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demand management

Infiniti’s Demand Management Solution Helped a Medical Devices Manufacturer to Achieve Average Savings of $7.2 Million

The US medical device industry is one of the world’s largest industries and is constantly being driven by the emergence of new technologies and innovative manufacturing methods. Though medical device manufacturing companies have witnessed unprecedented growth in terms of innovations and improved technologies in the last decade, such dramatic advancements have also given way for several challenges that loom over companies operating in the medical device industry. Owing to the increasing challenges in the market, companies in the medical device industry are increasingly leveraging demand management solutions to manage and allocate capacity to meet the markets’ increased demands.

Accurate demand management is critical and can sometimes be tricky. The information gained from a demand management engagement can be used in all aspects of a manufacturer’s business, including manufacturing schedules, inventory management, product positioning, and production planning. Request a FREE brochure to gain more insights into our services portfolio.

Business Challenge

The client is a medical device manufacturer based out of the United States. The company is well-known for manufacturing a wide range of healthcare devices. Inconsistency in the product demand, owing to fluctuations in the market made capacity planning quite challenging for the client. Also, due to their inability to meet the rising market demand, the client was unable to maintain the right balance between supply and demand, which resulted in reduced profit margins for the company. This necessitated the need to capitalize on these market changes through better forecasting and demand planning. To achieve this business goal the client had to enhance their demand management process by considering several factors that affected the demand of their medical devices.

Other challenges faced by the client included:

  • With growing advancements in medical technology, the medical device manufacturer was looking at implementing a robust method that would help them protect margins with products that elude commoditization.
  • The client was facing increasing pressure to adapt to a fast-evolving marketplace by effectively catering the needs of the increasing population.
  • The client faced major challenges in identifying long-term savings opportunities and areas for cost-reduction to facilitate product design and development.
  • By employing an effective demand management process, they needed to effectively manage the supply-demand shortages.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered 

To help the client tackle all the industry challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research followed a comprehensive four-phased approach. The approach focused on helping the client accurately plan, predict, and meet the demands of the global customer base.

  • The initial phase in demand management approach focused on segmenting the market based on sales and ­­­marketing outcomes to analyze and anticipate different customer needs and long-term market trends. This turned out to be a fundamental factor that helped them align their business model and supply chain functions accordingly.
  • The second step in demand management process involved documenting the process roadmap, which included market gap analysis, a detailed analysis of success factors, and the roadmap for each stage.
  • The third phase of the demand management approach focused on bridging the cross-functional disconnect. The cross-functional disconnects were overcome by establishing KPIs.
  • The final phase in demand management process involved a detailed analysis of factors such as the number of consumers in the target market, demand for medical devices, proportion expected to buy the medical devices, anticipated timing of their purchase, and patterns of repeat purchases.

Insights obtained from Infiniti’s demand management engagement helped the client to formulate effective strategies for making smart decisions about inventory and production levels. This subsequently reduced the risk of stock-outs, resulting in lower holding cost and increased turnover rates. Also, the heightened visibility of their demand chain enabled them to capitalize on new opportunities to enhance the patient outcome and drive revenue.

Moreover, Infiniti’s demand management engagement also delivered tangible outcomes in their supply chain, most notably the cost savings obtained from inventory management and demand planning. Infiniti’s demand management solution further helped the client improve under-forecasting by nearly 3.5%, representing average savings of $7.2 million in a year.

Poor healthcare access and the growing demand for advanced medical devices represent a management dilemma between effectively managing demand and costs. Are you facing the same challenge? If yes, request a FREE proposal to know how our demand management solutions can help.

Why demand management is important?

In today’s competitive world, a number of companies are leveraging demand management solutions to meet the evolving needs of their business at every level. Demand management is a business process that enables organizations to respond to emerging situations in an effective manner by maintaining the right balance between supply and demand.

Engaging in demand management practices helps organizations to avoid gaps in supply and demand and also promote better supplier relationships. Demand management techniques also play a major role in addressing external spending factors, arranging purchase orders, and eradicating waste.

Customer demands are extremely dynamic and unless organizations correctly chart out the demand pattern and ascertain the amount of goods to be produced, the chances of overstocking or understocking of goods are likely to happen. Using demand management solutions, companies can understand customers’ requirements and improvise on products that are not coping well in the market.

Why partner with Infiniti Research?

