Clinical Chemistry Diagnostic Instruments Customer Study

August 29, 2016

Business Challenge

Our client, a leading medical and diagnostic devices company, wanted to assess the level of interest and satisfaction among the potential and current customers, respectively, of its clinical chemistry diagnostic instruments.


The client wanted to assess the level of interest in clinical chemistry diagnostic instruments among a specified set of customer segments, who use the products in different settings, in order to determine the potential for its products.


We conducted a blend of online and comprehensive telephone interviews for this engagement. The interviews, covering 75+ respondents, were conducted in five phases covering various sets of respondents including doctors, physical office lab managers and technologists, clinical chemistry lab managers, and directors.


Based on our comprehensive insights, the client was able to determine the awareness, level of interest, selection criteria, and pain points of customers of clinical chemistry diagnostic instruments, which helped it better position its products to achieve greater customer acquisition and satisfaction.

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