Top Three Challenges in the Industrial and Manufacturing Industry

Oct 9, 2017

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of every other industry and is the most submissive and traditional of them all. But with technological innovations and latest developments, the manufacturing sector is witnessing an image transformation as it moves from a more passive approach to a moIR_Brochurere strategic approach to drive revenues and profits. The industrial manufacturing companies are constantly trying to gain a competitive edge in the market by innovating and undertaking research and development activities in full swing. As a result, the manufacturing industry has transformed its processes with a slew of new concepts and techniques such as smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Strict Regulatory Compliance Issues in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies across the globe are constantly under the scanner with the growing compliance and regulatory measures imposed at every stage. The manufacturing industry is inundated with growing concerns over health, safety, and sustainability factor of the equipment and machinery. The strict regulatory compliance norms have increased the burden on the manufacturing companies with every region or market having their own set of rules. This demands the manufacturing companies to ensure complete supply chain visibility of their processes and tracks their materials right from suppliers to consumers.

Innovation is a Challenge for Manufacturing Companies

For an industry driven by technology, innovation is the key to stay abreast of the competition and gain a foothold in the market. The manufacturing companies must innovate and invest in new product development to remain relevant and enjoy the benefits of a first-mover advantage. However, the product and service innovation shouldn’t be at the cost of quality and the manufacturers must resist cutting corners when it comes to product quality. The companies in the manufacturing industry must ensure procedures that streamline operations and drive manufacturing success.

Bridge the Talent Gap in the Manufacturing Sector

A skilled workforce can drive the manufacturing industry to scale new heights. In the absence of a talented workforce, the manufacturing companies cannot build their infrastructural capabilities to initiate new product development projects. The manufacturing companies must focus and direct their efforts towards skill building and improving workforce policies that motivate employees to increase their work efficiency.

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