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, there is an ongoing need to leverage demand management solutions across all aspects of your business processes. To survive in the long-run, companies have to possess the capability to react quickly to the ever-changing supplier and market dynamics. This is where the Infiniti’s expertise as a market intelligence solutions provider comes into play. Market intelligence solutions enable organizations to gain a holistic view of the market from various perspectives. The insights offered by our experts help businesses to develop customized products/services and marketing communication strategies that help customers distinguish the brand from their peers.

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product launch strategy

Infiniti’s Product Marketing Strategy Helped a Consumer Electronics Company Reduce their Marketing Spend by 17%

The consumer electronics market in Canada is undergoing massive transformations. With the ongoing shifts in consumer needs and market demands, companies in the industry are finding it extremely challenging to adapt to the changes. Also, with the recent technological advancements, companies today have the option of engaging customers through multiple channels. With this, companies in the consumer electronics industry are encountering difficulties in finding the right sales channel for product promotions have become extremely challenging for businesses.

Today, companies need to look beyond traditional sales channel to generate better sales result. Request a FREE brochure to gain more insights into our services portfolio and to know how they will help you in building a robust product marketing strategy.

Business Challenge

The client is a consumer electronics company based out of Canada. Having launched a new product in the market, the client faced several challenges in generating an adequate market share for the product. Also, as many of their previous product launches failed due to their ineffective product marketing strategy, the management did not wish to take a chance. The client identified that ineffective promotional activities, inadequate understanding of the competitive activity, and wrong timing of distribution were some of the factors behind most of the product failures. Therefore, to effectively address these issues, they wanted to adopt a robust product marketing strategy to successfully position their new product in the market. As such, the client approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering product marketing strategy engagement.

Solutions Offered

As a part of product marketing strategy engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research analyzed multiple dimensions of the market, competition, product, pricing, and target customers to develop a comprehensive product marketing plan.

The product marketing strategy engagement involved the following steps:

  1. The experts gathered insights on the key trends in the industry
  2. The experts analyzed the key buying behaviors of the target customer segments for a new innovative electronic product
  3. Conducted customer survey with the target customers to test the value statements
  4. Based on the market feedback, developed marketing strategies

Results and Value Delivered

With Infiniti’s product marketing strategy engagement, the client was able to build a robust product marketing strategy to successfully produce and market their new products in the market. The experts also recommended the client to focus on online sales channels for product sales. With this, the company was able to achieve its revenue goal within 3 years of new product launch. The devised product marketing strategy further helped the client to optimize marketing investments and maximize profits.

Infiniti’s product marketing strategy engagement also helped the client to:

  • Reduce their total marketing spend by 17%
  • Enhance sales and profit margin
  • Gain a stronger competitive advantage
  • Heighten customer awareness

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How to develop a product marketing strategy?

Today, businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing a new product each year. Also, companies compete with each other to achieve maximum market share for their products. In this context, businesses that do not have an appropriate product marketing strategy are more likely to lag behind in its marketing activities compared to its competitors. Let us take a look at how to develop an effective product marketing strategy.

PRODUCT MARKETING 1Defining products – Customers do not buy a product unless they have complete information about is offered. So, businesses need to create marketing messages which clearly defines the product and reflects its value in the market.

Profiling competitors – Identify competitive advantages and build better product marketing plan compared to competitors. By identifying gaps in competitors’ offerings, businesses can stay ahead of them.

Understanding the target market – It will be difficult to build a robust product strategy plan if companies do not have an in-depth understanding of their target markets.

Creating a marketing plan – Based on all the above analysis, companies can develop a marketing plan to effectively position their product in the target market.


Today, too many businesses dive into new markets and introduce new products. Lacking a proper product marketing strategy can potentially affect the company’s bottom line. To avoid this scenario, CONTACT US to leverage our product marketing engagement.

financial risk assessment

Infiniti’s Financial Risk Assessment Solution Helped a Manufacturing Firm Effectively Manage Risks and Enhance their Profit Margin by 22%

Today, manufacturing is no longer simply about making products. The recent technological advancements and the evolving customer demands have made it imperative for companies in the manufacturing industry to explore new ways of capturing market value. With this, companies in the manufacturing industry are under relentless pressure to enhance speed to market and customer engagement.

