Top Seven Competitive Intelligence Tools – Survival of the Fittest

Oct 27, 2017

Knowing your competition and staying ahead of them is crucial for surviving in today’s fast-moving business world. While in the past, it was not always possible to learn about the competitors and their strategy in detail, it’s not the case today. Due to digitalization, competitive intelligence tools can give you an overview into your competitor’s digital marketing strategy. The market is flooded with numerous competitive intelligence tools that provide competitive analysis across various marketing areas.IR_Brochure

Top Competitive Intelligence Tools


RivalIQ provides an aggregated view of your competitor’s social media analytics by gathering data from social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Instagram. It lets businesses analyze how their content or campaign performed as compared to the competitors. Such intelligence can help enterprises to increase social engagement by analyzing their successful posts and boosted content. Companies like Amazon music, Tableau, Razorfish, and the University of South California rely on RivalIQ to help them make smarter social media decisions.


Ghostery allows its users to see all the pixels or web tags firing on a website. By analyzing what trackers and digital assets are installed on a website, users can know what each company does in terms of tracking consumers’ browser for advertising and ad preferences. The software is FREE to use but also offers a paid enterprise solution to manage Web Tag and SDK compliance.


Webconfs is an SEO competitor analysis software that allows the user to enter any competitor URL and show keyword cloud that depicts the keyword density. This FREE tool will enable organizations to monitor their competitors and give them ideas on what keywords to use for their marketing materials.


Talkwalker simplifies the process of collecting insights from various social channels by enabling businesses to quickly identify followers, key influencers, engagements, and sentiment. Its unique ‘Proprietary Image Recognition Technology’ helps capture brand mentions by scraping through both images and texts. This gives the brand the power to act instantly when people engage with the brand.


SimilarWeb aggregates data from multiple sources to estimate the traffic, global rank, geography, referral, and keywords data. The resultant traffic estimates can be used to compare your websites with that of the competitors. They provide basic services for FREE and also offer a paid version that gives access to in-depth insights and rankings.


Quantcast is one of the most significant players in the competitive intelligence tools market. It provides services regarding audience measurement that gives estimates of website traffic volumes and demographics. With such data sets, brands can ascertain what kind of brand an audience will like or their preference for consumer-packaged goods or restaurants.


MOAT is a free online tool that displays all the ads served by companies across the web. This competitive intelligence tools also provide details of the ads like the websites it appeared on, dimensions, file size, and file type of the advertisement. This tool can be used to figure out where the competitors are running their ads.

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