What is in Store for E-commerce Packaging in 2018?

Jan 15, 2018

With each passing year, ecommerce has started swallowing up a significant chunk of the retail market share. Several players in the online retail space have managed to garner customers’ trust and establish themselves in a short span of time. In order maintain this customer base in the future, it is a requisite for companies to ensure that their offerings, right from the packaging of the product to the delivery stage, are streamlined to meet the customers’ expectations. Customers form an impression about a product on the retail shelf through its packaging; this is exactly what the packaging of the goods does for ecommerce companies. Any damaged or frayed packaging could lead to severe dissatisfaction, and loss of trust in the company from the customers. This makes ecommerce packaging solutions one of the critical factors that require serious consideration from online retail platforms. Thinking of ways in which you can make ecommerce packaging solutions more effective for your business? Here are few trends that you can look up to for some packaging inspiration:

Frustration-free CPEX

The difficult packaging of products could end up putting customers into a wrap rage, especially in situations where they are eager to get their hands on the product ordered. Good ecommerce packaging solutions aim at making unboxing of products a pleasant experience for the customers. Taking this into consideration, popular ecommerce players such as Amazon have introduced frustration-free CPEX (Customer Packaging Experience). This ecommerce packaging solution packs the products into specifically designed frustration-free packaging directly at their facilities. It means that customers will receive the same product that they find on a retail store-shelf, the only difference being it would be in much better packaging.

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Unique design features

When a packaging displays unique packaging designs, it elevates the brand in the eyes of the customer. Ecommerce packaging solutions can incorporate uniqueness in packaging either in terms of functionality or decoration. The basic idea is to make the process of receiving the package more exciting for the customers. When customers feel that they are getting more value and a differential experience, their morale towards the company would simultaneously rise.

Big data design optimization

Ecommerce packaging solutions must aim at optimizing packaging infrastructure with storage in mind. This would help the company to gain efficiency in large fulfillment warehouses. A typical example is incorporating RFID tags and barcodes on the packaging, which allows to speed up the process of picking and packing items from the shelves. Ecommerce companies can use packaging analytics data to help increase efficiency at all stages of packaging development.

Personalized packaging

When customers get equally excited and happy about the packaging – you know that you have just raised the bar for good packaging. Personalized packaging is not new to the retail industry; however, they were previously adopted only by luxury brands. But thanks, to personalization software developments, the experience of personalized packaging can be implemented into businesses in an affordable way. Ecommerce packaging solutions that aim at creating a unique experience for customers must consider adopting personalization measures to make the customers feel a connection to the brand. This would eventually enhance the overall experience and delight of the customers.

Sustainable packaging materials

The rising demand for environmental-friendly is attracting more companies to shift to green packaging techniques. These degradable and recyclable materials also make it easier for customers to dispose them. If you are looking to go green and appeal to customers at the same time, then sustainable packaging is the way forward.

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