But, like all other industries, the manufacturing industry is also not free of risks. Some of these risks potentially destroy the business, whereas others cause serious damage that can be costly. In this context, it becomes increasingly important for manufacturing companies to monitor and manage all types of qualitative as well as financial risks in the industry. With over 15 years of expertise, Infiniti Research has helped many companies to identify potential risks in the industry and formulate actionable plans to mitigate them.

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Business Challenge

The client is a well-known manufacturing firm based out of Europe. The client was facing challenges in identifying the potential risks impeding their business growth. Some of the factors causing risks were delays from transportation, issues with third-party vendors, tariff wars, security threats, and workforce management challenges. All these risks not only affected the productivity of the company but resulted in financial losses for the client.Subsequently, , the company was not able to achieve their quarterly targets for 2 years consecutively. This affected the company’s gross profit.

Other challenges faced by the client were:

  • The supply chain disruptions were causing major challenges for the client. These delays occurred due to transportation issues and quality control issues with suppliers. Therefore, with Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution, the client wanted to identify these supply chain risks before they impact the company’s bottom line.
  • As cyber risks posed challenges for major manufacturing companies operating in and around Europe, the client wanted to monitor the security threats and mitigate them.
  • The client also encountered difficulties in staff management and succession planning. As staff management was essential to keep the business running smoothly, the client wanted to evaluate the workforce risks.

With Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution, the client wanted to identify all the risks affecting the company and make actionable plans to mitigate them.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The experts at Infiniti Research thoroughly analyzed the client’s historical sales data, factors affecting their sales, and major risks facing the company. In the initial phase, the experts analyzed the risks that the business is exposed to in its operational environment. The second phase included analyzing the link between these risks and different factors within the organization. They also carried out a comprehensive analysis of the severity of the risks and how it affected the business functions. The final phase of the financial risk assessment engagement involved prioritizing the risks based on its severity and managing them individually.

With Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution, the client was able to identify all the risks affecting their organization and prioritize them according to their severity. Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution also helped the client to understand all the factors affecting their supply chain delays. This helped them undertake the necessary steps to effectively meet the demands of their products. Consequently, they were able to reduce over-stocks and stock-outs. The experts also helped the client to identify all the cybersecurity threats facing their company. Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution helped them to protect all their critical data. Also, the financial risk assessment engagement helped the client to understand the workforce management challenges and mitigate them.

Furthermore, with Infiniti’s financial risk assessment engagement, the client was able to:

  • Make accurate market forecasts based on patterns derived from historical sales
  • Closely monitor the movements in the market and anticipate activities that could potentially affect the financial aspect of the company
  • Effectively segregate the tasks to prevent possibilities of fraud and internal threats
  • Identify periods of low cash inflows and effectively plan budgets accordingly

With Infiniti’s financial risk assessment solution, the client was able to make better financial planning and meet their quarterly target. Eventually, this resulted in an increase in profit margin by 22%.

A key step to managing your company’s risk is by conducting a comprehensive financial risk assessment. Request a FREE proposal to know how our engagement can help you mitigate the industry risks.

How do you conduct a financial risk assessment?

Financial risk assessment involves a detailed analysis of potential risks affecting the organization. A well-devised financial risk assessment process supports companies in identifying the risks in the industry and provides an opportunity to mitigate the risks that are most likely to occur. Having a financial risk assessment strategy will help companies to prepare themselves financially for the most likely risks in the industry.

There are three basic steps in financial risk assessment.

Gathering industry data – The initial process in financial risks assessment process involves gathering industry-specific data. This involves gathering information about the company structure, client base, third party engagement, and more. The information collected from these sources will help companies understand risks associated with each sector of the organization.

Interviewing key stakeholders – The company should identify key stakeholders in the industry. Gathering information from them will help companies categorize the common risks in the market and prioritize them. By closely monitoring the key competitors, organizations can identify the risk mitigation strategies employed by them.

Documenting the report – The final step in financial risk assessment process involves documenting the findings and developing recommendations for mitigating the industry risk.

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Product research

Enhancing Product Development Strategies for a Consumer Electronics Company – A Product Research Engagement

The world is quickly and constantly transforming with the advent of advanced technologies. This rapid pace of change has heavily affected the consumer electronics industry, which brings in the biggest and newest innovations every year. In this competitive business world, for product-oriented companies, it becomes imperative to launch new products to differentiate themselves from competitors and drive revenues.

