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Top 3 Technologies Disrupting the Smart Packaging Solutions Sector

In recent times, packaging has evolved from being a protective barrier for a product to a tool for marketing communications. With constant innovation in technology, packaging is expected to be much more than a protective barrier or a marketing tool. Manufacturers have been focusing on using advanced technologies to provide enhanced functionality – a term known as smart packaging. Smart packaging solutions can be utilized either as an active packaging, providing functionality such as moisture and oxygen control, or intelligent packaging, which indicates status or communicates product changes along with other information. Smart packaging solutions have the potential to positively change the way consumers interact with the product and simplify things.

Here are some of the trends in the smart packaging industry:IR_Brochure

Smart Labels and IoT integration
Smart labels eliminate the need for embedding costly sensors to the product to track vital information regarding location, temperature, movement, and moisture. For instance, a company called ThinFilm has created printed electronics that can be attached to any products to provide real-time information so that the company can check product’s freshness and prevent spoilage.

Augmented Reality in Smart Packaging Solutions
The game Pokémon GO gave much-needed acknowledgment to the augmented reality technology. Much like discovering Pokémon in a real-life map, AR technologies can project vital product information like item tag, order status, stock levels, and delivery destination with the help of an HUD display or a smartphone.

OLED Flexible Display Technology in Smart Packaging Solutions
Although this technology seems too futuristic to be used in the packaging sector, companies are making significant efforts to build prototypes that can incorporate flexible energy efficient display in packaging. A pioneer in this field, VTT Technologies of Finland, is investing heavily in its OLED technology to enable a lean and agile production of custom size and shaped display and signage elements at a meager cost. Such a technology has the potential to create products with interactive packaging and illumination that can attract customers in a retail store.

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Market Intelligence Study Helps Client Gain Insights on Fleet Management

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on fleet management provides insights in terms of fleet usage and maintenance, competitors and penetration levels, and purchase patterns of automotive fleet leasing and management across the target region.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management solutions can be defined as vehicle applications and systems that assist companies manage and track their commercial motor vehicles, to ensure smooth functioning of business operations. Fleet management services have gained momentum due to the growing demand from the transportation and logistics sector. Fleet management solutions entails all aspects of vehicle management such as positioning, production and material monitoring, vehicle tracking and equipment optimization. These systems find applicability in industries beyond transport and logistics such as oil and gas, retail, mining, and waste management. The phenomenal growth in the adoption of the fleet management solutions can be attributed to several factors namely rising fuel and connectivity costs, soaring pollution levels and growing demand to achieve operational efficiency. However, increasing compliance standards, limited transparency, and lesser flexibility can impede the growth of the global fleet management market.

Infiniti’s industry experts offer strategic insights into the fleet management market by analyzing the complexities and challenges involved through various market intelligence studies. The market insights include information about the services market scenario and competitor landscape that help organizations to make better informed decisions.

Vehicle tracking system

In the fleet management market, vehicle tracking systems are the new trend that has caught everyone’s attention. The vehicle tracking system is a software that captures the location of the vehicles, providing the exact time spent behind the wheel, and the fleet usage and maintenance data. The vehicle tracker delivers real-time location of the fleet vehicles, gives access to important vehicle information, tracks driver behavior; thereby facilitating efficient asset utilization.

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Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers various solutions to understand the current scenario of the fleet management market and analyze it. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Market study to gain insights into the competitive scenario, drivers, and planned positioning of the vehicle management market
  • Analyze the aftermarket landscape of fleet and vehicle management
  • Market assessment for automotive fleets with various capabilities such as medium and heavy duty vehicles
  • Develop an analytical framework using multiple data analysis tools and software’s
  • Help organizations understand the purchase patterns of automotive fleet leasing and management

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading client by offering market insights on fleet management.

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Analyzing the Marketability of Clinical Guidewires Market Through Market Intelligence Study

The latest market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on the clinical guidewires market provides a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by manufacturers and its applications across the target regions.

