Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Journey Mapping

Oct 6, 2021

Over the past decade, the explosion of digital platforms has created a digitally inclined customer base— well informed on market developments and evolving trends. The advancements in technology have enabled customers to access information to call the shots and hunt down what they want and when they want it. Businesses have been trying hard to build the capabilities required to understand their customers in response to market developments.

For much of this time, companies, especially retailers, have been responding to customers, trying to anticipate their next moves, and position themselves in shoppers’ paths as they move down the conversion funnel from the consideration stage to the purchase-intent stage. Hence, it’s evident that customer journey mapping is becoming crucial to analyzing customers’ experience and is as important as the products themselves in driving business success.

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Case in point

Our client, a leading eCommerce giant, was keen on leveraging a customer experience-driven approach to product development. Since understanding the customer journey was crucial to achieving this goal, the company approached Infiniti Research looking to leverage its customer intelligence and research expertise.

Customer journey mapping and persona development were crucial in evaluating the client’s business needs and accelerating the innovation journey to deliver greater value.

The business objectives-

  • Understanding the customer journey from the initial consideration stage to the final decision-making stage of the sales funnel
  • Identifying unmet customer needs and new opportunities to improve customer experiences
  • Generate ideas to bridge unmet customer needs and explore future concepts and solutions

We leveraged a comprehensive multi-pronged research study to help the client, with customer journey mapping and persona development being key focus areas. Remote interviews and customer surveys were a part of the approach we adopted to better understand customer journeys.

We also created prototypes of customer personas based on our existing market and product knowledge and collated insights gained from in-depth research on customer needs. The customer journey mapping process focused on analyzing customer touchpoints, actions, feelings, unmet needs, and moments of truth along the journey. The aim was to analyze the outputs to create insightful, end-to-end customer journey maps. The research findings were presented in the form of detailed reports.

While the journey mapping process helped capture the needs, feelings, pain points, and moments of truth along the journey. Building customer profiles turned out to be a critical factor in analyzing customer attitudes, needs, and behaviors at each stage in the journey. Leveraging these insights, the client understood their customers’ needs and gauged how their behaviors varied at each stage in the journey.

Understanding the Customer Journey Mapping Process

Journey mapping provides a detailed view of the customer experience by uncovering moments of both dissatisfaction and delight across interaction points. Done successfully, it reveals new opportunities to address customers’ pain points, alleviate fragmentation, and, ultimately, provide better experiences across channels.

Focus on qualitative research methods to analyze market needs

What the organization views as a strength in the customer journey may not be perceived the same way by the customers. Hence, two important perspectives to consider at this stage is the organizational view and the customers’ viewpoint. Though both may differ significantly, conducting surveys, interviews, and field studies will help chart out the customer’s journey and fully understand their needs. This is often why an organization starts with a broad customer survey to create a full-fledged customer journey map.

Adopt a holistic journey mapping process to gain an overview of the customer journey

Creating a comprehensive map to understand the customer journey will include analyzing each touchpoint along the journey. While doing so, it is essential to identify ways to gauge the impact of each touchpoint in the decision-making process.

Leveraging secondary data and primary data and complementing qualitative research with quantitative insights will help answer questions like‑

What does a good experience look like at each stage?

Should it be easy, quick, and frustration-free?

How can my company cater to the dynamic needs of the customers?

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Analyze primary and secondary data to identify growth opportunities

Finally, it’s essential to identify improvement areas and steps being missed in your current process. Missing out on a few unmeasured steps can significantly impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and purchase intent. Hence, these areas need to be identified and prioritized to be further examined by leveraging market research. To learn more about customer journey research and the journey mapping process in detail, request a free brochure.

Given the rapid advancements in technology, your customers are more empowered than ever before. And thanks to their inclination toward digital platforms, they’re able to interact with your brand via an endless number of digital platforms. Even though this is great news in terms of brand reach and visibility, it tends to complicate the customer journey mapping process. Customer journey research helps capture the critical points in your customer’s decision-making process and your opportunity to influence those decisions in a clear and compelling format.

Infiniti Research has collaborated with market-leading brands to help them navigate shifts in the customer journey by capturing valuable information and uncomplicating the interconnected paths along a purchase journey. Our comprehensive approach to customer journey research helps create consumer, patient, or user journey maps that more accurately reflect the shopper journey in today’s highly complex markets. By leveraging a research-backed approach to analyzing customer journeys, we ensure we highlight new opportunity areas to improve customer experience across all touchpoints. Could your business benefit from customer journey mapping? Request more info to find out.

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