Top Five Wind Turbine Manufacturers Contributing Towards Sustainable Development

Nov 13, 2017

World leaders and power corporations have been prioritizing clean and renewable energy in order to promote sustainability and fulfill the ever-increasing power demand across the world. Many alternatives exist in the form of solar energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, and natural gas. But, amongst all the available alternatives, wind energy is considered to be the most efficient, almost double in terms of energy efficiency (Levelized Cost of Electricity LOCE), compared to the second most efficient energy source, geothermal energy. To convert wind into energy, large wind turbines are installed which can generate 50-750 kW of electricity. A lot of wind turbine manufacturers are investing in research and development to develop the efficiency of this energy source.

Top Wind Turbine Manufacturers


Vestas Wind Systems is a Danish company involved in the manufacturing, distribution, installation, and service of wind turbines. Founded in 1945, Vestas generated revenues of around €8 billion in the year 2015. Recently though, Vestas shares dipped by 20% after it lowered its profit guidance on concerns over US subsidy cuts.

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Goldwind is a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer and one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in terms of total installations. Amongst one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers, Goldwind also provides power technology services, technology transfer services, along with investment and sale of wind power projects. Earlier this year, Goldwind Americas has signed 60MW wind turbine supply orders with One Energy.


Established in 1984, Enercon is focused on delivering high-quality projects on strict timelines with high emphasis on their customers, service, shareholders, and employees. The German wind turbine manufacturer has a worldwide power installation of 43.1 GW with 26,360 wind energy converters (WEC) installations across the world.


Siemens is one of the most recognizable names amongst other wind turbine manufacturers. According to a Reuters report, Siemens had a market share of about 63% of European offshore wind turbines in the year 2015. Siemens is highly focused on driving down the cost of wind turbines down and make them viable even without subsidies.

Suzlon Group

Suzlon Group is an Indian wind turbine manufacturer, which operates across 18 countries with 17,000 MW of wind energy capacity installed globally. The company is highly driven to enable sustainable development across the world. Out of 17,000 MW capacity worldwide, Suzlon has added over 11,000 MW of wind power capacity in India.

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