Trends and developments in the clinical guidewires market

The rising number of patients with urology, ophthalmology, neurovascular, and cardiovascular disorders is boosting the demand for clinical guidewires in the healthcare industry. The growing applications of devices in facilitating cross-resistant lesion in the vasculature and a shift in trend towards minimally invasive surgeries will have a positive impact on the growth of this market. The manufacturers of these products are investing in technological advancements and research and development to offer better patient care and quicker diagnostics. The introduction of medical infusion, hydrophilic coated superelastic guidewires, and magnetic navigation technology will attribute to the evolution of the healthcare industry. The prevalence of stringent regulatory policies and the high cost of investment in product development is acting as a barrier towards new entrants in the market. Infiniti’s market intelligence study for clinical guidewires market offers comprehensive insights into the clinical and the competitive landscape. The study also analyzes data from clinical research publications, medical research journals, online medicine libraries, and market research reports to determine growth prospective and demand trends.

The focus on product launched and extensive R&D activities will help suppliers to offer best in class devices that offer high patient satisfaction. The vendors are investing in the development of guidewires with advanced features and technologies to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market. These new-age guidewires will minimize the risks associated with minimally invasive procedures and will enhance the diagnosis and treatment of different disorders.

Technological advancement

The suppliers are focusing on the introduction of technologically advanced and innovative guidewires to meet the dynamic requirements of the end-users. The launch of advanced neurovascular guidewires has resulted in the increase in tip flexibility, portability, and advanced torque response. Another advancement in the market is magnetic navigation, and it has extensive applications in interventional cardiology. Additionally, the availability of low-cost stainless steel and reusable devices will help reduce the cost of medical surgeries and procedures.

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Advent of hybrid guidewires

The rising need for flexible, easy to use, and low maintenance devices created the market for hybrid guidewires. These are new systems nitinol hydrophilic wire that have sensors to provide easy access to the healthcare professionals. These devices are designed to facilitate diagnostic access quicker and safely which thereby reduces the discomfort to the patients. The sensors installed makes these both an access wire and a working wire and help reduce the number of devices that are used during a procedure.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence study by Infiniti on the clinical guidewires market provides comprehensive information on quantitative and qualitative aspects of competitors, target markets, and end-users. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Offer strategic insights into the clinical guidewires market for various therapeutic applications
  • Deliver detailed overview of the market guidewires and related technologies for cardiovascular and neurovascular applications
  • Identify untapped segments, assess their market potential, and uncover the opportunities in these segments
  • Provide a thorough analysis of the market in terms of health economics and regulatory environment
  • Offer an exhaustive analysis of the usage landscape and device descriptions

Read our comprehensive case study on market intelligence on the ophthalmology guidewires market


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Market Trends and Growth Prospects for Specialty Printing Consumables

Infiniti’s recent market intelligence study on specialty printing consumables helps companies in the IT and industrial sectors identify the target regions and quantify the served available market (SAM) for each product category.

An overview of the specialty printing consumables market

The demand for specialty printing consumables is primarily driven by the IT and industrial sectors. The increasing application of these products for large-scale printing requirements across offices, institutions, and professional service firm will fuel the growth of the market. The developments in the advertising and media sectors are boosting the application of new printing technologies such as 3D printers, specialty printer ink, and eco-friendly products in the market. However, the introduction of cost-effective and less time-consuming products, such as digital printing, acts as a threat to the specialty printing market. As a result, specialty printing manufacturers are coming up with advanced products, such as advanced printer inks for lithography, flexography, and rotogravure to sustain the market’s growth.  The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti on specialty printing consumables offer insights into the market landscape in terms of market trends, challenges, competitors, and key players in the target regions. The study also analyzes the market landscape and data collected from various databases to identify potential growth opportunities.

The rising focus on product and technological innovations will help suppliers to remain competitive in the market. The manufacturers are engineering products that help reduce carbon footprint, offer higher energy efficiency, and better endurance to chemicals such as solvents and cleaners. The development of new printing consumables will reduce the cost of production and help companies expand in price sensitive markets. The new product enhancements improve opacity, better print quality, environmental compliance, and offer compatibility with high-speed printing.

Emergence of 3D printing

Industries are focusing on reducing production wastes and increase the productivity of the operational process. The technological innovations and strategic partnerships with different suppliers to introduce faster and superior 3D printers will help them attract a larger consumer base. This technology aims to renovate many productions, design, and logistics processes across different industries. These printers find applications in the IT, healthcare, automotive, industrial, and food and beverage industries.

