Identifying Market Innovations and Industry Developments for a Pet Food Manufacturing Market Client by Performing Market Assessment Study

March 5, 2020

Pet Food Manufacturing Industry Outlook

Over the past few years, the pet food manufacturing industry has been performing well despite the economic downturn. Increasing pet humanization and growing tendency of millennials to treat pets as members of the family are propelling the demand for premium pet foods. In addition, convenience benefits related with dry, organic, and natural pet food are expected to greatly fuel the growth of the pet food manufacturing industry over the coming years. To succeed in the long-run, pet food brands will need to keep up with the market innovations and the latest trends to fulfill more conscious consumer demands.

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Business Challenge

Our client, a pet food manufacturer based out of San Francisco, witnessed stagnant growth for two consecutive years. Also, they were losing out their market share to competitors. To cover up for the losses, the company collaborated with Infiniti Research to expand its pet food products range into Europe over the next two years, intending to become a market leader in countries such as the UK and Spain. The company wanted to get an in-depth understanding of market trends and cost structure in Europe. Also, the pet food manufacturing firm wanted to track innovations and identify technology areas that provide the best commercial opportunity. Additionally, the pet food manufacturing industry client wanted to identify trends in terms of product innovation, competitor product features, new operations, and delivery models.

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