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Telecom Industry + Market Intelligence Solutions

Making Way for the New Normal and Overcoming Challenges in the Telecom Industry

As we enter a new year, the telecom industry must identify strategic opportunities to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Industry players have faced various challenges over recent years, ranging from the sudden upsurge in telecom needs, rising dependency on telecommunications, and quick expansion of the networking world. Although the industry is plagued with challenges, it continues to grow at a considerable rate.

However, the growing industry is continually witnessing new challenges, and telecom industry players are struggling to maintain business continuity and prepare for the new normal through challenging times. Telecom industry players are attempting to develop sustainable solutions for constant challenges and tackle them while the world awaits a pandemic resolution.

Companies must be aware of the most significant challenges to tackle industry challenges and address them as per priority efficiently. Infiniti’s market intelligence experts analyzed the telecom industry and identified three significant challenges that require an immediate address. With our market intelligence solutions, telecom companies can identify, address, and strategize for the various industry challenges that plague their operations, and ensure sustainable strategic solutions at all times.

Overcoming telecom industry challenges can be difficult and cause various problems for industry players. To learn how our market intelligence solutions can resolve these challenges, request a free proposal.

Challenges in the Telecom Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an upsurge in telecom and network requirements across the world. Work-from-home arrangements and the need for connectivity across cities, states, and countries led to the telecom industry’s growth. However, this growth was accompanied by sudden expansion, more hardware, structural changes, increasing security challenges, and different countries’ different policies. To provide a clear understanding of the most prominent challenges in the telecom industry, our market intelligence experts have detailed them below:

Telecom Industry + Market Intelligence Solutions

Challenge 1: Changing Regulatory Framework

High dependence on online networks and cloud-based applications has led to a need for improved security measures. These risks have led to increased intervention from governments. Increasing intervention, changing policies, and uncertainty regarding regulations have confused and made it difficult for telecom companies to ensure compliance. Therefore, it is crucial for telecom industry players to gain a comprehensive understanding of changing government policies and develop systems to stay a step ahead of compliance and regulatory challenges.

Infiniti’s market scanning and monitoring solutions help companies keep abreast of current and upcoming market changes. Telecom companies can assess, track, and gain insights regarding changing regulatory frameworks. Additionally, with data-driven insights and clarity regarding the various regulations, companies can develop sustainable solutions that overlook and ensure compliance at all points.

Challenge 2: Cyber-security Issues

Digitization and cloud-based information systems have become highly common, which has led to a high volume of personal data being available on the internet. While most software, companies, and consumers attempt to ensure their data’s security to a certain extent, any minor vulnerabilities can lead to major violations of privacy, circulation of data, and loss of control over certain systems. Various sub-sectors of the telecom industry have been struggling to overcome this challenge by developing better software, introducing multiple security points for certain sensitive applications or data, and increasing security on personal devices.

These potential risks have become increasingly challenging to overcome, and a few industry leaders have successfully established solutions to provide safety and security to their consumers. Infiniti’s competitive intelligence and benchmarking solutions help companies evaluate their competitors’ strategies and develop improved solutions for their consumers. In this highly competitive and challenging market, our solutions can help telecom industry players identify the ideal solution to the cyber-security issues and overcome them with an understanding of their competitors’ strategies.

Growth and scaling are necessary and unavoidable in the telecom industry, but ensuring efficiency can be challenging. Speak with our industry experts and learn how our market intelligence solutions help companies overcome challenges and grow efficiently.

Challenge 3: Growth in IoT and 5G

Innovation is unavoidable in a fast-paced world and competitive industry. Recently, the most prominent innovations have been the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks. IoT refers to the connectivity shared among millions of personal and business devices via the internet. This concept refers to the high networking and connectivity levels that most industries, institutions, and individuals use to collect and share data constantly. While IoT is a huge step forward for the world, it causes hardware challenges for the telecom industry it makes it difficult for companies to keep pace with the widespread interconnectedness of the internet. Additionally, the development of 5G, which promises higher speeds, improved latency, and better bandwidth, has introduced other telecom companies’ challenges.

