Building Automation Systems & Internet of Things- Seamless Integration Leads to Profitability

Jun 2, 2017

With an aim to ‘go green’, be infinitely more secure, and trim down their carbon footprints, more and more supervisors and building owners are tuned to restraining CO2 emissions, reducing energy consumption and enhancing security with the aid of Building Automation Systems (BAS).  This nascent specialty is crafting a building’s central nervous system- be it a commercial or residential space- by imbibing building security, access, lighting, HVAC and entertainment systems, while also ensuring that they work together seamlessly and with greater efficiency.

Adopting Data and Analytics to Power Our Living Spaces

Building automation systems transform commercial/residential structures into ‘intelligent buildings’ by discovering patterns of energy consumption and fine-tuning the settings of on-board installations. BAS has improved dramatically within the last decade, thanks to rapidly evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) alongside cloud computing backed by more affordable, flexible, and customizable automation for large buildings. Building based IoT is responsible for many of the conveniences that are ingrained in a majority of the modern commercial and institutional spaces.

The traditional proprietary software-driven building systems installed and programmed by commercial and residential owners were too complex to customize. These are also completely ineffective as aggregators of sourced data from multiple sensor points, resulting in the need to set up two different interfaces in HVAC systems to ensure the proper configurations for the building’s occupancy schedule and control. IoT renders this problem obsolete.

Smart Buildings Will be the Norm, Not the Exception, Soon!

Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better tuned to the core priorities of property owners and managers. IoT empowers operational systems to deliver more precise and convenient information, thereby improving operations and providing top notch service to the tenants.

Through the usage of IoT connectivity, the building automation systems can now gather data from lighting, security, access controls and HVAC systems in a central source and examine the data for more clear-cut and effective applications in the overall building management schedule. IoT customizes the user’s communication with the system itself, and allows for quick maneuvers and modifications.

Building automation systems will only grow in complexity and IoT will continue adding more features to the building’s management protocols. Though seamless connectivity is escalating the adoption rate, challenges do abound. The current need is for organizations to understand the landscape of implementing IoT and building automation profitably and how it can positively impact their productivity.

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