Exploring the Challenges in Sustainable Packaging: How to Overcome Them?

January 3, 2018

The popular quote “The first impression makes the best impression” is highly applicable in the case of product packaging to attract customers. A customer’s perception of the product begins the moment a product catches their eye on the retail shelf. Therefore, packaging a product is vital in more ways than you think.

Today’s customers have become highly exposed to the market and are more aware of the changing trends, all thanks to technology and globalization! The “environmentalist” virus is slowly infecting the consumer crowd as well. The rising concerns pertaining to environmental pollution from non-degradable products like plastic are making the consumers more responsible and undertake “green-packaging” measures. But switching over to sustainable packaging and re-inventing the packaging design might not be as easy and feasible as it sounds, as far as businesses are concerned. Some of the key challenges that companies face while moving towards green packaging trends are :

Cost concerns

For any business, the primary motive is to reduce costs and maximize profits. Most companies try to achieve this without compromising the quality of the packaging design. The cost of materials used in sustainable packaging is on the higher side when compared to the traditional packaging methods. This might prove to be heavy on the pockets of companies in the long run.

Product safety

The basic idea of packaging is not just appealing to the consumer, but at the same time ensure that the content inside is intact. Sustainable packaging materials are made up of products that are recyclable and reusable, but they may not be as efficient as plastic and other thicker packaging materials that ensure product safety.

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Collaboration is the key

As an organization, you might have amazing ideas for incorporating sustainability packaging into your business, but at the same time, you need the help of experienced designers and marketers for implementation. Designers can help you identify the packaging that is best suited for your product without compromising the quality and appearance of the packaging. Whereas, marketers can help you pave the way to attract more customers and at the same time have control over budgets.

Understand long term-packaging implications

Companies must understand their entire product lifecycle and choose the materials that are best suited for their products rather than choosing the most sustainable packaging option. Not all types of sustainable packaging can help retain the quality and intactness of the content inside for a long period. Businesses have to consult experts and make the wise choice of packaging that would provide the most durability with reduced costs. At the end of the day, it is all about choosing what is right for the brand. Every decision should also be made through the lens of brand equity.

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