Demand for eco-friendly ink

Sustainable development is the primary goal of companies across industries. The regulatory policies and environmental concerns are fueling the demand for vegetable oil-based and biodegradable inks. These ink products minimize the emission of VOC, eliminate the use of mineral oils, and improves recyclability of paper. These products are odorless and free of hazardous chemical compounds that can seep into the end-products. The demand for these products is highest in the food and beverage industry, and various other sectors are slowly adopting these advanced consumables.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence study by Infiniti Research provides comprehensive information on market dynamics, leading vendors, and market trends for specialty printing consumables for a leading manufacturer and seller of computer printing technologies. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Provide a thorough understanding on the market overview with special emphasis on the supply outlook
  • Categorize SAM into regions, products, business verticals, price brands, and sales channel under focus
  • Perform a SWOT analysis on the specialty printing group market to assess the dynamic shifts in the market
  • Develop specific business strategies in the target regions to support specialty printing group (SPG)
  • Offer detailed insights on domestic competition and their policies for competing with foreign brands

Read our comprehensive case study on how we offered a leading client market intelligence on specialty printing

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Market segmentation

Increasing Number of Smartphone Users and Data Transmissions to Boost the Optical Components Market

Infiniti’s latest market assessment study on optical components provided a thorough understanding of the market landscape for these products with special emphasis on mobile and smartphone segments.

Demand trends in the optical components market

The demand for high-quality optical components is primarily driven by the rise in automation across various industries. The increasing use of smartphones and transmission of data will boost the application of these components in the mobile devices market. These products enable seamless transmission of data throughout the network and are used for high-speed network infrastructure build-outs. Optical components have extensive applications in long-distance communications, due to its benefits such as safety, reliability, and simplified network operations. Fiber optical cables have the capability of achieving extremely high bandwidth and are used in various optical systems. The market assessment by Infiniti provides actionable insights into the market in terms of the potential growth drivers, segmentation, and challenges. The study also helps companies in the market to identify technology trends, growth opportunities, and the target regions under focus.

The growing need for advanced connectivity solutions such as cloud-based and machine-to-machine (M2M) services has a positive impact on the market for optical components. The suppliers are focusing on reducing the high installation costs and risk of cyber threats to increase their profitability and sales revenues.  The introduction of new control plane capabilities, flexible-grid ROADM technology, and management features are revolutionizing the software market and enabling transformations in SDN/NFV technologies.

Need for network bandwidth

The growing usage of network and mobile computing devices such as wearable devices, tablets, and smartphones with enhanced product features is boosting the market for optical components. The deployment of wireless networks like 3G, 4G, and 5G and wireless home broadband connections is increasing the network traffic and surging the demand for optical fibers for managing network traffic. The use of fiber optics will result in high-speed internet connectivity, quick web browsing, faster social networking, streaming of videos, and better performance of GPS.


Emergence of cloud computing

The implementation of cloud infrastructure helps virtual and remote data center to store, manage, and retrieve data or resources at minimum operational costs.  Cloud computing offers scalability, faster time-to-market, reliability, viability, and swift data center applications. The use of advanced optical components helps service providers offer higher bandwidth and robust and medium-distance connectivity. These systems are also designed to offer speed range around 10-40 G and ensure transfer and storage of data.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s recent market assessment for optical components provides a detailed overview of the market and analyze current vs. future market development prospects, market size, market dynamics, and growth rate. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Help adopt effective marketing strategies for the growth of optical component market in specific regions
  • Offer an in-depth understanding of the camera module market
  • Provide comprehensive information on product strategy, technical advantages, benchmarking sales strategy, and customer resources
  • Develop a robust and defendable prototype market sizing model
  • Build a logical metric, which correlates with demands for target products

Read our comprehensive case study on assessing the market landscape for optical components

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Market Intelligence Study – Assessing the Replacement Battery Market for Telecom Industry

Infiniti’s latest market intelligence study on replacement batteries in the telecom industry analyzes the cost amalgamated with tower outages, including the cost associated when the voice service or data is sold by the minute.