New product development and marketing is not an easy task, especially when it comes to launching a new technology product. Given the multitude of new products available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult for companies in the consumer electronics market to set themselves apart from the global competition. This is where the real importance of a product research strategy is realized by companies looking to position themselves competitively in the consumer electronics industry. For over 15 years, Infiniti’s product research strategy has helped many organizations to formulate a smart approach and successfully introduce a new product in the market.

Launching a new product is a daunting task and can cost you dearly if you don’t plan them properly. Request a FREE brochure to know more about our services portfolio and to know how our product research engagement can help your business plan better product launches.

Business Challenge

The client is a consumer electronics company based out of the United States. The company employs around 11,000 people and has nearly 79 outlets. The client introduced a new product in the market, but, unfortunately, the product failed to succeed. The main reasons behind the product’s failure were the management’s failure to exploit new market opportunities and their inability to leverage digital platforms effectively. This failure subsequently affected the company’s sales rate and the company failed to make enough profits. During this time, the company lost about $7.8 million.

The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering product research solutions. With Infiniti’s product research solution, they wanted to introduce new products with good market demand. Also, they wanted to make improvements to their existing products lines.

Other challenges faced by the client included:

  • They were facing predicaments in analyzing their customers’ needs and technology adoption. by leveraging Infiniti’s solution, they wanted to identify products with the best market demand.
  • Due to the evolving customer attitude, they faced major challenges in positioning themselves in the market. Therefore, before launching new products in the market, the client wanted to analyze their target customers and build effective marketing plans to successfully sell their products to the intended customers.
  • Cost reduction was another major motive of the client. With the aid of an accurate product research engagement, the client wanted to reduce costs by using lower-cost materials, eliminating features that the market does not need, and by redesigning the product to simplify the manufacturing process.

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What is product research and development?

Launching a new product can be an exciting task for any company. Whether it is the first product the are offfering or an upgrade, the excitement associated with a new product launch cannot be undermined. However, before presenting new product to the masses, every company needs to perform a thorough product research to better understand the market demand.

The goal behind any organization investing time and effort in product research is to quantify or increase business knowledge. And if the business has plans to introduce new products in the market or try any new function, it won’t be wise on its part to just gather information about the product and market them. Rather, understanding the market requirements and competitor offerings can help better market the product.

Importance of product research

Gaining a competitive edge – Companies that undertake regular product research have a higher chance of succeeding in the global market compared to their competitors.

Manifold increase in sales – There is a direct and undefined connection between the efforts undertaken by an organization for product research and the performance of a company. Thus, it can be said that product research subsequently improves the sales rate.


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Financial risk analysis

Financial Risk Analysis Helped a Banking Industry Client Achieve Savings of $ 3.2 Million – An Infiniti Research Success Story

Business Challenge

Over the last couple of years, the banking industry has undergone significant transformation due to factors including business model transformation, adoption of advanced technologies, changing regulatory environments, and more. In an increasingly complex environment of the banking industry, new complexities arise, requiring an adjustment in risk management systems and procedures. Financial risks in the banking sector can potentially cripple the business if not managed on time. Therefore, it is imperative for companies in the companies in the banking sector to implement financial risk analysis and management strategies to identify potential risks in advance, analyze them, and take steps to eliminate them.

The client, a well-known bank in Canada wanted to develop financial risk management strategies to manage risks affecting the growth of the industry. Changes in market variables, including interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations, as well as movements in market prices of securities and financial derivatives created risks that negatively impacted the financial capital of the client. Also, these risks affected the company’s bottom line. Hence, the client approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering financial risk analysis solutions. With Infiniti’s financial risk analysis solution, the client wanted to develop a comprehensive and dynamic framework for monitoring, measuring and managing liquidity, interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity price risks.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

With years of expertise in offering actionable financial risk analysis solutions, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client devise an effective financial risk management strategy. Financial risk analysis also involved examining changes in market variables, including interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations, as well as movements in market prices of securities and financial derivatives. Our experts also analyzed historical records to predict when the market fluctuations and disruptions were about to occur. This helped the client to create proactive and reactive methods that can prevent financial from impacting the security of the organization.

This highly focused approach helped the client to build strategic financial risk management strategies that minimized the probability of the problem occurring again. Furthermore, implementing risk management strategy reduced the loss in profit for the client. In a span of seven months, the financial risk analysis helped the company to successfully reduce their financial costs and achieve savings of US $3.2 million.

