Customer Opinion Survey on Explosion Proof Industrial Enclosures

August 29, 2016

Business Challenge

A leading industrial manufacturer wanted to assess the opinion of customers specific to explosion-proof industrial enclosures in the US.


The client was interested in understanding how the innovation specific to new technologies and quality in explosion-proof industrial enclosures are perceived by customers. It wanted us to conduct a gap analysis for the identification of special design needs for standard and non-standard applications of explosion-proof industrial enclosures.


We conducted qualitative interviews with operational staff, maintenance managers, buyers, and designers to understand the primary issues related to quality, technology, and innovation. Quantitative telephone-based interviews were used to obtain information on the emerging trends and potential opportunities in the market.


The insights helped the client to understand the buying patterns and applications of explosion-proof industrial enclosures. The company was able to develop strategies to warrant additional funding and R&D and innovation efforts and establish competitive pricing to overcome potential sales barriers.

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