Top Six Categories of Heavy Equipment

October 11, 2017

Heavy equipment vehicles refer to heavy-duty vehicles, which have been specifically designed for assisting in construction work. Although every heavy machinery has their own standard themes, there are certain equipment within it which are specialized for specific jobs. Each type of heavy equipment has its respective place in particular industries, be it construction, moving materials, or farming. The six leading industries and categories of heavy equipment are discussed here.IR_Brochure

Construction Industry

Dump trucks, cranes, and bulldozers are the most prominent type of heavy machinery used in this industry. Dump trucks are used to carry dirt and other forms of sediments to build sites for laying the foundation. Cranes are used for spreading it on ground level for the building; they are also essential in hoisting up and putting in place enormously heavy objects. Bulldozers are another commonly used heavy equipment in numerous construction projects due to their versatility. These conventional types of heavy equipment seen in modernized construction contribute to faster, safer, and cost-effective building plans.

 Farming Industry

Heavy equipment plays a prominent role in this industry. The most commonly used heavy machinery in farming include tractors, off-road vehicles, harvesters, and tillers. A majority of the heavy machinery used in the farming industry is not very applicable to other industries, making them a more specialized category.The tractor remains the most widely used heavy equipment, one of the main reasons for this being its versatility. Other heavy machinery available for farming include planters, farm drills, grain carts, etc. that are strictly dedicated only to growing crops.


Land clearing is a prominent part of forestry and construction alike. However, forestry is more focused on the production of paper goods, plywood, and other tree-based products. Heavy equipment such as wood chippers, skippers, knuckleboom loaders, and feller bunchers are used to harvest wood and create many different things. Mulchers are an excellent option for land clearing.

Material Handling

This industry involves activities related to packing, loading, and shipping in a warehouse setting. The most commonly used heavy machinery in this sector is the forklift. Certain models of forklifts are also designed for wear and tear of a construction site and for moving around a lot of building materials. Though a few newer heavy equipment in this industry has started to pick up, the forklift has dominated this sector for a while and will remain a significant piece of equipment for both construction and shipping.

Transportation Industry

Trucks and trailers are the most commonly used heavy equipment in this industry. The trucks used for delivery are mostly in the form of semi-trucks, whereas dump trucks are widely seen in construction because they are designed to handle rougher terrain on construction sites comparatively.

Grounds Care

Grounds care contains a set of equipment that are specifically designed for a lawn, golf course, or any other grassy property. One of the most commonly used heavy machinery in this industry is the lawn mower, which brings in a vehicular approach to the classic grass cutting. Some of the other widely used equipment include weed whackers, compact tractors, and sweepers.

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