We’ve helped various companies identify the key financial risks and implement effective strategies to reduce the impact. Request a FREE proposal to know how our financial risk analysis solutions can help your business.

What is Financial Risk Analysis?

Financial risk analysis is the process of evaluating and managing the potential risks in the market that negatively impacts the financial capital of the organization. Financial risk analysis helps organizations understand the potential risk factors affecting their business and implement strategies to reduce them. Also, analyzing financial risks gives an idea of the potential risks/events and the time needed to recover and restore operations. Having a robust financial risk analysis strategy allows businesses to prepare themselves financially for the most likely problems.

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route to market

Enhancing Customer Service and ROI for a CPG Company – Infiniti’s Route to Market Engagement

As digitization rapidly matures, consumer packaged goods companies are increasingly building and supporting a new route to market strategies. Although in-store retail sales will maintain its dominance in the years to come, e-tailing will continue to grow at a breakneck pace during this transitional period. This necessitates companies in the CPG industry to implement the best route to market strategy to ensure products reach customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Route to market intelligence deals with analyzing the market, understanding customers’ requirements, and their needs.

Choosing the best route to market can help your organization achieve higher targets. Learn more about our services portfolio and stay well-equipped to resolve your sales channel issues. Request a FREE brochure.

Business Challenge

The client is a well-known consumer goods supplier based out of Asia. The client served their customer base using traditional direct store distribution (DSD) model. But, this distribution model was expensive and was unsatisfactory from service level point-of-view. This further precluded the client from doing business with top-tier-organizations in the market. Also, as customers shifted between online and offline channels to make their purchases, the client realized the need to revamp their sales channel.

The client, therefore, approached Infiniti Research to implement a distribution model that will help them have a better relationship with their customers while reducing cost and increasing customer service.

Solutions Offered

The experts at Infiniti Research visualized the client’s distribution networks and identified inefficiencies in their channel selection. Also, the team reviewed sales activities and channels preferred by the top competitors of the client.

Infiniti’s route to market strategy engagement helped the client to identify the sales model to be used in each region in Asia. They also recommended the best routing system to be used for sales and delivery. The experts also helped the client to analyze the potential vulnerabilities and risks in distribution channels. This subsequently helped them resign and revolutionize their distribution channels.

In addition, Infiniti’s route to market engagement helped the client to achieve a much wider geographical scope at greater speed with methods such as franchising, licence agreements, network marketing models, and retail concessions.

Additionally, Infiniti’s route to market strategy engagement helped the client to:

  • Increase their market share by 13% in eight months
  • Enhanced CX by 2X
  • Provide significantly better service levels
  • Identify a scalable approach to discover new growth opportunities
  • Reduce cost-to-serve (expenses associated with product distribution process)

With evolving customer requirements and market entry of new players, the route to market strategy engagement is becoming an important requirement for businesses across industries. Request a FREE proposal to know more about the business benefits of route to market strategies.

What is route to market strategy?

Understanding distribution options in a market is essential for businesses. For example, if your target customer base does not engage with e-commerce, planning to sell your products through an e-commerce website will be futile. Conversely, partnering with international sales agents will be ideal while making a foreign market entry. A route to market strategy provides a roadmap for companies to get their products from the warehouse to the end-users. Determining the best route to market is not an easy task for companies. This involves identifying low-cost channels for improved profitability and balancing between market penetration and control.

2How to choose the right route to market?

Stage 1 – Identify customers buying patterns

Companies need to identify their customers’ buying patterns before choosing their sales channel. If target customers prefer online purchases, companies need to concentrate more on marketing online. Understanding the needs of customers is imperative for businesses to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Stage 2 – Choosing the best sales channel

Today, organizations will need to shift from one channel to another frequently. While choosing a sales channel, companies must look for an inexpensive route to market. This can help them to reduce cost and enhance profitability.

Stage 3 – Measure result from each channel

Analyze all the sales channels frequently and identify the one that has generated more sales. Measuring return on investment can help companies understand the cost of implementing different sales channels.

