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Infiniti’s Market Access Strategy Facilitates Profitable Growth in the Healthcare Sector and Unlocks New Growth Opportunities

The client is a leading US healthcare sector company headquartered in San Francisco. The company generates an annual revenue of over USD 35 billion.

The Business Challenge 

The client, a leading company in the healthcare sector was facing challenges while analyzing the cost of entering a new market. They learned that the equipment they use to make their products, the buildings they make them in and work from, and the raw materials all incur costs. Also, they realized that all the unexpected costs would result in losses, which would influence their business growth. Thus, they wanted to leverage Infiniti’s global market access strategy to identify all the potential costs their business might face. This includes taxes, import and export costs, pricing strategies, etc. Additionally, the client wanted to figure out whether the new market was drowned in high taxes and needed a detailed report on the amount of capital required to cover import duties, foreign taxes, shipping, insurance, overseas distribution, and storage costs.