Pharmacy Automation is Going to Be the Next Big Thing for providers: Here’s Why

January 24, 2020

The rising concerns over preventable medical errors are one of the primary reasons for pharmacy automation to gain momentum in the healthcare sector. Providers are opting for pharmacy automation solutions in an attempt to facilitate better medication distribution and reduce to medical errors. thereby assuring greater patient safety. These systems are also known to help curb pharmacy costs, which help mitigate the increasing drug prices and reduced reimbursement.

Furthermore, the increase in budgets of healthcare providers over the last few years have fueled the adoption of pharmacy automation systems in healthcare facilities. Infiniti’s healthcare industry experts are of the opinion that the trend for an increased automation budget is expected to continue through the next five years. In this article, we walk you through some of the key benefits of pharmacy automation solutions.

Pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation solutions are integral in providing more holistic care to patients. Planning to invest in a pharmacy automation solution for your healthcare organization? We can assist you to identify the best solutions based on your organization’s requirements along with actionable insights for implementation –

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Enhanced process efficiency

In pharmacy automation, automated prescription dispensing systems select and package medications and dispenses pills individually. In most cases, the medication is barcoded to ensure that the prescription and patients are mapped accurately. Robotic dispensers can also be handy in incorporating systems that drive workflow and expedite processes to enhance efficiencies, resulting in reduced costs in one comprehensive pharmacy solution.

Automation means an overhaul of your existing processes and workflow. Is your business ready to take the big step? If not, tell us more about your business challenges and learn how our solutions can help overcome them.


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