Market Intelligence Engagement to Support US Expansion Strategy for a Metals and Mining Company

November 28, 2019

Metals and Mining Industry Overview

The rise in infrastructure development and automotive production are expected to drive the growth of the global metals and mining industry. In addition, increasing demand for base metals in the electrical and electronics sector is projected to remain a key growth driver. On the other side, market volatility, resource scarcity, talent shortage, and environmental mandates are increasing challenges for companies operating in the metals and mining industry. Owing to such challenges, companies in the metals and mining industry are in the need to re-think the way they operate. Also, metals and mining companies must seize the profitable opportunities offered by digital technologies to raise productivity and cut costs.

Today, companies in the mining industry are subject to stricter and more costly regulatory requirements in all areas of operations. Is your company prepared to meet compliance standards and changes pertaining to industry regulations? If not, our market intelligence experts can help you to understand the impact of emerging regulations in a new or existing market. Request a FREE proposal today!

Business Challenge

The client is a metals and mining company based out of Germany. The company provided base metals to construction, electronics, and electrical companies throughout Germany.

Our client, a well-known metals and mining company, chose to expand its business operations to the United States. Although the US was one of the most profitable markets for mining companies, rising market volatility, resource scarcity, skill shortages, and complexity of the US legislative environment posed severe challenges for the client. Before investing a huge sum into their US expansion project, they wanted to review potential barriers to market entry, assess profitable opportunities in the market, and identify competitors’ offerings. They chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution.

Top challenges faced by the client were:


Metals and mining company challenge #1: Market volatility and weak global demand

Although the surge in demand for metals and minerals are encouraging mining companies to ramp up production volumes, sudden drop in prices are resulting in steep decline in profits. The client, therefore, wanted to thoroughly analyze the US metals and mining market conditions and consistently predict commodity demand or price fluctuations.

Metals and mining company challenge #2: Resource scarcity and quality

As resources are becoming scarce, companies in the US metals and mining industry are necessitated to push new frontiers of exploration and establish mines in off-grid locations. The client, therefore, wanted to understand how the top companies in the US metals and mining industry managed resource scarcity challenges and improved efficiency.

Metals and mining company challenge #3: Talent shortage

The shortage of technically skilled labor including project designers, mining geologists, and engineers posed severe challenges for companies in the US metals and mining industry. The client, therefore, wanted to evaluate the capital requirement for recruiting skilled labor in the US.

Owing to unexpected volatility in commodity prices, many metals and mining companies had to close down operations or make serious cuts in the size of their workforce. Our market intelligence solution can help you to keep pace with market changes and adapt to the fast-changing marketplace.

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