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November 28, 2019

Global Specialty Chemicals Market Analysis

The growing demand from industries such as textiles, automobiles, and food are expected to drive the growth of the specialty chemicals market. However, the rapidly changing product portfolios, lack of visibility into demand patterns, increasing demand for tailored products, and sustainability issues are posing challenges for companies operating in the specialty chemicals market. In order to gain a leading edge and succeed in the long-run, specialty chemicals manufacturers will need to tackle the challenges coming their way and adapt to the fast-changing marketplace.

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Business Challenge

The client is a specialty chemicals company based out of Central Europe.

Our client, a specialty chemicals company, wanted to gather comprehensive insights into their competitors’ business strategies. They wanted to understand the areas that their competitors performed comparatively well. Additionally, they wanted to identify the hidden opportunities in the market and differentiate their offerings to gain a leading edge in the market. The specialty chemicals industry client also wanted to understand how their competitors dealt with supply chain challenges and efficiently managed supply with demand.

Other challenges faced by the client included:


Specialty chemicals industry challenge #1: Changing business portfolios

Product portfolios were changing rapidly in the European specialty chemicals market. The client, therefore, wanted to understand how the top companies in the European specialty chemicals market kept pace with the rapidly changing product portfolios.

Specialty chemicals industry challenge #2: Supply-demand mismatch

The client’s lack of visibility into demand patterns in the market resulted in huge losses for the company. This even made inventory management difficult for the client. They wanted to analyze how their competitors accurately forecasted the product demand in advance and efficiently managed supply chain operations.

Specialty chemicals industry challenge #2: Rising need for tailored products and services

As leading companies in the European specialty chemicals industry have already started customizing product and service offerings for their customers, the client wanted to understand their competitors’ key capabilities and differentiate their product offerings.

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