Ensuring uniformity across networks and upgrading hardware to match customers’ expectations is becoming increasingly challenging as networking and connectivity continue to grow. The internet is now widely-used and has become a necessity for most countries. With our demand planning solutions, companies can evaluate market changes and make the necessary changes within their supply chain and business model to enable scaling. Telecom industry players can forecast future needs and plan accordingly to accommodate a significant difference within a small time frame.

Market Intelligence Solutions in the Telecom Industry

Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions have helped telecom industry leaders revamp their supply chain processes, realize substantial savings, and enhance their market share significantly. In this rapidly evolving industry, keeping abreast of industry changes, having insight into competitors’ strategies, and taking pre-emptive measures to ensure business continuity and growth is crucial.

With our competitive intelligence, demand planning, and market scanning and monitoring solutions, telecom companies can assess industry challenges and create an unparalleled solution to address each issue. Our market intelligence experts have helped telecom industry leaders overcome significant industry challenges, strategize for upcoming trends, and stay ahead of the curve at all times.

Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help telecom industry players gain an unparalleled strategic edge. Request more information to learn how your organization can champion the telecom industry with the help of our experts.

Mobile Development Services + Customer Segmentation

Offering Mobile Application Development Services and Efficiently Overcoming Challenges

Recently, the world has watched the US IT & Telecom industry proliferate. The most prominent growth has been in demand for mobile application development services. As mobile phones, handheld devices, and convenience take over the preferences of consumers, the mobile application development market continually faces new challenges. Understanding customers’ changing needs and preferences has become a crucial component of developing, launching, and succeeding in any way.

For companies that offer mobile application development services, it has become crucial to identify, analyze, and segment target customers. The benefits of customer segmentation analysis are limitless; most importantly, they help to understand continually changing preferences and consumer issues. Additionally, it helps overcome critical market challenges as well.

As consumers’ lives become more hectic, demanding, and technology-driven, smartphones have become a necessity. Digital transactions, eCommerce shopping, streaming entertainment, and online medical consultations are some of the many functions that smartphones hold within them. Mobile application development services help companies develop these apps and provide consumers with the various functionalities they request or need.

However, with changing times, there are different challenges faced by all mobile application development market players. Infiniti’s research experts identified and analyzed consumers’ needs, preferences, and challenges, as well as the challenges faced by companies that offer mobile application development services. In this article, they provide in-depth insights while also discussing the best possible solution in the future, i.e., customer segmentation analysis.

To be an industry leader in the highly competitive mobile application development services market, request a free proposal.

Understanding End-User Preferences and Complaints

Before discussing the challenges of the industry, and the changes that mobile application development market players need to incorporate in their operations, it is crucial to understand the consumers. Infiniti’s industry experts have studied and discussed some of the critical needs and complaints of consumers:

  • Intuitive User-Interface: As all functions become fast-paced and transactions become easy and quick, consumers prefer to have similar experiences when interacting with a mobile app. When developing an app, mobile app development services providers need to plan for a user interface and user experience that is intuitive, easy to access, and functional. While aesthetics are important, practicality is a more significant focus. When it comes to in-app purchases or eCommerce shopping, a complicated transaction process can lead to customer attrition.
  • Personalization: Consumers highly prefer mobile applications that offer personalized experiences and targeted content. For instance, the high personalization of music playlists on music streaming applications helps consumers find more artists they enjoy. In various apps, information such as location, search histories within the app, and mutual connections help establish a personalized experience and provide further convenience for customers. This also helps provide personalized offers, and therefore, increases chances of conversion. To gain exclusive insights into the mobile application development market dynamics and end-user perspective from industry experts, gain limited period free access to our resource here.
  • Battery and Storage issues: While customers prefer mobile applications that serve various functionalities, and create an ideal experience, a common complaint is battery drainage. Losing battery life can be a personal or professional crisis for customers. Additionally, customers often complain about storage and memory issues due to file size. Due to these complaints, mobile application development service providers are tasked with creating highly functional and small mobile applications that do not drive down battery life. However, this is easier said than done.

