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Infiniti’s Total Quality Management Solution Helped a Manufacturing Firm Enhance their Sales Rate by 27% and Customer Retention Rate by 2X

With the increasing pressure caused by new entrants in the market, companies in the manufacturing industry are on the verge of disruption. Some of the challenges faced include managing manufacturing processes, maximizing global supply network, carrying an efficient administrative process, and managing coordination between engineering and operations. As a result, the quality management process seems to be a daunting task for manufacturers. However, in manufacturing companies, total quality management is integral to every part of the process, from conception to final product marketing. Therefore, effectively managing quality and compliance in manufacturing is vital to attain operational excellence. Furthermore, Inefficiencies in management is not only a hindrance to long-term growth goals but is also costly and dangerous. These challenges have forced manufacturing firms to center their attention on total quality management.

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Business Challenge 

The client is a manufacturing firm based out of the United States. As the client’s competitors were making continuous improvements in the quality and functionality of their products, the client’s inability to meet the quality requirements of customers largely affected their sales rate. This even increased the manufacturing cost for the company. Also, due to their inability to respond to customers’ demands, the company was losing their market share. Moreover, the lack of a formalized quality management process prevented the company from doing business with top-tier organizations. This further limited the company from expanding their outreach. The client, therefore approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering total quality management solution.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client wanted to decrease manufacturing cost and eliminate inefficiencies throughout the organization.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered 

As a part of the total quality management approach, the experts at Infiniti Research analyzed certain factors associated with the company, such as financial performance, quality of products sold, number of closed deals per day, market share, and more. This analysis helped the client identify critical success factors for achieving their business objectives.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client was able to discover deficiencies that existed in their production process. This helped them reduce the number of defective products that get delivered to consumers and subsequently decrease manufacturing cost. Also, delivering superior quality products helped the client keep up with the competition and turn prospects into loyal customers. By incorporating total quality management solution in their organization, the client was able to deliver better quality products, which subsequently helped them achieve greater consistency in tasks and activities that are involved in the production of products.

With Infiniti’s total quality management solution, the client was able to:

  • Enhance efficiency in processes, reduce wastage, and improve the use of time and other resources.
  • Market their business effectively and exploit new markets
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Achieve optimum cost efficiency
  • Control quality by keeping a check on suppliers and communicate for quality raw materials in a timely manner.

In a span of 10 months, the client was able to ensure better control of processes and workflows to deliver quality products. This helped them enhance their sales rate by 27% and customer satisfaction rate by 2X.

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What is total quality management (TQM)?

Total quality management process deals with improving the quality of products and services for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. The process mostly focusses on identifying problems, promoting open decision-making among workers, building commitment, and exceeding customer expectation. Total quality management offers several advantages to companies in the manufacturing industry. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Better Control – Total quality management ensures better control of manufacturing processes and workflows, for delivering quality products to customers.

Enhanced product assessment – Total quality management process enables an organization to understand the product requirements of customers before manufacturing.

Meeting industry standards – The process not only ensures flexibility in the manufacturing process but also ensures the best quality products. This subsequently helps companies in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Improved internal communication – Total quality management approach improves internal communication.

What are the 8 principles of TQM?


6 C’s of Total Quality Management

1Why Infiniti Research?

In today’s competitive market, sustaining market position and achieving business growth has become challenging. The inability of an organization to deliver quality product increases business risks and customer churn. Hence, the total quality management process has become crucial to thrive in the marketplace. Infiniti’s solutions offer a comprehensive overview of the current market, including competitor strategies, market challenges, market trends, and much more. This insight further helps businesses to deliver the best quality products to customers.

Total quality management ensures that every single employee is working towards the improvement of work culture, processes, services, systems, and more ensure long term success. CONTACT US to learn more about our services.

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