Customer Retention: 5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Customers Hooked on

Nov 20, 2018

Customers are the most important assets for any thriving business. However, with cut-throat competition in the market today, retaining the existing customers is a serious challenge for brands. Customer retention often proves to be a less-expensive process for businesses when compared to customer acquisition. So, companies must seriously consider incorporating customer retention programs in order to prevent losing their valuable customers to the competition. Losing a customer means wasting 7x the resources used in converting them. Here is how to stop this from happening to your business:

Customer retention strategies for business

Create customer delight experiences

Implementing some unique, low-cost initiatives can go a long way in delighting customers and thereby building brand loyalty and customer retention. Companies can also use techniques such as finding milestones in the customer relationship and identify ways to reward customers. When a customer is rewarded by the company even though a small gesture, could go a long way to improve customer experience and offsetting the cost of the product many times over.

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Follow up on customer interactions

A company’s relationship with their customers do no end with a sale or even with the after sale services. It is vital for businesses to go that extra mile and reaching out to the customers even after their issue with the product/service is resolved. Following up with the customers on an issue that has been resolved earlier is one of the best customer retention strategies that make customers feel connected to the business and is a great way to enhance their loyalty towards the brand.

Educate the customers

It is not only essential for companies to sell their offerings, but also in the process, they must educate the customers regarding the product/service. Sales become more effective when you have an existing relationship with a customer, and when you’ve already provided value. Customers tend to value brands that give them helpful recommendations or new information on products/services that will help them achieve better results. Customer retention rates are generally higher for companies that promote such practices.

Promotional targeting

The more businesses get to know their customers, the more they will tailor their approach towards each individual customer. For this companies need to have a clear idea of each customer’s purchase history and then determine what kind of offer will be most appealing to each individual. Such customer retention programs would help increase relevancy and keep your brand on your customers’ minds while they are making their shopping plans.

Invite feedback

Customer feedback is not only one of the most effective customer retention strategies for companies to assess their performance from the customer’s viewpoint but is also a great way to show their customers that their opinions matter to the business. This gives customers a sense of ownership of the business.

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