Mobile Application Development Services Market: The Challenges

There are many challenges currently plaguing companies that offer mobile application development services. The process of mobile application development is long-drawn, highly complex, and some challenges the market faces due to this are discussed below:

Rising Competition

With the rising demand for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices, the need for various mobile applications has grown substantially. This change has led to constant innovation and development in the market. There has recently been an upsurge in the number of companies and individuals offering mobile application development services. The increasing new market entries, rising demand, and constant innovation have made the mobile application development services market highly competitive and challenging. However, developing a mobile application requires more than simple coding abilities. Some of the top mobile application development service providers have turned their focus on identifying and understanding their target customers. Further, leveraging customer segmentation analysis, allows companies to improve their marketing, and reach a broader, more appropriate audience for their application.

Identifying Target Markets

Identifying target markets is highly crucial in the mobile app development process. Not solely for marketing, but more importantly, to understand the need for the mobile application being developed. For instance, once a mobile application developer identifies the target market, the next step would be establishing if the market is substantial enough to provide revenue. Additionally, different target markets require the functionality of varying kinds. An eCommerce application for homemakers would require different functionality, as compared to travel apps for young adults and college students. Developing an app that considers, and efficiently incorporates these needs helps increase downloads, active users, and the chances of conversion to premium or other paid services if applicable. Customer segmentation allows companies to accurately identify and categorize target customer groups, with an understanding of customers’ preferences, complaints, and requirements.

Variety of Devices

Another challenge created by the increasing demand for handheld devices is the variety that has been developed over the years. Varying screen sizes, operating systems, service carriers, and configurations have made mobile application development an even more complicated task. Screen sizes for phones range tremendously, in pixels and inches. Screen resolutions differ between brands, companies, and phone models. Creating a mobile application that is conducive to all resolutions and sizes is a challenging prospect.

Additionally, though Apple monopolizes the iOS market, android phones are produced by many companies, and Windows is the third operating system. Mobile application development service providers must offer mobile applications that are applicable and viable for smartphones and handheld devices across operating systems and companies. These two factors are among the most challenging issues in the process of developing an app.

Safety and Security

In a world where personal data needs to be protected at high costs, and customers’ smartphones hold high levels of personal data, mobile application development service providers need to create secure and safe applications. Guaranteeing the safety and security of personal data is one of the most attractive factors for specific applications. For instance, banking apps, password storing apps, and even regular eCommerce sites, often hold crucial passwords and information that can cause substantial damage if leaked. While iOS has a specific set of security guidelines, android and windows do not, and failing to provide security can cause misuse and manipulation, customer attrition, and significant monetary losses.

Mobile Development Services + Customer Segmentation

Understand how Infiniti Research helps companies strategically overcome these challenges by speaking to our experts.

Customer Segmentation Analysis: Why is it the best way forward?  

Customer segmentation analysis allows companies to identify, categorize, and analyze the most profitable and effective customer segments in the market. For mobile application development service providers, this directly translates into developing and launching highly efficient and popular mobile applications. Customer segmentation further allows mobile application development market players to overcome the market challenges by providing critical insights into their target customer segments, and customers’ needs and preferences. This further gives companies a competitive edge, and helps them gain a larger market share, and substantially enhance sales.

To further learn the importance and benefits of customer segmentation analysis in the mobile application development services market, request more information.


Customer Segmentation Analysis Aligns a Telecom Company’s Growth Strategy with Customers’ Needs

The client, a global leader in the European telecom industry for more than a decade, wanted to segment its large enterprise customers and develop strategies to meet their changing digital communication-based needs. With Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis, the company boosted enterprises sales by 20% and maintained its leadership in the fast-evolving telecom market.

