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Packaging industry trends

Investing in the North American Packaging Market: Key Packaging Industry Trends Poised to Take Off

North America remains the global leader in the packaging industry right now. Although the North American packaging market faced a brief dip in 2009, the sector has seen steady growth over the past couple of years. However, new packaging industry trends such as the rising need for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions are posing new challenges for companies in the sector. Also, China is poised to become a packaging industry major by 2020, and together with other markets in Asia, it will remain the industry’s top growth engine alongside North America. While this shift is notable, North America’s relevance in the global packaging market remains substantial due to its size and rate of innovation. The largest end-user segment of the North American packaging sector is food, while the fastest is projected to come from healthcare and cosmetics, closely similar to the global packaging industry trends. This blog provides a packaging industry overview in North America, highlighting the key packaging industry trends that investor and companies can expect to see.

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North American Packaging industry trends

Impressive growth in Mexico

Mexico is predicted to have the highest packaging industry growth among the three North American countries. One of the key packaging industry segments that is expected to show positive growth in Mexico is the soft drink beverage packaging that meets the needs of customers seeking both versatility and sophistication from their packaging.

Success of rigid plastic packaging

Packaging industry trends such as rigid plastic packaging is forecasted to show steady growth in the North American packaging market and will experience the highest growth rates across plastics. Furthermore, PE and PET will remain the main plastics used for consumer manufacturing.

Paperboard to lead market share

Paperboard is one of the notable packaging industry trends that suffered a steeper decline than most other packaging materials during the recession, especially in the US. However, it has recovered quickly and returned to pre-crisis levels. In the North American packaging market, paperboard holds the largest share of packaging consumption. Corrugated packaging claims the largest share of the North American paperboard packaging sales.

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Recovery of industrial sectors

The North America economy is greatly affected by uncertainties. This also includes the impact of the European economic crisis and political uncertainty in oil-exporting countries. The US has also been significantly affected by falling real estate values and difficulties in securing financing for future investments. However, the industrial segments have been in recovery since a sharp downturn in demand a decade ago. Real estate values are now also starting to show recovery. The proliferation of several innovative packaging industry trends and growth of the packaging sector can be expected in the next few years.

Retail-ready packaging

Packaging industry trends such as retail-ready packaging provides an attractive structure as well as advertises a product. It refers to packaging in the form of a self-contained unit that is delivered to a retailer and is immediately ready for on-shelf product display without the need for assembling or unpacking. Such packaging industry trends significantly cuts down on operation costs as the shipping-package is shelf-ready. Retail ready packaging is continuously gaining popularity and traction in North America as a number of retailers consider its implementation and others expand their efforts in the area. This is due to an increased understanding of RRP, and the ever-growing penetration of RRP across categories.

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Transit Packaging: Manufacturing Sector’s Unsung Hero Gets the Limelight

Packaging has traditionally been a sidelined element of the manufacturing industry. However, the present day revival of the manufacturing sector backed by rising industrial innovations and economic expansion has closely influenced the associated packaging industry globally. However, the foremost impact on the packaging industry is thanks to the rising demand for sustainability, taking into account the link between packaging and wastage. These factors intensify a long-standing need for industries to implement better packaging products such as foam and transit packaging.

Transit Packaging is an emerging speciality that caters to the needs of several industries including chemical, healthcare, fertilizer, construction, food and beverage and e-commerce firms. Transit packaging encompasses the use of crates, totes, corrugated boxes, and protective packaging products to conquer three major factors- convenience, ease of use and ease of transport.

The packaging industry is evolving over the past few years resulting in the invention of innovative packaging techniques that are based on the escalating customer needs and competition to go from A-Z in the shortest time possible. Adoption of fleet management systems and demand for compostable packaging are some of the key market trends in the transit packaging industry.

Adoption of Fleet Management Systems

The increased trade activities and high demand from diverse industries such as food and beverages, consumer care, electrical and electronics, and many more create complications in transit packaging management. In addition to that, this activity demands complex functions including fleet sizing, repositioning of empty containers, tracking containers, maintenance activities, and container distribution. These complexities can be resolved using fleet management techniques, in turn improving operational efficiency, minimizing risk, and controlling cost.

Demand for Compostable Packaging

The high usage of cheap and environmentally harmful packaging products including bubble wrap and styrofoam made of polystyrene (derived from hydrocarbons) has incited growing environmental concern and the escalating demand for harmless packaging products. Compostable materials are usually made up of organic raw materials, that can be decomposed with the help of fungi, bacteria, and other microbial organisms.

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