Top 4 Benefits of Competitor Analysis That Can Help Energy Sector Companies to Flourish

January 3, 2019

The US energy sector is facing unprecedented challenges like unpredictable government policies and regulations, growing competition, the aging workforce, modernizing grid infrastructure, and cyber-attacks. The target and policy measures agreed by the governments of many countries to reduce CHG emissions are exerting pressure to move away from fossil fuel consumption. This is resulting in an immense increase in the competition among the companies, especially in the US energy sector, and new research unveils that this competition is going to be even fierce in the years to come.

Increasing competition demands more efficiency. It can become a roadblock for the entry of new players in the market. Additionally, it can also hinder the growth of a company if it is not able to analyze the competitors’ strategy. Therefore, the companies must devise a robust framework to gain actionable insights on current market position, end-consumers, and key competitors, and the credibility of their partners and associates.

At Infiniti Research, we understand the pain that companies in the energy sector face in the process of competitor analysis and competitor profiling.  So, to help companies identify and profile the competitors in the target market while evaluating their strategies to determine the strengths and weakness of the services rendered, our team of experts has listed four crucial benefits that competitor analysis offers in the energy sector.

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Benefits of Competitor Analysis for Companies in the Energy Sector

#1: Competitor analysis guide inaccurate forecasting of competitors’ move

Competitor analysis helps companies to analyze and assess the next move of their competitors, which helps in better brand positioning. It helps companies in the energy sector to:

  • Find new markets to enter or increase the presence
  • Predict competitors’ actions
  • Improve product development
  • Beat competitors to the market
  • Improve and personalize consumer interaction
  • Give consumers what they want and increase market share
  • Find new products and tech that will disrupt the competitive landscape
  • Identify political or legislative issues
  • Stand out from the crowd with a distinct corporate identity and tone of voice

#2: Competitor analysis helps in making real-time business decisions

Once you know what your competitors are doing, you will be able to plan the next move of your company. An effective competitor analysis framework helps you stay competitive if you can anticipate what similar companies are planning. The information derived from a competitive intelligence engagement may confirm that your current direction will keep you competitive. Additionally, competitor analysis can help companies to identify the possible opportunities and threats across the energy sector.

#3: Competitor analysis assists in identifying gaps efficiently

Competitive intelligence solutions help to identify gaps in the market based on what your competitors are doing. A well-designed competitor analysis framework enables energy sector companies to see how the competitors are growing or changing and which areas of the market they are focusing on. Moreover, this also helps companies to find a new angle, service, or product that helps you set apart and fill a need within the market. Competitor analysis also helps firms in the energy sector to gain regular updates on the changing dynamics of the global energy industry and allows them to change their strategy with the fluctuations in market demand.

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#4: Competitor analysis aids in seeking internal information

Competitor analysis also helps in fetching internal information on the growth graph of the business. This internal assessment gives you an idea of how the performance of your company is, where you are excelling and where you need to focus more energy. The competitor analysis framework provides you with regular information on your company to help you make real-time decisions.

Today, companies across the energy sector are moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more tailored and personalized approach to meet the desires and needs of the customers better. Moreover, with the recent shift towards renewable sources of energy, leading companies within the energy sector are revamping their existing architectures to transform their business models.

Competitor analysis in the energy sector can be painful and affect growth. Know how you can stay ahead of your competitors by consulting our experts –

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