Multi-country Medical Device Testing and Certification Market Analysis

August 29, 2016

Business Challenge

A global standards organization wanted to identify the major markets that it should enter into as part of its global expansion strategy.


The client went through a corporate strategy overhauling, and as part of its global expansion strategy, planned to enter into major markets in Asia. In-depth research was required to understand which market segments to focus on, in which order, and further, to establish a market entry plan for various Asian markets.


We conducted country-specific studies in 10 markets in Asia and ranked the leading six potential markets based on opportunity, the complexity of compliance, testing and certification requirements, number of competitors, growth rate, sales channels, revenue, and success factors.


Based on our insights, the client was able to identify the go-to markets in Asia, design a strategy for thought leadership to facilitate market entry, and launch its services in the two markets with the highest revenue potential.

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