Market Assessment: Bolstering the Business Expansion Efforts of a Leading Packaging and Bottling Equipment Manufacturer

January 19, 2023

The correlation between market assessment and innovation is a well-recognized topic across industries. In the food packaging and bottling industry, process innovations are usually the result of cross-discipline ideas involving different manufacturing and product development aspects. The innovation process can be seen as a continuum starting from market research and ending with the development of a commercial product. Furthermore, in the F&B industry, the benefits of new products are often not evident at the inception of a new product idea due to inefficient market assessment approaches. This case study serves as a perfect example of successful product development aided by an in-depth market assessment study.

The analysis proposed in this case study was carried out in phases comprising questionnaires, surveys, one-on-one interviews, and in-depth primary and secondary data analysis. The study focuses on developing a new product, which the manufacturer had recently launched in response to the need for sustainable packaging of liquid and viscous foods.

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About the client

The client is a well-known German company specializing in developing high technology food packaging and bottling machines. The company ventured into the packaging industry as a manufacturer of palletizers and later expanded its offerings, covering all packaging processes and systems.

Business challenge

The client recently created a new business unit focused on providing sustainable packaging solutions for beverages and other liquids. The client needed a business case to convince the stakeholders and the senior management to invest in focused growth in the new target vertical.  They approached Infiniti Research, looking to leverage its market assessment and opportunity analysis expertise to assess the market landscape and opportunities and develop a go-to-market strategy.

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Our approach to market assessment

Our experts adopted a holistic multi-pronged approach to tackle the challenges faced by the client.

Market study

In the initial phase, an in-depth market study was conducted to analyze market trends and developments in the client’s target markets, including a comprehensive analysis of potential market opportunities.

Market sizing

To determine the market size, our market assessment experts collated and analyzed several sources of information, including market research studies and voice of the customer research, to estimate the savings potential and revenue size of the opportunities.

Competitive intelligence

Competitive analysis was also conducted to analyze the competitive landscape and understand critical competitors and their offerings. The competitive market assessment shed light on market-leading players and their offerings. It also helped identify new areas of potential that offered a unique differentiation for our client’s end-to-end sustainable packaging solution.

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Technology landscape assessment

An in-depth market assessment focused on analyzing the technology landscape was conducted to identify cost-effective technologies leveraged by companies in the packaging market.

Personalized recommendations

In the final phase, our experts combined the findings from the market assessment study, customer insights, and competitive landscape assessment to offer personalized recommendations and a projected business case for the client. The recommendations evaluated the current value proposition and suggested modifications to better align with market needs.

Business outcome

As a first step, our experts recommended conducting a pilot project focusing on specific target regions. This enabled developing solutions that align with the unique needs of different target regions and localized needs.

The other benefits achieved by the client include:

  • Granular insights on market size in terms of value and volume
  • Gained actionable insights into the market landscape in terms of market needs
  • Analyzed the barriers to market entry
  • Devised an effective go-to-market strategy
  • Identified the potential roadblocks to success in new markets

The machinery used for packaging is constantly evolving to suit the business needs and sustainability requirements of diverse end-use industries. This has prompted businesses to provide end-to-end processing, packaging, and service solutions. In-depth research conducted even before the pandemic indicated that business building has become more critical for companies looking to leverage the power of innovative business models and deliver products and services to meet the evolving needs and regain lost revenues. Regaining lost revenues and market share requires finding new growth opportunities, which can be gauged by conducting detailed market assessment studies. Request more info to find out why market assessment forms the basis of business expansion.

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