Why Employee Engagement is Your Trump Card for Motivating the Workforce

Aug 13, 2018

‘A happy workforce’ is no longer a myth, but rather a necessity for modern companies. Did you know that more than a quarter of employees are at a high risk of turnover? A major portion of these employees might even be a highly talented workforce who exceed performance expectations. Employers have long realized that there is nothing that fuels employee productivity and retention more than delighted and satisfied employees. So, most companies and HR professionals are determined to find ways that can improve employee engagement and ensure better retention of the talented workforce.

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Importance of employee engagement

Top companies have already identified and proven the importance of employee engagement when it comes to reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and efficiency, and minimizing employee churn from organizations. Furthermore, employee engagement helps in building a workforce that is happier and more productive; consequently, resulting in a good work-life balance. When employees are engaged, it infuses everything that they do with purpose, energy, and enthusiasm.

Best employee engagement strategies

The level of employee engagement in your organization correlates with profitability, productivity, and customer service. Most employee engagement strategies used by companies share a common goal- employees to feel valued and emotionally connected to their work. Employee engagement experts at Infiniti Research have identified seven key engagement strategies for companies:

#1 Employee involvement in business planning

Involving staff in planning is one of the best employee engagement strategies that also plays a pivotal role in motivating the employees. People tend to feel more valued in an organization when their opinions and ideas are taken into consideration during the key business planning process. Furthermore, in several cases, the staff might have ideas or identify loopholes that are sometimes overlooked by the top management.

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#2 Individual attention

A company’s workforce generally consists of people who are multiethnic, multinational, and multigenerational. In this case, using the right employee engagement strategies might prove to be a tricky task. The engagement programs should be designed in such a way that it takes into account people from dynamic backgrounds. Furthermore, it is important for managers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of their team and give adequate guidance wherever necessary. This plays an important role in boosting staff morale.

#3 Rewards and recognition

Rewarding and recognizing employees fairly for their achievements and performance is one of the best employee engagement strategies to boost motivation. When employees feel that their hard work does not pay off, it results in de-motivation and poor performance. It is also important for companies to note the best performers are recognized proudly and loudly in the presence of their colleagues. This gives others an idea of how they fit into the mission of the company and what kinds of behavior will be rewarded.

#4 Group learning strategies

Employee engagement strategies such as group learning are widely used in most companies today. Though traditional training and development programs are undeniably a great way to help everyone engage with new ideas and opinions, sometimes this could turn into a one-sided, trainer or manager-led exercise. This challenge can be overcome through group learning. This involves forming smaller groups, where employees step out of their comfort zones. Smaller groups are often quite fast-paced and may cover a lot of ground. Members usually feel that their voice is heard and that they are supported by their colleagues through the process. Request a free brochure to gain exclusive access to our employee intelligence solution portfolio.

#5 Supply the right tools

Often employee morale towards the company tends to dip when they feel that they aren’t provided with enough resources or infrastructure to perform and succeed in their roles. A company’s infrastructure typically includes the tools and processes that the staff uses to complete their work and the organizational capabilities they have at their disposal. Companies must ensure that their workforce is equipped with the necessary resources and is not operating in an environment that is inefficient or bureaucratic, which hinders employee performance.

#6 Time to think, create, and rest

The notion that spending more time at the desk makes an employee more productive has been ruled out by several forward-thinking companies. The truth is, overworking employees often backfires for companies. Stress linked to working overtime results in higher health care costs and poor work performance. So, one of the most important employee engagement strategies to keep people in an organization motivated is to provide them with ample time to take a rest and also build on their creative thoughts and ideas.

The Bottom Line

Employee engagement is an organizational effort for which a long-term vision in a business strategy context is vital. When the employees of a company are highly engaged and invested in their work, it is in their best interest to protect the productivity and profitability of the business and the goodwill of the company. This consequently results in employee retention, which further saves the business money in turnover and training.

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