360 Degree View of Cameras for the Indian Real Estate Market

Mar 21, 2017

The real estate industry in India is growing one brick at a time. Being one of the most globally recognized industries, it’s expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 11%. This includes the demand for both commercial and residential spaces. Despite demonetization and other reforms, the Indian real estate sector seems to be much more transparent than ever. At Infiniti Research, our experts performed a market intelligence study to help potential clients in the real estate market understand the usefulness of 360-degree cameras  in their ventures.



How Did the Real Estate Market Evolve in India?

A decade back, a real estate agent would be the sole keeper of all the information about any property. Anyone looking to either buy or sell their property would look for agent’s support. However, when the Internet took the world by storm, the real estate market steadily moved from offline to online channels. Online listing companies took over the highly unorganized agents’ or broker market. The demand for reliable realtors and verified listings reduced the need for agents. Not just that, many sellers and buyers could make their decision without any intervention of the brokers. pic1

360 Degree View of Properties – Your USP

With the evolution of internet also came many players. Our market intelligence study identified the top five web portals and highlighted some of the key players who utilized 360-degree cameras  to stand out from their peers. With the cut-throat competition, there was a strong need for these web portals to stand out. Having a 360-degree view of the property helps buyers virtually view the locality from anywhere through the Internet. And this clearly made path for 360-degree cameras  in the Indian real estate market. Our detailed case study also covers the technology and pricing aspects of 360-degree cameras.

Futuristic Insights for 360-Degree View Technology

A 360-degree cameras  shoots a video simultaneously from all the angles converting it to a landscape image. According to our research, the demand for 360-degree view in real estate industry is on the rise. Currently only one web portal offers 360 view images, and the company claims that they are still in an experimental phase, giving room for other players to venture in.


Our actionable market intelligence study, performed by the experts at Infiniti Research, talks about the current market scenario, key market players, and the importance of 360-degree view images. With increasing internet penetration in all the industries, this trend is sure to stay put.

Though various industries are making the most of the 360-degree technology, it is always a wise choice to understand the challenges as well. At Infiniti Research, all our services are backed by real-world data points and industry experts’ opinions.

To gain more insights on the future of 360-degree technology, read our latest market intelligence study on the 360-degree cameras here.

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