Customer Segmentation Analysis for a Telecom Company

Business Challenges Faced:

As revenue continued declining in some of the core services, the client started losing ground to its competitors. To win back the market share, the client launched a new growth plan. However, the new growth strategy did not help the client in addressing the complex issues eroding the company’s growth. This was because the client lacked a unified view of its customers’ issues and products to keep pace with their growing digital communication needs. As such, they collaborated with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering customer segmentation analysis. By leveraging Infiniti’s customer segmentation solution, the client also wanted to:

  • Segment a large customer base into a more manageable group
  • Alter marketing focus and strategy to meet the needs of the different segments
  • Enhance distribution strategies
  • Create targeted strategies that capture customers’ attention

How can companies in the telecom industry prepare for the rebound and ensure business continuity? Our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions can help clients in the telecom market to understand the change in volumes and values post the COVID-19 crisis. Request a FREE proposal.

The Approach:

As a part of the customer segmentation analysis, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to segment its large customer base into different groups. This helped the client to design a tailored growth strategy for different groups. Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis also involved developing a process for outsourcing the sales and delivery of new communication services. This further helped the client to deliver services on time and enhance the customer experience.

Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis also involved working closely with the client to reverse declining revenues and enhance profitability. In addition to this, our experts recommended the client to launch specific networking services for its customers.

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis helped the client to achieve a revenue goal for its enterprise business. Also, based on the recommendation of the experts, the client established an account planning process to maximize sales opportunities. Besides, with market segmentation analysis, the client was able to align sales, delivery, products, and pricing to increase sales of services for each customer segment.

In the first year alone, the telecom company exceeded its growth target by 11% and grew its networked services business by 17%. In addition to this, with Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis, the client improved account planning for its customers boosted company sales by an additional 30%.

Besides, by leveraging Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis, the client was able to:

  • Acquire new customers and retain valuable ones with responsive and cost-effective call center support and different pricing strategies based on customer segments
  • Upgrade services to provide customers with superior service
  • Focus sales around targeted customers and align sales, delivery, service, and products around services growth

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telecom sector

A Telecom Industry Client Developed Innovative Business Models and Seized Profitable Opportunities With Market Intelligence Engagement

Telecom Sector Overview

Although the telecom sector has become essential to the daily lives of the world’s consumers and businesses, the industry remains stuck in a low-growth mode. Inability to scale internal digitization initiatives, failure to prioritize workforce planning, inefficacy to combat the growing CapEx burden, and failure to adapt to changing regulatory frameworks are some of the major risks faced by companies in the telecom sector. To succeed in the long-run, companies in the telecom sector will need to identify potential market risks and realign business models.

Are you embracing the right opportunities and focussing on the right risks? If not, our market intelligence experts can help you to analyze profitable business opportunities, market risks, and competitors’ strategies. Request a FREE proposal today!

Business Challenge

The client is a telecom company based out of the United States.

Despite the potential revenue uplift from 5G and internet of things (IoT), the company witnessed a huge decline in their market share and faced tough competition from other major players in the US. The client realized that unless they put customers at the front and center of their strategies, they’ll struggle to succeed. Therefore, the client needed to identify market risks, analyze competitors’ initiatives, and make actionable business decisions. To do so, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution.

Other major challenges that the client encountered include:

Telecom sector challenge #1: Ineffective digital growth and diversification strategy

Although digital services were one of the top priorities for the client, they faced difficulties in generating growth from these services. The client, therefore, wanted to analyze how their competitors leveraged digital services, maximized their addressable market by developing innovative business models, and seized profitable market opportunities.

Telecom sector challenge #2: Underestimating changing imperatives in privacy, security and trust

Owing to GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations, consumers’ concerns about the use of their online data are continuing to increase. The client, therefore, needed to ensure that their customers’ data and experiences are safe and secure. Therefore, they wanted to identify all the compliance risks in the US telecom sector.

