Healthcare Market ROI Improved with Customer Segmentation Solution

January 13, 2021

Online Healthcare Market Overview

The healthcare industry adapted to the rise of digitization rather quickly and efficiently. Over recent years, the rising adoption of mobile devices, the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the promotion of online services have given rise to the vast field of digital healthcare. Online healthcare services range from providing relevant medical information, online consultations, health education services, and more. As digitization continued to spread, online healthcare market players aim to improve their offerings, differentiate their strategies from competitors, and address their consumers’ unmet needs. Therefore, many industry leaders leverage customer segmentation solutions to gain an in-depth understanding of their consumers.

Infiniti’s customer segmentation solutions have helped many companies categorize consumers, evaluate their needs, identify profitable customer segments, and adapt their strategies and offerings to accommodate for their consumers’ demands. Customer segmentation also enables improved marketing strategies, personalized offerings, better product development, and higher patient engagement rates. In the growing online healthcare services market, it is becoming increasingly crucial for companies to attain and understand their consumers’ opinions and feedback proactively. To scale successfully, market players must prioritize their consumers’ needs, demands, and preferences.

Advancement and progress are imperative in the healthcare industry, and the online healthcare market is an example of the same. To keep growing with the market and ensure high customer satisfaction levels, request a free proposal.

Scope of the Customer Segmentation Engagement

Over six weeks, the online healthcare service provider gained in-depth insights into the evolving digital healthcare sector and understood their consumers’ needs and preferences. Infiniti’s customer segmentation engagement also helped the service provider categorize their customers and develop improved marketing initiatives, pricing strategies, and offerings as per consumer needs. The offering included a market segmentation analysis, a competitive benchmarking analysis, developing targeted marketing initiatives, and customer satisfaction assessment.

Business Challenges

The client, a leading online healthcare service provider, struggled to keep pace with the rising competition and witnessed a steady decline in customer attraction and retention rates. The service provider was losing market share due to their traditional marketing approach, while competitors employed targeted marketing initiatives. To address the high customer attrition rate, the client sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of their consumers’ needs and preferences and analyze their competitors’ marketing strategies. Therefore, the online healthcare market client sought to partner with Infiniti Research and leveraged our customer segmentation analysis expertise. By categorizing their consumers based on factors such as spending behaviors, age, gender, and value for the brand, the client wanted to increase their customer retention rate and gain a strategic edge in the online healthcare market.

Continual customer attraction and retention is crucial to the growth and success of any business. Request more information to learn how Infiniti’s customer segmentation solutions can help your company grow and succeed in the healthcare industry.

Our Integrated Customer Segmentation Approach

Infiniti’s customer segmentation experts developed a comprehensive approach consisting of three phases to help the online healthcare services provider address their challenges. For the first phase, our experts conducted a customer satisfaction and need assessment to evaluate the efficacy of the client’s offerings and assess consumer feedback regarding the client’s services and platforms.

In the second phase, Infiniti’s customer segmentation experts categorized target market segments according to their age, gender, spending behaviors, and value for the brand. Providing the client with crucial insights into the personalized needs of the different customer segments and enabling improved marketing initiatives and product development.

Our experts then conducted a detailed competitive benchmarking analysis to identify and evaluate key competitors’ and industry leaders’ strategies in the engagement’s final phase. The study also provided the client with comprehensive insights into successful marketing approaches and efficient customer attraction strategies.

Business Outcome

Leveraging Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis provided the client with unparalleled insights into their consumers’ needs and preferences, helped them identify and adopt better marketing strategies, and enabled data-driven product development. Customer segmentation conducted by the analysts’ team helped the client understand and meet their consumers’ varying demands and unmet needs. With our experts’ recommendations, the client developed an extensive targeted marketing initiative that helped attract customers. Additionally, with the customer satisfaction assessment information, the client made crucial and relevant changes to their platform and offerings to meet customer expectations, which helped increase their customer retention rate substantially.

The competitive benchmarking analysis provided the client with insight into successful marketing strategies employed by industry leaders and helped them develop an unparalleled marketing approach. The online healthcare service provider also focused on personalized product development, based on the data acquired from the customer need assessment. With the customer segmentation solution, the client increased their customer attraction and retention rates, improved their ROI from marketing, exceeded their revenue expectations, and regained a substantial market share in the online healthcare market.

Identifying, analyzing, and understanding consumers’ needs is the first step to the top in the online healthcare market. Speak with our experts and gain comprehensive insights into the value of customer segmentation analysis in your market.

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