Automation Trends: The flag-bearer of Transformation in the Packaging Industry

October 25, 2017

Technological innovations have proven to be a boon for the packaging industry; and now with automation trends taking control, there is no looking back for the players in the packaging industry. These automation trends have made packaging an efficient and less time-consuming task. How has automation become a major game changer in the packaging industry you ask? Let’s have a look:IR_Brochure

The Connectivity Trend

Automation has helped integrate various functions involved in the packaging industry. It gives a clearer picture of the various sub-processes and plant conditions, which helps to optimize complex packaging processes and improve smart maintenance.

End-to-end Digital Engineering

With the help of automation, most of the processes involved in the packaging industry have been digitized. The tasks that had to be carried out manually in the  industry can now be done with higher accuracy with the help of automation. End-to-end digital engineering also helps identify errors in the processes and can be rectified immediately.

Adaptive technology

There are various issues that a machine faces during its functioning. However, innovators in the packaging industry are constantly formulating new and efficient techniques to overcome such errors. Prefabricated software functions are now being used to prevent jamming on the packaging line. Recent research shows that the next generation packing machines will also be able to regulate and adjust the process speed and product handling phase automatically.

Space Saving

Space saving has been one of the key automation trends in the packaging industry. Cabinet free machines not only assist in saving space but also helps reduce machine footprint. The packaging industry is adopting a modular machine configuration that facilitates machine operators and customers to respond flexibly to different requirements. In a modular machine configuration, a single hybrid cable connects the individual modules, which can be easily integrated into the machine.

Keeping it simple

The growing need to simplify diagnostics and maintenance is giving birth to more web-based service tools and innovative machine concepts. The ability of companies to integrate new machines or lines easily into existing systems is essential for them to adapt to the changing technology.

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