Telecom sector challenge #3: Inability to combat the growing CapEx burden

Leading telecom operators across the world are facing a new wave of network investment, ranging from 5G and low-power wide-area networks to gigabit fiber. Despite this, the returns on this CapEx remain uncertain. By thoroughly analyzing the US telecom sector, the client wanted to make the right choices around infrastructure switch-off, spin-off, and sharing.

Today’s telecommunication companies are at the forefront of rapid innovations in the field of fintech, mobile payments, location-based data services, and more. Want to identify the business opportunities that these innovations will open up in the US telecom sector? Contact us today to leverage our market intelligence solution.

Our Approach

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a three-phased approach that involved:

Technology assessment to identify the next technological breakthrough and identify the cost-effective technologies leveraged by the client’s key competitors. The experts also analyzed the digital technologies gaining popularity in the US telecom sector.

Risk management solution to identify financial, compliance, strategic, and operational risks in the US telecom sector.

Market opportunity assessment to analyze the market changes and industry developments in the US telecom sector.

Results Obtained

By gathering comprehensive insights into the US telecom sector, the client was able to develop innovative business models and seize opportunities for inorganic growth, service innovation, and diversification through M&A and strategic alliances. Also, they were able to keep up with regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of consumers’ data. In addition, by identifying workforce challenges, they were able to prioritize workforce planning and build employee engagement.

By identifying profitable opportunities in the US telecom industry, they were able to make the right choices around infrastructure switch-off, spin-off, and sharing. Furthermore, the company developed actionable risk management strategies to tackle rising market risks.

The company was able to better compete in the market, in terms of capabilities, prices, and service offerings. Within eight months of leveraging our market intelligence engagement, they were able to enhance market share by 37%.

Want to know more about our services for companies in the telecommunications industry? Request for more info here!

Trend analysis

Infiniti’s Trend Analysis Engagement Helped a Telecom Service Provider Implement a Flexible Plan to Predict Future Business Projections

The telecom industry is witnessing a positive growth and will continue to grow further in the future. The wave of changes relating to smart cities, IoT, and 5G connectivity are creating new and better opportunities for companies operating in the telecom industry as well as other related market segments. The challenge here lies in identifying telecommunications industry trends and capitalizing on opportunities to stay relevant in the future.

Are you wondering how companies in the telecom industry can adapt themselves to the requirements of the new age? Our experts believe that telecom service providers can continue to achieve high growth through trend analysis engagement. Request a FREE brochure to gain more insights into our services portfolio.

Business Challenge

The client is a multinational telecommunication service provider based out of Ireland. Owing to the intense telecom market competition, the client was looking at partnering with a market research firm like Infiniti Research to leverage our expertise in offering market trend analysis solution. The client wanted to analyze new growth opportunities in 2019, by performing an analysis of past and current market behaviors.

Other challenges faced by the client were:

  • The client was facing predicaments in gathering relevant data relating to telecommunications industry trends and adopting the latest technology. Due to this, they were lagging when compared to their peers.
  • The saturation of revenues for voice services along with the developments in mobile communication in the past decade necessitated the client to develop robust broadband services while tackling the challenges of cost and traffic. With this, the client realized the need to understand the trends in the telecommunication industry to achieve sustainable growth by focusing on developing trending services rather than traditional services.
  • Struggling with decreasing revenues, the client was forced to make tough business decisions. With Infiniti’s trend analysis solution, they needed to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to the market changes.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The market trend analysis engagement followed these phases:

  • The initial phase of the trend analysis engagement involved the process of comparing the client’s current market behavior and dominant patterns of the market over time to identify consistent results.
  • The next phase of the engagement involved conducting a detailed assessment of target customer behavior to develop the best possible strategy for communicating with customers.
  • The third phase of the trend analysis engagement involved analyzing competitor weaknesses to help the client differentiate themselves by offering products and services to fill gaps that their competitors have not addressed.
  • In the final phase, by monitoring the client’s business performance over an extended period, our experts were successful in gathering useful information on market trends. This data was then used to refine their business decisions and strategies.

