Food Industry: Case for New Business Growth

September 22, 2022


Our client is a large seller and processor of agricultural commodities.   

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Client’s business situation

At a macro level, our client’s business faced uncertainties like fluctuating demand and irregular rise and fall in the prices of commodities, raw materials, and input fuels. The industry is, by nature, seasonal and subject to crop growth and harvest cycles. The client needed to step up installed capacity to tap additional growth opportunities, especially in the core segments. Getting more traction in the nutrition market was top of mind for the client.

Our client operates mostly in the downstream sector of the food business where competition is stiff. In recent times, competitors launched new products and formulations. The client also needed to expand the footprint for clinical nutrition products in high-growth regions, namely, APAC (excluding China), China, Europe, North America (NA), LatAm, as well as Middle East & Africa (MEA). This called for tighter integration and collaboration with upstream raw material and ingredient manufacturers and bolstering distributor networks.

The client’s teams stood at the cusp of new growth opportunities, but they faced several challenges. So, the company turned to our experts for assistance in dealing with the difficult business scenario. Broadly, the client looked for the following outcomes from our research:

  • Estimation of the market size for specific nutrition products, 2020 to 2025
  • Assessment of market opportunities across APAC, China, Europe, NA, LatAm, and MEA
  • Evaluation of the offerings and strategies of top competitors in the market

Our market intelligence solution

As mandated by the client, our team identified the prevailing market trends and the future trends the business had to be ready for in the lead-up to 2025. Identifying key growth drivers and technology trends for each application segment also formed part of the study. The research also delves into what’s driving these trends. Rapidly shifting demographics and increased health risks brought on by the excessive intake of saturated fat, salt, and sugar were identified as the key forces driving the take-up of nutrition products. Moreover, the market is rapidly shifting. Major market participants are migrating determinedly toward cost-effective nutrition solutions. More than ever, there is increased focus on new products targeting specific demographics and high-growth market segments. The market segmentation report provides a breakdown of the sector by application, user, region, disease type, raw material type, and route of administration.

Our team also evaluated different stages of the client’s supply chain to strengthen it and ensure its capability to meet growing regulatory mandates in different regions. We considered the costs associated with switching from one supplier to another and the value associated with existing suppliers. Among other things, the study includes a competitor assessment of top-five players in the client’s industry and an analysis of their corporate profiles, product portfolios, and global market share. Furthermore, the report drills down to the revenue generated by selling specific products to correct nutrient deficiencies.

Our client services team, backed by experienced project managers and global support resources, delivered an overall assessment of the nutrition market in under ten weeks. Our group included interviewers, analysts, industry experts, subject matter experts, quality assurance associates, editors, and artistic talent capable of delivering data insights with the highest quality. The engagement framework, informed by two decades of applied research experience, comprises secondary and primary research methodologies and databases. Furthermore, a top-down and bottom-up data modeling approaches, coupled with multiple validations of the data streaming in from primary and secondary sources, ensures our entire data estimation model is free of errors and incorrect assumptions.

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Client benefits

By leveraging our expertise in nutrition services research, the client gained a more comprehensive view of the consumer landscape of the nutrition business and underlying trends. Moreover, detailed insights delivered by our experts on competitor offerings, product/service gaps, market positioning, and supplier market dynamic are helping the client sculpt new revenue streams and drive overall business performance.

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