Application of Media Monitoring Services in the Food Service Industry

September 14, 2017

Today, every business across the globe have started utilizing social media, a popular cultural phenomenon, and depending on various digital media platforms to understand consumer behavior and gain market insights. Media monitoring services provide a platform to assess consumers’ perception about the organization, brand, and their product or service offerings. Social media monitoring tools allow businesses to improve their product offerings by focusing on the challenges of demand and customer’s preferences. Such services are a boon for every industry, especially the food service industry, as digital media allows food service providers to track, monitor, and assess their performance across several channels. The food service industry can leverage the valuable insights gained through market intelligence studies and various social media listening tools to devise effective strategies that drive organizational profitability.

Media Monitoring Services in A Nutshell

Media monitoring services help businesses optimize their strategies and improve the organization’s online presence; thereby, enhancing consumer loyalty and brand sentiment. As organizations move from a transaction-based approach to a more personal, customer-centric approach, social media monitoring services enable a seamless and smooth transition. With the help of social media listening tools and the advent of big data, businesses can combine internal and external data across different channels and make use of the insights to streamline and optimize their business operations.

Media Monitoring and the Food Service Industry – What’s Cooking?

In the food service industry, customers are an integral part of the entire value chain process, which makes it all the more important for the industry players to monitor their online presence, analyze consumer sentiment towards their brands as well as competitors’ offerings, and build positive customer engagement around the brand. It is also important for the businesses in the food service industry to understand the dynamic market landscape and gain in-depth knowledge of the various stakeholders who have an impact on the business operations and profitability. How can media monitoring services benefit the players in the food service industry, you ask? Here’s how.

  • Media monitoring services enables the food service providers to analyze brand performance by targeting a specific customer segment, relate to them, and address their concerns
  • Optimize the online presence of a brand across various market segments and streamline processes by driving customer engagement on digital platforms
  • Track, monitor, and assess social media activities to gain real-time insights on the latest market trends and gain a foothold in the social space

For instance, Infiniti recently helped a leading food service provider to rebuild their brand message with its media monitoring services. The study helped the food retailer in creating personalized marketing collaterals that would resonate with the consumer’s expectations and boost the overall product sales. Read the full case study here.

The Infiniti Way

The rule of thumb to survive in the market, create lasting impressions, realize business objectives, and drive profitability is to listen, identify, and analyze customer and market information.

“In this dynamic and competitive market environment, it is essential for organizations to gain an in-depth knowledge of their target customers and leverage these insights to improve their decision-making process.” says a leading market analyst at Infiniti research

With more than 14 years of experience, Infiniti Research has worked with several clients across the globe and provided various business intelligence services that have helped them make strategic business decisions wisely. We have worked with over 120 plus clients, including 55 Fortune 500 companies, and helped them build capabilities and drive bottom-line growth by leveraging the constant influx of information and data. With the help of our team of expert analysts and consultants, we strive to complement our client’s business objectives to discover growth opportunities and drive business excellence.

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