Acquisition Target Identification: Comprehensive Analysis of Target Markets Within the Industrial Gas Handling Equipment Sector

December 12, 2022

For over a decade, Infiniti Research has collaborated with global players and has helped them expand their market footprint and create value through acquisition target identification, M&A, joint ventures, and partnerships. Our approach to acquisition target identification is research-intensive and built to suit your business requirements. We combine market data with industry knowledge to help you find new, profitable opportunities. In addition, our global presence provides the much-needed local insights to orchestrate complex M&A activities.

Engagement Summary

An industrial equipment manufacturing company based out of Europe wanted to conduct an acquisition target screening analysis to identify targets in the industrial biogas sector. By expanding their offerings, the client wanted to venture into the industrial gas handling segment.  They collaborated with Infiniti Research and sought help to assess the biogas market segment to identify new opportunities and find potential acquisition targets across several countries. To initiate this project, we proposed a three-phased approach that helped prioritize biogas market opportunities by country and conducted acquisition target screening analysis in shortlisted segments.

We also put together a list of potential targets that met the client’s target criteria and narrowed down the list to find potential target segments. As a result, the client successfully invested in one of the target segments and achieved significant benefits.

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In our experience, the approach to acquisition target identification aimed at creating business value typically focuses on improving performance, exploiting scalability, picking winners early to help develop their businesses.

About the client

The client is a leading industrial equipment manufacturer based out of Europe. The client wanted to conduct acquisition target screening to find new opportunities and identify potential targets within the industrial gas handling sector.

Client’s requirement

Charting out a roadmap for acquisition target identification begins with an in-depth analysis of an organization’s unique value proposition and differentiated capabilities. The business roadmap should align with the corporate strategy and the business objective that your business aims to achieve.

The industrial equipment manufacturer wanted to enhance its acquisition target identification efforts with external market data and insights. By widening the aperture on potential sectors, they wanted to identify profitable targets to break the existing organizational boundaries. Therefore, they required a systematic approach and a cohesive strategy to avoid making wrong choices.

The primary task, in this case, was to evaluate the company and identify synergies- both from an operational cost savings perspective and a business growth perspective.  Infiniti Research’s team of market research experts researched the target market and identified several areas for driving growth and business value.

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How we helped the client

To help address their challenges, we adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach to acquisition target identification that focused on-

  • Evaluating targets and geographic segments for untapped business opportunities
  • Reviewing and conducting acquisition target screening
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives

Our three-pronged approach began with a detailed analysis of the industrial gas handling equipment ecosystem, including a detailed exploration of the environment in which the client’s suppliers, customers, and partners interact. We also zeroed in on the potential opportunities and performed an exhaustive analysis of potential opportunity segments using these insights.

The second phase of the engagement focused on analyzing the subsectors in which our client wished to invest. To identify specific acquisition targets, we carried out a deep-dive analysis of each segment and offered insights on-

  • Key market drivers and anticipated market trends
  • Historic and projected macro factors impacting target markets
  • New opportunities and market
  • The impact of demand fluctuations and evolving trends

Using these insights, we developed a strategic roadmap to align the clients’ business objectives with their corporate strategy.

With today’s corporate growth strategy demanding new growth engines, acquisition target screening is rapidly evolving to develop broader market-sensing and opportunity identification capabilities. If this is one of the challenges you are looking to solve, Request a brochure to find out how we can help.

Business outcome

By leveraging a customized business strategy and intelligence gathered at various points, the client analyzed and identified targets to maximize business value.

Our solutions enabled them to:

  • Identify and develop a comprehensive list of potential targets
  • Target companies that weren’t on their competitors’ radar
  • Screen, profile, and prioritize targets to find the optimal segment

As a result, our client went forward with the targets identified and capitalized on the cost savings opportunities to achieve rapid growth with a span of six weeks.

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How we help our clients

Creation of a holistic target market repository: We ensure our clients gain exclusive access to a comprehensive target search repository that offers crucial insights on financial analysis, strategy, new opportunities, and more on a large set of companies. It also acts as a central aspect for all future M&A activities.

Custom-built solutions and systematic approaches: We understand that every business faces unique challenges. Hence we try to understand these challenges by analyzing the business requirements of our clients and offer customized solutions based on the goals they wish to achieve.

Proprietary business models: Our proprietary business models support your M&A efforts, including acquisition target identification, opportunity analysis, and market tracking. Our tried and tested methodologies also help you identify companies with high synergy potential early in the process and devise a strategic roadmap for success.

We help our clients make smarter decisions to achieve rapid business growth

Our strength lies in the unrivaled diversity of our international market research teams, innovative research methodologies, and unique viewpoints that merge seamlessly to offer customized solutions for your every business requirement.

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