Competitive Intelligence on Recruitment Incentives Plans Deployed by Pharmacies in the US

August 29, 2016

Business Challenge

A global pharmaceutical retailer company wanted to understand the strategies of its competitors specific to recruitment incentives provided to the employees.


The client wanted to understand the recruitment incentive programs executed by various retail pharmacy competitors to attract the best talent and to retain them for a long duration, thus creating employee goodwill in the long term.


Infiniti supported the client through a 2 phased research including initial scanning of six competitors and shortlisting of top 3 in phase I, followed by a deep-dive study of three competitors in Phase II, for evaluation of the various recruitment incentives offered by various competitors, time-frames related to these incentives and their future strategies for these programs.


The client was able to develop specific recruitment incentives targeted at pharmacists and create action plans to enable funding of the programs, thereby increasing the satisfaction and acceptance with respect to these programs.

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