With insights gained from trend analysis engagement, the experts in Infiniti Research developed a strategy to respond to the rapid changes in the market in line with the client’s business goals. With Infiniti’s trend analysis engagement, the client also gained in-depth insights into the telecommunications market scenario, consumer preferences, and the macroeconomic environment of the company. Market trend analysis turned out to be a strategic solution for understanding the market maturity and gauging the future market potential along with the client’s overall market position.

By leveraging Infiniti’s trend analysis solution, the client was able to cut down costs and implement a flexible resource ramp-up or ramp-down plan based on future business projections. Infiniti’s trend analysis engagement also helped the client to identify key business areas where they were underperforming and areas where their business was performing well. With this, they were able to leverage effective strategies and achieve business success. The solutions also provided sufficient evidence to make well-informed business decisions.

CaptureWith Infiniti’s trend analysis engagement, the client was able to quickly adapt to the market changes and improve their profit margins by 13%, which subsequently resulted in £7 million potential annual savings.

For staying competitive in the market, businesses must make crucial decisions, possess in-depth knowledge of market trends, and key developments. Our trend analysis engagement can help you achieve these business goals. Request a FREE proposal to know how.

Importance of Trend Analysis

Market trend analysis helps businesses understand how well their business has performed and predict where current business operations and practices will take the company in the near future. If done well, a trend analysis solution will help companies develop ideas about how they can mitigate challenges and develop strategies to move their business in the right direction. With insights gained from trend analysis engagement, companies can make well-informed decisions around their long-term business strategies. By evaluating the financial performance trends, companies can determine whether they are managing their investments wisely.

Telecommunications Industry Trends


Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence solutions provider, specializing in offering smart solutions to address your business challenges. With 15+ years of expertise, Infiniti Research has been instrumental in presenting a complete range of competitive intelligence, strategy, and research services for over 550 businesses across the globe.

Infiniti’s trend analysis solutions have helped many companies not only identify the market changes but to stay ahead of them. Also, Infiniti’s market trend analysis engagement has helped firms stay abreast of market changes and fluctuations and adapt to them quickly.

Trend analysis engagement can help you develop better strategies and gain a competitive edge in the market. Wondering where to start? Our experts can help. CONTACT US today!

Market Size Analysis Helps a Leading Business Telephone Systems Manufacturer to Derive the Size and Growth of their Product Segments

New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and microservices necessitate that business telephone systems manufacturers realign their business strategies and restructure themselves. Click To Tweet

Globally, business telephone systems manufacturers are facing huge challenges. On one hand, there is a shortage of growth in systems, particularly in mature countries. Developing markets are also seeing decreasing growth rates and lower voice average revenue per user. On the other hand, mobile data is the new frontier, but while volumes of applications and data are exploding, revenues are not. Business telephone systems manufacturers are also facing pressures to make upgrades to their infrastructure and increase focus on providing systems that can offer high quality, reliable, and affordable service. As a result, telephone systems manufacturers must implement several operational and technical innovations to meet customer expectations.

Business IssuesRequest Proposal

  • The client: A global telephone systems manufacturer

The client – a leading telephone company based out of the United States. The telephone systems manufacturer wanted to assess market opportunities for its products in three countries, which involved sizing and forecasting the fixed-line broadband market and the specific markets for its products. Additionally, the client was facing complexities in segmentation, technology, end-use application, and customer type besides data availability issues.

Market Size Analysis Benefits for Telephone Systems Manufacturers?

Market size analysis helps business telephone systems manufacturers to find new market niches, add values to their data, operate more efficiently, and minimize risks across geographies.  Market size analysis is also a key component of any strategic marketing planning. Information on the size of the target market allows businesses to evaluate opportunities and accurately plan their approach and investments.

