Evaluating the Impact Of COVID-19 On Clinical Trials

Apr 29, 2020

The pharmaceutical sector is set to face a new wave of disruption as clinical trials undergo unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. New norms such as social distancing, strained healthcare systems, and an emotionally volatile environment have a profound impact on medical research and trial participants. Furthermore, changes in regulatory requirements, trial patient safety concerns, and technological challenges due to the shift to remote testing add to the woes of the clinical trials team.

Industry leaders in the pharmaceutical sector are already using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to find alternatives to set clinical trials processes. This will better equip them to handle any similar outbreak in the future with increased efficiency. Clinical trials are known to be accompanied by multifaceted challenges, but pharma industry experts at Infiniti Research have also identified a multitude of new roadblocks the have surfaced due to the ongoing crisis.

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Adapting clinical trials to a post COVID-19 period

Increased technological adoption in trials is unavoidable in the near future. Digitization and effective use of advanced technologies such as machine learning and AI will help resolve several key challenges in clinical trials in the long run. Experts at Infiniti Research have identified some key strategies for clinical processes to adapt to in a post-COVID world.

Ensuring trial data protection and privacy

While undertaking trials it must be ensured that there is a set of well-defined processes in place to protect a participant’s data privacy. While this has already started in most companies, they will have to make conscious efforts to assure patients and participants in clinical trials that data privacy will be ensured.

Address unmet needs with innovative solutions

Clinical trials can be incentivized by using innovative solutions that are largely focused on addressing several unmet needs in different treatments of various diseases. To achieve this, data in the existing records can be leveraged and analyzed using advanced technology such as AI to identify previously unnoticed patterns or gaps for which innovative solutions can be formulated.

Preparing for the digital transformation

As the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted several new and ongoing trials, everything is gradually moving to digital platforms. Preparing for this new wave of transformation involves ensuring the real-time flow of harmonized data and effectively managing big data.

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