Replacement battery market in the telecom industry

The growing usage of different kinds of consumer electronic goods is driving the market for replacement batteries. These batteries also have massive applications in the telecom sector for efficient energy storage. The rise in the number of telecom tower installations due to a significant increase in the number of subscriptions and use of mobile devices is encouraging service providers to look for superior power sources. The adoption of lithium-ion batteries to supply uninterrupted power sources to the towers and effective utilization of energy is gaining predominance in the telecom industry. Lithium-ion batteries offer higher durability and energy productivity compared to other variants of batteries available in the market. Replacement batteries are a more sustainable source of energy, and it provides uninterrupted energy during brownouts, power surges, blackouts, and power spikes. The introduction of low emission, high cycle and operational life, and remote monitoring capabilities of advanced batteries will revolutionize the telecom industry.

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti offer strategic insights into the market in terms of growth drivers, segmentation, and challenges. The study also offers an all-inclusive view of the market landscape and help companies ascertain the reliability of the customers willing to purchase these new-age batteries. The replacement batteries are designed to efficiently store and supply electricity to telecom towers, thereby curbing the reliance on diesel-fueled generators.


Focus on efficient energy storage devices

The growing concern about the environmental sustainability and the requirement for long-duration power back-up is encouraging the vendors to invest in the research and development of advanced battery technologies. The installation of these batteries will help telecom companies to reduce operational costs during breakouts such as fires and leakages and ensure the safety of equipment and data centers. The new batteries that are available in the market are compact and help reduce the power consumption of equipment, resulting in energy conservation. Development of energy efficient devices and reducing operational powers costs is attributing to the adoption of replacement batteries in the telecom industry.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on replacement batteries help companies in the telecom industry to identify potential market opportunities and design effective marketing strategies to promote sales of these products. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Offer a better understanding of pricing themes in the replacement battery market
  • Assess the battery market in terms of a cost to an outage condition and provide insights on the battery replacement paradigms
  • Provide a thorough characterization of the market landscape in terms of the percentage
  • Help the client determine the cost per hour of outage among the target regions
  • Estimate the average cost data used per each tower

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading company assess the market intelligence landscape of the replacement battery market

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Evaluating the Competitive Landscape of Anti-counterfeiting Packaging Across Industries

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on anti-counterfeiting packaging across industries analyzes the market share, product offerings, key competitors, and pricing intelligence of products that are available in the marketplace.

Anti-counterfeiting packaging – market at a glance

Counterfeiting is a problem that affects the brand value and profitability of companies across industries. Anti-counterfeiting packaging ensures the authenticity of products, maintains the original composition of the materials, prevents imitation, ensures the safety of goods, and helps to reduce the economic damage and risks to the consumers’ health associated with counterfeit products. The packaging manufacturers are adopting anti-counterfeiting technologies that offer covert, overt, forensic, and sterilization of the products and reduces the risk of losses. Some of the technologies adopted for innovating packaging that is available in the market include an optically variable device, holograms, security, graphics, RFID tags, color-shifting security inks and films, and sequential product numbering. The growth in demand for traceability systems, omnichannel retailing, and stringent government regulations across industries and especially in the pharma and food industry is fueling the demand for these packaging solutions in the market. The latest market intelligence study by Infiniti offers a comprehensive assessment of the market and competitive landscape of anti-counterfeiting packaging. The study also provides detailed information on the opportunities, trends, competition, and technologies in the market.

The manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting packaging products are adopting technological innovations to improve the packaging features, enhance the visual appeal, and reduce the risk of forging. By implementing advanced tracking and tracing technology, suppliers are aiming to improve the supply chain visibility and increase the safety of products. Moreover, these packaging solutions will also help reduce the economic losses by the end-users and help them maintain accurate information on their inventory.

Introduction of chip-less printable RFID technology

The emergence of chip-less and nanotechnologies in RFID products reduces the chances of duplicating these tags. The tags provide a combination of protective functions that include traceability, authentication, and tamper evidence. RFID tags are attached to the reflective surface using an inkjet printer and are cost-effective compared to other counterfeit measures. Some of the RFID circuits that are available in the market consists of an antenna that is attached to the paper label, eliminating the need to use a separate plastic inlay to mount antenna behind it.