Summary of our market size analysis solution

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Client Journey

The market size analysis experts at Infiniti Research customized a comprehensive research method, which delivered valuable insights on technological advancements, market requirements, geographical target regions, and future enhancement possibilities. Additionally, the experts also compiled information across a wide array of exclusive sources to help the business telephone systems manufacturer derive the size and growth of the relevant product segments.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market size analysis engagement, the business telephone systems manufacturer thoroughly comprehended the environmental factors involved, including politics, regulations, technology, economics, demographics, social factors, and behavioral factors. Knowledge of these factors led to the modeling of households’ affordability levels, telecom carriers’ investment capability, and statistical analysis of key macroeconomic variables to provide a base set of figures on the potential market size.

Furthermore, the client devised a combined top-down and bottom-up approach with a statistical extrapolation method to derive Get More Infothe installed base, and a judgmental bootstrapping method to derive the size and growth of the relevant product segments.

Business Telephone Systems Future

Manufacturers are working toward offering cloud-hosted business telephone systems to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. This helps businesses satisfy customers and clients better, improve communications, and save significantly on telephone system costs at the same time.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop a deeper understanding of the global business telephone systems market

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Market Assessment Study for A Leading Communication Devices Manufacturer Helps Estimate the Average Selling Price for Devices by Value Chain

The performance of today’s wireless communication devices is fundamentally constrained by the limited battery life of the devices, whose operations are frequently disrupted due to the need for manual battery replacements or recharging. Additionally, the combination of wireless energy and information transmissions also raises many new research problems and implementation issues that have to be addressed.

Limited device battery life has always been a key consideration in the design of modern mobile wireless technologies. Frequent battery replacement or recharging is often costly due to a large number of wireless communications devices in use, and even unfeasible in many critical applications, e.g., sensors embedded in structures and implanted medical devices. On the other hand, an efficient combination of wireless energy and information transmissions requires the availability of accurate knowledge of the channel state information at the transmitter. However, this is often difficult to achieve in practice.

Business Issues

  • The client: Communication devices manufacturer

To better assess the market landscape of the global telecom industry, the client – a leading communication devices manufacturer, based out of Finland, approached Infiniti to engage in a market assessment study. The scope of this engagement was to help the client understand the market landscape of the communication devices in terms of sales units and revenues, average selling prices, and the market share.

How Can Market Assessment Help Companies in the Telecom Industry?

Market assessment engagement helps firms identify how they should reach their potential consumers and appeal to their needs effectively. Additionally, a robust market assessment engagement reveals to a company or a business what it must change to meet the market’s needs more profitably.

Summary of our Market Assessment Solution

Ask An Analyst

Client Journey

Infiniti’s industry experts carried out a market assessment study comprising of interviews and discussions with group purchase officers, buyers, purchase organizations, vendor managers, channel partners, end-users, and members of regulatory bodies to help the client gain an in-depth understanding of the communication devices market’s landscape.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market assessment engagement, the communication devices manufacturer estimated the average selling price for the devices by value chain. Additionally, the client identified key decision makers who are involved in the purchase of devices. The client was also able to evaluate the total sales units and market shares and assess the key purchase drivers of their customers.

The Future

In the near future, the communications devices we use will have to become more efficient, affordable for more people, easier to use, and more self-aware. Moreover, our increasing personal and societal dependence on these objects means that we can’t have them running out of batteries at a crucial time and getting lost on us in any way. Additionally, these gadgets must also be affordable and user-friendly. However, there is no shortage of thoughts being put to all of these challenges, and here we take a look at communications advances that are both far out and coming soon.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the global telecom industry

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IPTV Service

Market Analysis for a Leading IPTV Service Provider

IPTV service refers to a TV service that is delivered via the internet over an IP-based network. The IPTV ecosystem includes the operators, middleware providers, set-top box vendors, and others. It makes use of a broadband internet connection to transmit TV signal; thereby, enabling efficient data transmission when compared with traditional broadcasting technologies. The increased penetration of Internet-based services is a key growth driver of the global IPTV service market. Other factors fueling the growth of IPTV service market include better internet infrastructure and video streaming services in developed economies.

