Smoothing European Market Entry for a North American Packaging Business

June 11, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Based on the latest food packaging market research to reach target customers better.
  • By promoting products closely aligned with changing consumer values, the company has unlocked new business opportunities.
  • Digital enablement of critical functions is leading to improved customer experience, apart from improving cost efficiencies.

A  North American packaging materials provider realized it had to unsnarl at least three bottlenecks in its bid to enter the European market. The business needed to get into sync with shifting customer priorities in the new market. There were other uncertainties to sail through like the evolving legal and regulatory framework in Europe. With practical knowledge of the packaging industry landscape, our experts in food packaging market research helped the client recalibrate the business with the realities of the market and achieve cost efficiencies in key functions.

Client Success Story

ClientOur client is a leading North American provider of packaging films and foils.
ChallengesExpanding footprint in Europe was proving increasingly difficult due to changing market trends and compliance issues.
Our SolutionOur experts in food packaging market research helped the client recalibrate their go-to-market approach to meet rising customer aspirations and regulatory specifications.
BenefitsThe client’s product portfolios for the European market are seeing improved market traction, and customer satisfaction scores show significant improvement.


Based in North America, our client provides various kinds of packaging films to food and pharmaceutical businesses. The company has a fairly broad product portfolio comprising tight-wrap films (e.g., PET, nylon, coextruded films, polypropylene) and diverse aluminum foils. The company banks on the throughput from its 13+ facilities in North America to meet growing client requirements.

Business situation

Several food and healthcare players in Western Europe evinced keen interest in our client’s products. The market in Europe is certainly a promising one, but, by the look of things, it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing, especially for new entrants. Input materials, energy, and goods movement have been hard hit by inflation, and the consequent impact on margins is imaginable. Plus, there is growing consumer pressure on brands to use ecofriendly packaging materials. Moreover, in the last two decades, the continent’s lawmakers and regulators have doubled down on their commitment to safe and quality packaging. There were too many roadblocks, and to clear them and pave the way for market expansion, the client turned to our experts in food packaging market research.

Our solution

Our team of experts in food packaging market research spent time delving into the best practices of competitor businesses. Our specialists suggested concrete measures to bolster the client’s processes in line with industry-leading performance standards. By progressively shifting toward biodegradable packaging materials (like paper, recycled cardboard, corn starch gelatine), sector participants can build their brand reputation quotient, walk the talk on global warming, and tap the growing base of “green consumers.” This aspect is also highlighted in our study, and this is particularly significant in the context of Europe. Like elsewhere, staying on top of market and regulatory trends is key to success in the continental market too. Realizing that adapting to evolving trends can never be a “one and done” thing, the client has engaged our professionals to track such data and keep their teams alerted in real time. Embracing automation in packaging, shipping, order management, and inventory control to drive customer satisfaction while save operating costs was a key recommendation.


Our solution for market entry and expansion in Western Europe has benefited the client already in multiple ways. Our experts in food packaging market research ensure decision makers at the client end have a steady stream of up-to-the minute metrics on trends shaping the packaging sector. These include sustainability mandates, shifting consumer priorities, and the rise of e-commerce and private labels. The client has taken decisive steps to adopt ecofriendly materials, and this is positively impacting consumer purchase decisions. Meanwhile, technology enablement in key processes like packaging, shipment, order tracking from purchase recording to fulfilment, and stock control is helping improve margins.

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