Innovative Technologies to Look out for in the Food Industry

February 9, 2018

The extent to which technology has influenced our lives is unfathomable. But we don’t seem to get enough. Every other day, we find ourselves being awestruck by innovative technologies that are new to the market. To think of it, there is no industry today that has not been conquered by technology. From making our lives easier to giving us varied experiences, technology is indeed the biggest boon mankind could ever ask for. In recent times, we have seen players in several industries experimenting with innovative technologies in their business. The food industry has for long been conservative in their operations, sticking to conventional ways of business. However, there has been a drastic change to this trend in the industry with several players breaking new ground by trying to experiment with innovative technologies to enhance their business. Here are some of the recent technological innovations in the food industry:

Mobile Apps

Why go to the restaurant when the restaurant can come to you? Popular fast food chains were among the first to implement mobile apps through which their customers could order food. However, today, several food delivery apps such as Ubereats and GrubHub are available, which help you order food from different vendors, all at one place. Many of these are customizable for different languages as well.

Order kiosks

Don’t we all just hate long waiting queues for a table in a restaurant, especially when your stomach is grumbling for food? Taking this into account, many top players in the food industry have started implementing innovative technologies such as self-order kiosks through which customers can order their food while they wait, which, in turn, reduces their wait time once they get the table. It also helps restaurants to prevent customer walk-aways and results in more orders

Facebook ordering

A decade back when Facebook was introduced, it was known to be a social networking site that would help you connect with your peers. Who would have known that several years down the line, Facebook would turn out to be more than just a medium for networking? Companies specializing in Facebook-payment integration for restaurants are helping chains to get their ordering process onto the popular platform. This is a reasonably low-cost add-on to make, and has the potential to grow sales, which always gets a restaurateur’s attention.

Tabletop e-waiter & checkout

A common thing diners dislike at a restaurant is when waiters take their credit card away and run it up at the register. The reason for this being several instances of frauds that were reported during such situations. Companies in the restaurant business are trying innovative technologies in checkouts, such as giving the customers a restaurant iPad that they can self-checkout on, and in this case, their card doesn’t leave their sight either. Self-checkout is a trend that food industry players must consider to speed up the billing process.

 Game on while you wait

Players in the food industry are taking help from the gaming industry to enhance their services. As bizarre as it sounds, many companies in the food industry have already started working on incorporating such innovative technologies into their business. For instance, popular fast food chain Mc Donald’s is projecting gesture-enabled games on the restaurant floor for kids to play while they wait for Happy Meals.

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