5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Returnable Packaging Right Now

May 16, 2018

Returnable packaging is one of the trends in the packaging industry that has been gaining immense traction in the recent times. The definition of reusable or returnable packaging is a no-brainer. As the name clearly suggests, it refers to the packaging that is designed for repeated reuse. This type of packaging is often designed to promote durability, ease of cleaning, ease of use, ease of repair, and collapsibility or nestable design to provide inexpensive return when empty. Reusable packaging can include primary consumer packages, such as beverage containers, as well as transport and industrial packaging. The focus of this piece is on transport and industrial applications. Modern companies are in a rat-race to identify new strategies to impress customers and gain a competitive advantage. Using sustainable methods such as returnable packaging and reducing the carbon footprint is a great way for companies to improve their goodwill. Here are some benefits that reusable packaging offers to companies:Request Free Proposal

Increased efficiency in transport

Returnable packaging is ideally made from materials that are known to be more durable than traditional packaging options. The packaging industry is constantly improvising on the materials used in reusable packaging to ensure that better quality of materials that can be repeatedly used. This type of packaging has proven to perform better in stressful situations like moisture, heat, and other environmental factors. Furthermore, packaging can be loaded more efficiently, reducing the cost of multiple transportation requirements.

Limited storage space requirement

When companies rely on reusable packaging, they do not have to allocate additional space in their warehouse for packaging materials. This saves a lot of space and money for companies. The excess storage space can be used for other vital materials or operations. The primary goal of returnable packaging is to have “enough” but to eliminate the situation of excess.

Environmental implications

Apart from saving a great deal of time and money, reusable packaging helps companies to join the go green bandwagon and reduce the carbon footprint and environmental degradation activities. When companies resort of packaging that can be returned or reused, less packaging materials have to be manufactured, which reduces the amount of energy that is required to produce packaging and brings about a decrease in the number of greenhouse gases that are emitted during the process.

Lower waste management cost

In the case of conventional packaging, the packaging materials once used are treated as waste materials. Reusable or returnable packaging can save firms from the costs of waste management throughout their entire global supply chain. Such savings will have a trickle-down effect that will reduce overall costs for supplies in the long term. It naturally reduces the overall costs that can either pass on to the end user or act as an additional revenue. Moving waste around can be a  costly affair, not just in terms of money but in the effect that it has on the environment and the public’s perception of the business. 

Cut down labor costs

Relying on reusable options can help companies to reduce the amount spent on additional labor cost in the warehouse. Ideally, this innovative packaging technique does not require many hands to construct or to load.

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