Thinking Inside the Box: How the Right Customer Care Strategies Can Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

July 27, 2018

The old phrase ‘caveat venditor’ (meaning let the seller beware) is being taken seriously by modern businesses that want to thrive in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. Customer care and satisfaction have now become the cornerstone for gauging success in business. Customer care, which typically includes the call center as well as online and self-service channels, plays an integral role in a company. As the natural owner of a large part of the customer journey, customer care can provide invaluable insights by helping businesses identify pain points, define journeys, and spur collaboration across functions. Additionally, having a good customer experience strategy is a great tool to have an upper hand in the market and build better goodwill for your brand.

Customer experience (CX) refers to the customers’ interactions with an organization, both in the pre- and post-sale phase. The customer experience strategy defines the actionable plans that have to deliver a positive and meaningful experience to the customers across those interactions. Companies that are successful in implementing a good customer experience strategy facilitate a better customer journey, have higher customer satisfaction rates, gain increased revenues, and experience reduced churn.

Role of customer care in improving CX

Over the years, the proliferation of touchpoints and channels has increased the number of entities within the enterprise that engage with customers. Hence, customer care is playing an essential and natural role in mapping the customer journey and formulating a better customer experience strategy for more and more organizations. Customer care gives companies the ability to advance the customer transformation in several ways:

  • Formulate strategies from customer journey data: A significant number of touchpoints across primary channels are controlled by customer care. This makes customer care the natural owner of several service-focused customer journeys. Other important functional teams in the company such as sales, marketing, and product development can utilize these insights while formulating their strategies and consequently ensure a better customer experience.
  • Implement improvement measures: Customers report their issues or concerns regarding the company’s products and services to customer care. This enables companies to take the necessary action and formulate a better customer experience strategy, either for one specific journey or across common touchpoints in all journeys.
  • Indicator to customer loyalty and repurchase: The customer experience and customer care service provided by a company is a major deciding factor of customer loyalty towards a brand. Companies that do not give importance to customer care will experience the lowest rate of good CX and a higher rate of customer churn.
  • Creates a lasting impact on customers: Any bad experience that customer experiences from your brand can not only lead to a bad impression but also result in a negative word of mouth. Providing instant resolution to customer problems through good customer care service is a good strategy to create a long-lasting impact in the minds of the customers.

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