The IPTV market is mainly driven by technology, with leading players offering high-end services to consumers like HD and ultra-HD IPTV. However, poor infrastructure and slow replacement are major challenges for IPTV service providers, making it difficult for them to penetrate in developing regions.

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The Business Challenge

The client– A leading IPTV service provider

Objective– To identify and assess the market needs more profitably. Also, implement the right strategies to reach potential customers.

The client, a leading IPTV service provider, wanted to devise strategies to reach the potential customers and appeal to their needs.The client wanted to leverage the use of Infiniti’s market analysis solution to better understand their penetration levels in the market space. The client also wanted a detailed report of the entry barriers, new opportunities, risks, and competition in the IPTV service market space.

Results– Devised effective strategies to evaluate current market trends and drive profitability. Also, identified future growth areas for the IPTV service provider by drawing conclusions on customer preferences and market opportunities.

IPTV Service

The market analysis experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders across the IPTV service market space to help the client improve business efficiency. The experts at Infiniti further compiled information from a wide array of secondary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and industry forums to help the client understand the competitive scenario.

Request a FREE proposal to know how our solutions will help you tackle market challenges.

The Solution and the Business Impact:

Implementing a market analysis engagement helped the client identify and target potential customers based on demographics. This engagement also helped the IPTV service provider avoid significant losses, which could have otherwise affected their overall market share. The market analysis solution offered enabled the client to modify and renovated their existing products and services to give them a competitive edge. Moreover, this helped them in identifying a scalable approach to discover new market opportunities and assess market trends.

The Future:

The global telecommunication industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The emergence of internet protocol has brought about new encoding and transport mechanisms in the video streaming sector. Moreover, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, new technologies and delivery models, and the promise of ubiquitous broadband access have sparked new business opportunities among firms operating in the telecommunications industry. Therefore, those who carefully anticipate, access such opportunities, and address them proactively will be better positioned to succeed in this sophisticated market space.

Key trends in the IPTV service market:

Wireless IPTV service: With the growing preference for wireless services, IPTV service providers are now focusing on offering services that differentiate them from their competitors in the market. This service is characterized by ultra HD videos based on the Wi-Fi connection between an Internet modem and an Internet protocol television (IPTV) set-top box.

Growing focus on HD and UHD IPTV service: Transition to HD has been one of the most important media technology. IPTV service providers are increasingly focusing on offering HD and UHD IPTV service.

Cloud-based IPTV service: Cloud computing is the new infrastructure environment that delivers on the promise of supporting on-demand services flexibly by scheduling bandwidth, storage and compute resources.

Partnerships and acquisitions: IPTV service market is experiencing an increase in mergers and acquisitions. 

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Telecommunication Industry Client Develops Personalized Brand Experiences with The Help of Marketing Strategy Solution

Marketing Strategy Telecommunications IndustryLONDON: Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest marketing strategy solution for a renowned telecommunications industry client. The telecommunication industry creates a set-up that allows data to be sent anywhere in the world. Factors such as frequent innovations and increasing competition are posing challenges that hinder the growth of the telecommunications industry.

“Marketing strategy helps companies to increase their focus on identifying and analyzing the primary market and the secondary market and evaluate competition. Additionally, the marketing strategy solutions offered by Infiniti Research help firms address the customer requirements and devise new strategies to market the offerings,” says an expert at Infiniti Research.

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The marketing strategy solutions offered helped the telecommunication industry client to improve their marketing campaigns and provide their customers with personalized brand experiences. The client also gained actionable insights into the unique selling points in order to fix a right price for the products and services offered.


Additional benefits of the marketing strategy solution

  • Develop a robust marketing campaign that resonates with the target audience
  • Gained insights into ways to position the product in the marketplace and generate a better return on the investments


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