Wondering how to evaluate the best route to market to maximize profits? Our experts can help. CONTACT US today.

heat map analysis

Infiniti’s Heat Map Analysis Increased Website Sign Up Rate by 27% for an E-commerce Company

The e-commerce industry has experienced a positive growth rate over the past few years and will continue to expand over the next decade. With more competitors looming on the horizon, it becomes imperative for companies in the e-commerce industry to start thinking about ways to improve their conversion rates and have a competitive edge in the market. Therefore, companies are leveraging heat map analysis to gain insights needed to optimize the website and user experience.

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Business Challenge

The client is an e-commerce company with operations spread across the United Kingdom. The company was in the process of changing some elements and UI on their website. As recent studies revealed that the flow and layout of the website makes a huge difference in conversion rates, the client wanted to understand how their customers were interacting with their website and identify opportunities for improvement. Even though the client had been using web analytics tools for tracking traffic, they lacked the knowledge on how to optimize their website and improve conversion. With Infiniti’s heat map analysis, the client wanted to analyze the sections of their website that were getting maximum traction from customers and also needed to understand the right placements of call-to-action buttons to gain higher engagement.

Solutions Offered

Our experts conducted a heat map analysis of the client’s website. The phases of this engagement included an analysis of scroll maps, click maps, and hover maps.

With Infiniti’s heat map analysis solution, the client was able to determine the number average website visitors in a month, examine how their audiences navigated through the website, and identify the pages that received maximum engagement.

Infiniti’s heat map analysis helped the client to determine where they should place their call-to-action buttons to gain maximum traction from customers. This further helped the client to identify the non-essential elements that were distracting customers from completing their purchases. Furthermore, Infiniti’s heat map analysis solution helped the client to understand their customers interacted with their website and how they navigated throughout the webpage.

Based on the heat map analysis, the client was able to identify the web page which received maximum audience engagement. This further helped the client to change the UI of their login page to increase the rate of sign up. In a short span of 7 months, the client was able to increase the website sign up rate by 27%. This subsequently improved conversion rate by 43%.


Are you looking to optimize your website to capture your customers’ attention better? Our heat map analysis can help. Request a FREE proposal to know how our heat map analysis will help you understand how to optimize your website for maximum conversion.

What is Heat Map Analysis?

A heat map is the pictorial representation of website data. A heat map provides a visual representation of what users do on a website. Heat map analysis helps businesses identify the most popular and unpopular pages on a specific website. This helps businesses to analyze the customer requirements and optimize their websites for increasing customer engagement. By leveraging heat map analysis, companies can find out whether their customers are reaching the important contents of the webpage.

Through heat map analysis, you can get answers to these 5 questions:

Are your audiences seeing the important contents while visiting the website?

Are your customers clicking in on key in-page elements?

Are non-clickable elements confusing your customers?

Are your customers getting distracted with the design and layout of your website?

Are people experiencing any issues across all channels?

Types of Heat Maps

CaptureThere are 3 main types of heat maps. Let’s have a look at them:

Scroll maps – This analysis examines how audiences interact with a particular website. This can help businesses understand where their users lose interest. This will further help them to prioritize the content throughout the website.

Click maps – Analysis of click maps helps businesses analyze average clicks throughout the webpages. This further helps them analyze sections which received less traction from customers. Moreover, it helps companies to take desired actions on improving the design and layout of their websites.

Hover map – This can help businesses analyze where customers hover their cursor the most. This can further help companies in placing the important elements in sections where they’ve received maximum engagement.

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Market trend analysis

Infiniti’s Market Trend Analysis Solution Helped a Fashion Retailer to Keep Abreast of the Changing Market Trends and Meet Quarterly Sales Target

As the lines between digital and physical shopping experience blur in the retail industry, retailers need to offer a consistent buying experience across channels, both online and offline. Also, as trends change rapidly, retailers who do not have an in-depth understanding of the recent trends in the market can fall behind. Considering that fashion retail businesses run mostly on trends, fashion retailers must leverage market trend analysis. Today, successful retail businesses rely on latest trends and key shifts to make key business decisions. Market trend analysis solutions help organizations to not only identify the changing market trends but also to stay ahead of them.

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Business Challenge 

The client is a fashion retailer based out of the United Kingdom. With the business world moving faster than ever before, the client faced several challenges when it comes to keeping up with the evolving market trends. Also, with their inability to understand the key shifts in the industry, the client encountered an unexpected quarterly drop in sales. Even the foot traffic fell as customers started moving to different retailers that offer online shopping options and lower cost offerings. With this rapid decline in the sales rate, the client had to close stores in Southern parts of the UK and they also faced a social media backlash.  The company encountered nearly £ 4.7m of losses in the profit margins.

