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Telecom Industry Risk Assessment: An Overview of Some of the Biggest Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

Despite the ongoing convergence with other industries and a slight revenue uplift through innovative technological transformations, the telecom sector is still stalled in a low-growth mode.

To overcome major roadblocks to growth, telecom companies are embracing emerging technologies with the aim to lay increased focus on efficiency, agility, and customer-centricity in their services. However, this may not be enough to sustain growth in the long run. Amidst the growing uncertainties in the market such as the dynamic mix of growing Capex burdens, changing market structures, and regulatory and policy reforms, it is vital for telecom companies to rely on a telecom industry risk assessment before the leap to digital transformation. Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment experts suggest that unless companies in the telecom industry put customers at the forefront, they will struggle to succeed. Here are some of the biggest telecom industry risks that we have identified.

The step towards digitization presents both risks and rewards for telecom industry companies. But how do you ensure you make the right moves? Get in touch with an expert from Infiniti to know how our market intelligence solutions can help your business in agile decision-making.

telecom industry

Ineffective digital transformation and growth strategy

Our telecom industry risk assessment suggests that one of the biggest challenges faced by telecom operators is to generate growth from digital services. Developing innovative business models, seizing opportunities for inorganic growth, new service inclusions, and diversification through M&A and strategic alliances can help telecom sector companies to better capitalize on growth opportunities.

Rising Capex burden

Global telecom operators are undergoing a new wave of network investment. This ranges from 5G and low-power wide-area networks to gigabit fiber. However, the returns on this Capex is often uncertain because advanced technologies such as 5G are still in the early development stages and broadband as a utility tends to pose major threats to the premium pricing of fiber connectivity. In this scenario, making the right choices relating to infrastructure switch-off, spin-off, and sharing is increasingly important.

Changing regulatory framework

There is an increasing regulatory focus being given to aspects such as data protection. As a result, traditional burden on operators including wholesale pricing and interconnection are becoming more relaxed. On the flip side, other areas of regulations are in flux for telecom providers. Furthermore, government’s industrial policies are also creating new demands for companies in the telecom industry. Our telecom industry risk assessment experts are of the opinion that it is critical for operators to balance and navigate the changing policy landscape.

Inadequate workforce planning and design

Effective talent management is still not given a strategic priority in the telecom industry. Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment experts state that this could prove menacing for telecom industry players. Reshaping and reskilling the workforce capacity is important for telcos. To avoid such organizational silos, companies in the telecom industry must undertake a holistic approach to workforce design.

Lack of efficiency in portfolio management

Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment suggests that inadequate planning and management is one of the primary reasons why most telecom operators fail to achieve the synergies that they target to achieve from M&A agreements. As convergence and disruption remain to accelerate in the telecom industry, inorganic growth remains vital for companies in the sector. This calls for telecom providers to establish more flexible integration road maps and smarter management of their business portfolios.

How can Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment help?

The telecoms sector is currently at the heart of digital disruption and transformation. Given this current landscape, the key question that telecon industry companies need to address is whether they are embracing the right opportunities coming their way and focusing on the right risks that need to be overcome.

Our team of telecom industry experts can help you identify and prioritize your digital transformation and risk mitigation needs across:

  • Customer experience and loyalty
  • Service portfolio diversification
  • Renewal of legacy systems and operations
  • Regulatory and legal compliance requirements

In all of the above given strategies and more, Infiniti’s dedicated team of telecom industry analysts can help you develop the right long-term strategy and leverage the most out of digital disruption opportunities that come your way.

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Telecom Industry

Market Intelligence Solution to Support the US Market Expansion Plan for a Telecom Company

“The changing customer demands, internet of things, and evolving ICT innovations are making US telecom industry far more complex than they were a decade back,” says a market research expert from Infiniti Research.

 US Telecom Industry Outlook

The rapid pace of transformations in the US telecom industry has brought about bigger opportunities for companies operating in the telecom industry. In addition to opportunities, telecom providers are facing a lot of challenges today. Telecom providers are also facing difficulties to revamp their business strategies and restructure themselves in terms of operations, architecture, and networks to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Furthermore, to succeed, telecom companies need to focus on providing customized solutions to their customers and developing long-term relationships with them.

Telecom companies should take a more informed approach to simplification of business process to gain a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Our market intelligence solutions can help you achieve all your business goals. Request a FREE proposal!

Business Challenge

A European telecom company wanted to gain complete insights into the threats and opportunities in the US telecom industry before making market expansion. By gathering comprehensive insights into the US telecom industry, they wanted to revamp their business models to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving marketplace. To do so, the client approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution.

With Infiniti’s market intelligence engagement, the client also wanted to tackle challenges such as:

US telecom industry challenge #1 – Advent of digital technologies

With major telecom companies investing heavily in digital technologies and information and communications technology (ICT) innovations, the client wanted to understand how digital technologies will reshape the landscape for new telecom companies.

US telecom industry challenge #2 – Need for better operational support

The client noted that operational support services such as order fulfillment, service configuration, and customer care services were becoming increasingly complex in the US telecom industry. These challenges were subsequently increasing the financial overhead for companies in the US telecom industry. Therefore, with Infiniti’s market intelligence engagement, the client wanted to analyze processes adopted by top telecom companies in the US to ensure better operational support for customers.

US telecom industry challenge #3 – Security and operational risks

To provide high-quality and reliable data and voice services, telecom service providers are compelled to upgrade their IT and connectivity infrastructure. However, this has increased security threats for companies operating in the US telecom industry. With Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, the client wanted to identify all operational and security risks in the industry and tackle them.

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Solutions Offered

With over 15 years of experience in serving many companies across the globe, our experts helped the client to devise a sound market entry plan to enter the US telecom industry.

By conducting market opportunity analysis, our experts helped the client to review all barriers to market entry and assess markets’ readiness for new offerings, including digital technologies and ICT innovations. With our help, the client was able to understand how digital technologies will reshape the US telecom industry in the years to come.

Our market research experts also conducted competitive intelligence engagement. This phase of the market intelligence engagement helped the client to analyze the business strategies adopted by top US telecom services providers.

The experts also conducted a risk assessment. This phase of the engagement helped the client to identify current and potential risk in the US telecom industry. By understanding risks impeding the business operations of telecom service providers in the US, the client was able to take proactive approaches to tackle them.

The experts at Infiniti Research even evaluated the capital requirements for entering the US telecom industry and identified the right partners to support the client’s business processes.

Results Obtained

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s market intelligence engagement helped the client to understand US telecom industry size, market opportunities, US telecom industry growth rate, and potential risks. Our experts also helped the client to gain a deeper understanding of the US telecom industry challenges. Furthermore, the experts supported the client in building strategies to respond to competitive threats.

The experts also helped the client to devise risk management strategy and evaluate the potential for their services in the US telecom sector. This helped them to successfully establish their business operations in the United States. Also, within two years of entering the new market, they were able to establish themselves as one of the top 10 telecom service providers in the US.

US Telecom Industry Trends

Trends in the telecom industry

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