North South America Jewelry Accessory Tradeshows Customer Intelligence

August 29, 2016
Business Challenge
A leading tradeshow organizer wanted to perform a customer intelligence study and understand the reasons for decline in visitors and how to improve attendance, in jewelry and accessory tradeshows in the US.
The number of attendants for the client’s tradeshows was on continuous decline, and they wanted to analyze if they are doing the following correctly for their tradeshows: time, location and type of merchandise.
We conducted 30+ detailed customer intelligence qualitative and quantitative telephone interviews with respondents belonging to target firms that have never attended the client’s show, in order to understand their expectations as buyers. All the respondents interviewed were the primary decision makers for the firms.
The client was able to identify its existing or emerging competitors, understand the primary concerns for lack of attendance and develop strategies that which helped it in attracting more buyers.

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