To tackle the industry challenges, the client approached Infiniti Research for a solution. With Infiniti’s market trend analysis solution, they wanted to identify future market trends and capitalize on new acquisition targets. Also, by leveraging Infiniti’s market trend analysis solution, the client wanted to innovate their product offering to meet the market demands and make up for the lost sales.

Solutions Offered 

To help the client tackle the industry challenges. the experts at Infiniti Research conducted a detailed analysis of the fashion retail industry and the key competitors of the client. Also, the experts helped the client prepare a well charted out comparison between their product offerings to that of their top competitors. The experts also provided the client with a detailed report on all the market trends in the fashion retail industry.

With Infiniti’s market trend analysis solution, the client was able to compare their performance with the industry averages. Also, the client was able to analyze how their competitors were using the latest market opportunities to their advantages. Analysis of the latest market trends helped the client make better decisions on their product positioning and marketing strategy. The client was also able to analyze the statistical market data and customer buying patterns over a definite time period in order to generate valuable insights for strategizing and forecasting future business plans.

Business Outcome 

With Infiniti’s market trend analysis solution, the client was able to:

  • Enhance foot traffic by providing discounts and offers
  • Enhance their sales rate within one year
  • Meet quarterly sales target and enhance their profit margins
  • Innovate their product offerings to enhance customer experience
  • Improve the count of their social media followers by 67%

Today, market landscapes change faster than ever, making it essential for businesses to understand the market curve in order to gain a winning edge. Request a FREE proposal to know how our market trend analysis solution will help you gain in-depth market insights.

What is market trend analysis?

Market trend analysis deals with analyzing statistical market data and behavior over a definite time period. Market trend analysis helps businesses gain valuable insights for strategizing and forecasting future business plans. Also, by understanding how a potential growth driver has developed over time and how is likely to develop in the future, businesses can determine market opportunities and customer preferences. Furthermore, it also helps predict the direction that the market will take in the future.

Importance of Market Trend Analysis

Trend analysis plays a vital role in improving business by:

  • Identifying areas where the business’s performance exceeds expectations so that success can be duplicated
  • Identify and analyze areas where the business is underperforming so that necessary and timely action can be undertaken to bring the performance on the track
  • Acting as evidence for informed decision making

Knowing how your industry is influenced by the latest market trends is essential. Don’t you agree? If yes, CONTACT US to leverage our market trend analysis solution.

new product launch strategy

Infiniti’s New Product Launch Strategy Helped a Pharmaceutical Company to Successfully Launch their New Oncology Drug in a Highly Competitive Market

Business Challenge 

Pharmaceutical companies have long relied on successfully launching new drugs to drive growth. Recent studies show that about two-thirds of the new product launches don’t meet sales expectations. And at the same time, product launches are becoming extremely competitive. Given this changing landscape, pharmaceutical companies have been struggling to make the most of new product launches. Hence, the companies are looking to leverage new product launch strategy.

A multinational pharmaceutical company was about to launch two new high-profile oncology drugs. The client’s previous product launch failed since they were targeting the wrong market, chose the wrong timeframe, and incorrect pricing. This failure proved to be costly for the company. To overcome the odds, the client approached Infiniti Research to help launch their new drugs in the market. With Infiniti’s new product launch strategy, the client wanted to prevent catastrophes and plot a clear path for profits.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered 

Our experts adopted a comprehensive four-phase approach to help the client tackle various industry challenges. The phases involved determining market potential, securing approvals, developing product lifecycle stages, and product tracking.

The new product launch strategy helped the client understand the current competition in the market and anticipate future competitors. The new product launch strategy further helped the client to understand how well their new oncology drug will stack up against other players in the market. Also, with the aid of Infiniti’s new product launch strategy, the client was able to draw the best sales returns. Additionally, by examining the reasons behind the failure of their previous drug launch, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client take advantage of credible metrics for product success.

Infiniti’s new product launch strategy helped the client launch their new oncology drugs successfully, ensuring its commercial success. The newly launched drugs significantly exceeded their revenue expectations. Also, with the aid of Infiniti’s new product launch strategy, the client was able to achieve a 20% increase in sales volume.

