Early Consumer Testing and Perception Study for Instant Thickeners

August 26, 2016

Business Challenge

A global ingredient solutions provider wanted to conduct an early consumer testing and acceptance study for its new instant thickener that focused on the older population (above 70 years) and patients with dysphagia, in Spain.


The client had developed a prototype of an instant thickener and wanted to compare it with commercially available products in the market. It also wanted to determine patient preferences among the product choices and obtain insights on the same from the older population.


We deployed a product testing survey with the target respondents, who were asked to test three solutions (in a non-clinical setting). We then interviewed them to understand their acceptance of the thickener.


The client gained an understanding of details such as reasons for preference/non-preference of one solution over another, insights on preferences for texture, taste, consistency, and solubility, etc., as well as areas of improvement.

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