Top Trends Bringing About a Wind of Change in the Cloud Computing Space

Apr 25, 2018

When it comes to technology, cloud computing is overheard almost always. Cloud computing has become so popular in such a short time that not only big corporates but also small and medium-sized organizations are using it. Organizations of all sizes are using the cloud computing platform to fuel the upcoming digital transformation and modernize the IT portfolio. Instead of hosting on-premise services, organizations look for vendors who provide cloud Request Free Proposalcomputing solutions to save costs. So what are the key trends shaping cloud adoption today?

Growth in cloud services

Software as a Service (SaaS) came as a boon for businesses and consumers, which provided them financial and operational flexibility. The growth of services such as IaaS, Paas, and SaaS has expanded the number of cloud solutions available in the public and private sector. Industry experts predict that SaaS is expected to grow at an impressive rate of 18% annually by the year 2020. The likes of Salesforce, Citrix GoToMeeting, and Google Apps is most likely to be the leading players in the cloud market.

Hybrid cloud solutions

Numerous businesses are not particularly fond of their data and systems being there somewhere in the cloud. At least not all the data with a single cloud provider. As a result, multiple cloud providers are opening up APIs on platforms for providing connectivity to multiple solutions. Opening up APIs enables provides synchronization within cross-functional processes, data management, and systems and various tools. The hybrid solutions also include cloud to on-premise connectivity, where enterprises keep their on-premise solution but also connect to the cloud with heavy customization that fits their business needs. It is usually done for security reasons or when complete migration to the cloud gets costly and time-consuming.

Increased cloud storage capacity

As more and more businesses jump into the cloud computing bandwagon, data storage should also grow exponentially in a similar manner. Service providers are trying to increase their capacity with more data centers and larger-capacity storage equipment. It is estimated that the total storage capacity in the cloud computing space is expected to grow over a zetabyte of data by the end of 2018. Such an exponential increase in storage would also push the growth of big data analytics. Storing such huge amounts of data and deriving insights out of them could garner accurate customer behavior, strategic financial investment, and human systems.

Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud computing takes center stage when it comes to IoT. Cloud computing platforms are the reason behind IoT becoming a reality, as it allows remote access to devices such as cars, household appliances, and electronics to communicate together. In the future, we can see more and more devices being compatible with IoT, which will subsequently drive the overall cloud usage.

Security challenges

The previous year, we saw a foray of cyber-attacks troubling companies from the famous WannaCry ransomware to the Equifax data breach. In the coming years, the security for cloud computing is expected to be bolstered significantly. However, the level of cyber-attacks will also become sophisticated, which is why businesses are investing in tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) and malware detection systems. Such an enhanced security will urge businesses to trust the cloud services.

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