Market Intelligence Boosts Anti-Inflammatory Foods Manufacturer

August 3, 2018

Lack of vision and infrastructure have hit the anti-inflammatory foods manufacturers where it pains the most.

The crux of the competition in the food industry is delivering a product that is desirable, sustainable, and better than the competitors. However, this has been the major challenge for anti inflammatory foods and anti inflammatory drinks manufacturers. Additionally, the absence of infrastructure is also a major pain point for the food industry enterprises. For instance, the absence of a proper storage facility for the food products hampers the sustainability of the anti inflammatory foods.

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Business Issues

  • The client- A leading anti-inflammatory foods manufacturer

The client was unable to bridge the gap between product performance expectation and actual product performance. A wrong course of action taken by the client in tackling the apparent market loss resulted in unnecessary expenditure and pronounced productivity downtime. Additionally, the manufacturer of the anti-inflammatory foods lacked the vision to create a tangible market strategy that could ensure optimal product performance and maximize profit.

Market Intelligence Benefits for Anti Inflammatory Foods Manufacturers

A market intelligence study involves using an extensive source of information to furnish a broader picture of the market relevant to a company. Infiniti’s market intelligence experts offer valuable insights across the core functional areas of the food industry which are infrastructure, performance metrics, customer behavior, and demand across regions. Such a functional overview helps manufacturers fine-tune their business structure to boost their overall performance and market competency.

The global food industry taps into this broad market overview offered by the market intelligence study to identify areas where they can profitably expand their product portfolio. It also provides a fair picture of the competitor’s strategy which prompts necessary revisions to be done in order to create a flexible and predictive business model.

Summary of Our Anti Inflammatory Foods Manufacturer Market Intelligence

Anti Inflammatory Foods

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Client Journey

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts undertook a customized and exploratory research approach to facilitate maximum benefits for the food manufacturer. The qualitative and quantitative research categorically examined the global food industry and offered the client a conceptual business model to boost their product performance and business. The comprehensive market assessment also aided the manufacturer to identify their pain points and work on those accordingly. The engagement further offered foresight into consumer demand dynamics which guided the client to channelize their products accordingly.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The dedicated business tools and market intelligence experts at Infiniti were able to deliver the anti inflammatory foods manufacturer a real-time picture of their product performance across the competitive food industry. The engagement also helped the client in identifying areas of improvement and fine-tune their infrastructural strategies. In addition to this, a careful competitor market analysis enabled the client to benchmark business best practices to gain optimal product performance and boost their revenue generation.

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Anti Inflammatory Foods Future

The increasing health concern across the globe is prompting a major share of the population to gravitate toward healthy food options. This has been a major catalyst for the growth of sections of the food industry such as anti inflammatory foods and anti inflammatory drinks manufacturers. An increase in urbanization coupled with higher purchase power are also increasing scopes for the growth of these enterprises. Furthermore, the introduction of technologies and fierce competition is exerting the necessary impetus to food manufacturers to improve their performance; thereby, positively contributing to the health of the overall food industry.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop a profitable and predictive business model.

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