Top-3 Wireless Trends that are Improving Operations in the Process Industry

May 26, 2017

Proponents in the process industry are constantly striving to design and execute large units and processing plants that usually sport harsh work conditions on the production floor. This promotes the adoption of automation and innovative technologies in this sector.  As industrial environments are regarded as harsh and extreme, the demand for industrial communication devices that can withstand such conditions and function flawlessly is on the rise. Technologies include ethernet, fieldbus, and wireless, of which the latter has emerged as the most popular option with regards to industrial operations.

Industrial Wireless technology is widely deployed in process industries to connect their sub-processes, systems, equipment, automated technologies, and generate a seamless flow of operational data. Wired technology resolves the need for mobile solutions and remote networking that can seamlessly be provided through easily deployable wireless platforms.

Wireless connectivity in industrial operations is an emerging trend backed by several sub-categorized individual technology innovations and techniques. These technology driven trends, such as Bluetooth 5, wearable devices, and evolution of cloud-based technologies are set to drive the growth in this industry.

1) Compatibility of Bluetooth 5 and IoT

The range, speed, and broadcast messaging capacity propounded to support reliable connections, as part of the wider umbrella of IoT (Internet of Things) for industrial automation, will significantly increase with the launch of Bluetooth 5.  This device-to-device communication technology will offer location-based services, higher speed for transferring data to optimize responsiveness and enhance the capacity of wireless data broadcasts to facilitate an easy and seamless IoT experience for the end-user.

2) Wearable connected devices on the production floor

Currently, wearable devices are widely adopted across a whole spectrum of industries. However, in due time, this technology will increasingly be adopted in the process industry as well.  Wearable connected devices offer a plethora of advantages, including the minimizing of process timelines and achieving operational efficiency. These devices also allow access to such features as barcode scanning, cloud data recovery, voice commands and augmented reality (AR).

3) Evolution of cloud-based technologies

The major driver that encourages the end-users to adopt wireless devices is the convergence of wireless technologies (IoT, data analytics, etc.) and cloud computing. In recent times, cloud based technologies have emerged as a database-driven tool for effective business decision making and assist in deriving meaningful information out of unstructured data.

Keeping up with the innovation is key to sustained profitability

These emerging trends will have a great impact on the growth of the wireless industry, by way of its application in the process industries. Anyone involved in either of these disciplines must keep a track of the latest innovative and disruptive technologies to gain an edge over the competition. And, there are a plentiful of that graduating from popular imagination to common usage, all the time.

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