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How to Launch a New Product?

Launching a new product or service isn’t as easy as it used to be. The market is oversaturated with products, promises, and innovations. Hence, having a creative approach to creating attention around product launches is, therefore, a key component of successful marketing campaigns. With such a slim chance of success, a well-organized new product launch strategy could make the difference between success and failure in the market.

Businesses often make the mistake of presenting new products to consumers without adequate research or strategic planning. Today’s savvy consumers demand products that satisfy them on many levels including quality, price, status, and function. Hence, with a new product launch strategy, businesses can better make business decisions and market their products.

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total quality management

Infiniti’s Total Quality Management Solution Helped a Manufacturing Firm Enhance their Sales Rate by 27% and Customer Retention Rate by 2X

With the increasing pressure caused by new entrants in the market, companies in the manufacturing industry are on the verge of disruption. Some of the challenges faced include managing manufacturing processes, maximizing global supply network, carrying an efficient administrative process, and managing coordination between engineering and operations. As a result, the quality management process seems to be a daunting task for manufacturers. However, in manufacturing companies, total quality management is integral to every part of the process, from conception to final product marketing. Therefore, effectively managing quality and compliance in manufacturing is vital to attain operational excellence. Furthermore, Inefficiencies in management is not only a hindrance to long-term growth goals but is also costly and dangerous. These challenges have forced manufacturing firms to center their attention on total quality management.

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Business Challenge 

The client is a manufacturing firm based out of the United States. As the client’s competitors were making continuous improvements in the quality and functionality of their products, the client’s inability to meet the quality requirements of customers largely affected their sales rate. This even increased the manufacturing cost for the company. Also, due to their inability to respond to customers’ demands, the company was losing their market share. Moreover, the lack of a formalized quality management process prevented the company from doing business with top-tier organizations. This further limited the company from expanding their outreach. The client, therefore approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering total quality management solution.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client wanted to decrease manufacturing cost and eliminate inefficiencies throughout the organization.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered 

As a part of the total quality management approach, the experts at Infiniti Research analyzed certain factors associated with the company, such as financial performance, quality of products sold, number of closed deals per day, market share, and more. This analysis helped the client identify critical success factors for achieving their business objectives.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client was able to discover deficiencies that existed in their production process. This helped them reduce the number of defective products that get delivered to consumers and subsequently decrease manufacturing cost. Also, delivering superior quality products helped the client keep up with the competition and turn prospects into loyal customers. By incorporating total quality management solution in their organization, the client was able to deliver better quality products, which subsequently helped them achieve greater consistency in tasks and activities that are involved in the production of products.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client was able to:

  • Enhance efficiency in processes, reduce wastage, and improve the use of time and other resources.
  • Market their business effectively and exploit new markets
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Achieve optimum cost efficiency
  • Control quality by keeping a check on suppliers and communicate for quality raw materials in a timely manner.

In a span of 10 months, the client was able to ensure better control of processes and workflows to deliver quality products. This helped them enhance their sales rate by 27% and customer satisfaction rate by 2X.

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What is total quality management (TQM)?

Total quality management process deals with improving the quality of products and services for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. The process mostly focusses on identifying problems, promoting open decision-making among workers, building commitment, and exceeding customer expectation. Total quality management offers several advantages to companies in the manufacturing industry. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Better Control – Total quality management ensures better control of manufacturing processes and workflows, for delivering quality products to customers.

Enhanced product assessment – Total quality management process enables an organization to understand the product requirements of customers before manufacturing.

Meeting industry standards – The process not only ensures flexibility in the manufacturing process but also ensures the best quality products. This subsequently helps companies in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Improved internal communication – Total quality management approach improves internal communication.

What are the 8 principles of TQM?


6 C’s of Total Quality Management

1Why Infiniti Research?

In today’s competitive market, sustaining market position and achieving business growth has become challenging. The inability of an organization to deliver quality product increases business risks and customer churn. Hence, the total quality management process has become crucial to thrive in the marketplace. Infiniti’s solutions offer a comprehensive overview of the current market, including competitor strategies, market challenges, market trends, and much more. This insight further helps businesses to deliver the best quality products to customers.

Total quality management ensures that every single employee is working towards the improvement of work culture, processes, services, systems, and more ensure long term success. CONTACT US to learn more about our services.