturers in the automotive industry are investing in innovations in automobile engineering and related research and development efforts. Emerging transportation industry trends such as connected cars, self-driving vehicles, and electric vehicles are also driving sales and profitability.

Emerging Transportation Industry Trends

The rise in digital proliferation has coerced the companies in the transport industry to analyze the market opportunities and study the competitive landscape to identify potential growth opportunities. Additionally, the increasing application of the internet of things (IoT) within the transportation industry has also transformed the way people commute from one destination to the other. The latest trends and developments in the transport industry have transformed the transportation and automotive industry, driving efficiency and increasing connectivity. Self-driving vehicles, real-time location tracking, and analytics are passé, let’s have a look at the emerging transportation trends that will revamp the transportation landscape-

  • Transport options like Hyperloop, a futuristic tubular system that shoots pod-like capsules from one point to the other at the blink of an eye will soon be a reality
  • Move over self-driving and autonomous vehicles, self-flying cars will soon exist in the near future. This means flying cars or vehicles will hover above the ground level at a specified altitude
  • Keeping up with the trend of self-driven and autonomous vehicles, driverless vehicles will be ubiquitous and the automotive industry will soon launch driverless pods that can be controlled with the help of personal smartphone or mobile device

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