Emergence of 3D barcodes

Technologies innovations are enabling vendors to launch new and technologically advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging products. 3D barcodes are one such innovation, and it is inserted into products at the manufacturing stage. These barcodes are not easily visible and make it extremely difficult to counterfeit these products. 3D barcodes find applications in electronics, food, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s market intelligence study on anti-counterfeiting packaging, analyzes data collected from leading experts, distributors, key consultants, leading stakeholders, analysts, and researchers to identify potential growth opportunities. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Identify the areas where counterfeit prevention needs to be assessed such as pharma, food cosmetics, supplements, and electronics
  • Recognize the dominant decision makers or influencers among players in the value chain and help make informed business decisions
  • Classify the pain points in the anti-counterfeiting packaging market and formulate effective marketing strategies
  • Offer a comprehensive breakdown on the new technologies and patent analysis currently available in the market
  • Categorize the leading competitors and the popular end-user sectors

Read our comprehensive case study on market intelligence on the anti-counterfeiting packaging market

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Metal Fabrication

Competitive Intelligence Study – Industrial Refrigeration and its Energy Efficient Solutions

Infiniti’s latest competitive intelligence study evaluates the competition in the industrial refrigeration market across the supply chain, pharmaceutical, food processing, chemicals, and oil and gas industries.

Trends and growth drivers for industrial refrigeration

The increasing demand for cooling systems with better temperature stability, improved energy efficiency, and agility in functioning is driving the growth of the industrial refrigeration market. The most widely available industrial refrigeration systems consist of electrical and mechanical components such as heat exchangers, compressors, evaporators, and racks. The manufacturers are focusing on developing products that meet the increasing safety and environmental regulations. The drastic progress of the food and beverage industry in emerging nations such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), Latin America, parts of APAC, and the Middle East will have a positive impact on the growth of this market. The advent of product innovations, favorable government regulations, and demand for energy-efficient machinery will drive development in this market. The recent competitive intelligence study by Infiniti offers a deep-dive assessment of the industrial refrigeration and energy market in terms of the growth potential, segmentation, and the challenges. The study also provides valuable insights on market structure, growth drivers, key competitors, channels, vendors, and customer segments.

The significant growth in the pharmaceutical industry will drive the demand for industrial refrigeration systems. Unceasing development in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in countries such as China and India is aiding to the high requirement for these products. The vendors are manufacturing precise temperature and humidity control systems to comply with FDA regulations and expand their consumer base.

Introduction of new refrigerants

The launch of new refrigerants such as CO2 and hydrocarbons increases the efficiency of refrigeration systems. The introduction of ammonia refrigerant systems helps reduce safety precautions, and its low density makes it less attractive for low-temperature applications. The usage of ammonia or brine system can also reduce the ammonia charge and offers high efficiency and minimal environmental impact. The introduction of such innovative systems will reduce the operational costs of industries and promote sustainable industrial development.


Demand for components for high-pressure applications

The demand for high-pressure components helps facilitate the use of higher efficiency systems such as the Transcritical CO2 systems. The manufacturers in the industry are focusing on developing higher pressure components that cater to specific industrial applications. The use of high-pressure systems eliminates the need for backup systems and provide better operational efficiency. Moreover, these systems are designed to offer substantial cost, space, and time advantages for different industries.

Solutions and recommendations

The competitive intelligence study by Infiniti Research helps companies across different industries to assess and enter new markets and enhance their offerings. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the market size and the key competitors
  • Identify the competitors in the market and make strategic decisions to increase the product portfolio across the target region
  • Deliver valuable information on the figures, facts, and forecasts, covering the major and niche players in the market
  • Offer a better understanding of the market segmentations in terms of distributor, wholesale, and DIY
  • Develop a robust and defendable prototype market sizing model

Read our comprehensive case study on market research and competitive intelligence study helps a global engineering company 

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School and office accessories on wooden background

Market Assessment Study Analyzes the Electronic Wristbands Market in the Healthcare and Hospitality Industry

Infiniti’s latest market assessment study on wristbands in the healthcare and hospitality industry helps companies gain a better understanding of the growth prospects of wristbands in the target regions.

Wearable technology in healthcare industry

The introduction of thermal printable, laser, and RFID technologies has resulted in an increase in the number of wearable technologies that are available in the healthcare industry. These new age devices find applications in the healthcare and hospitality sectors and assist in keeping the caregivers updated about the requirements of the patients. The barcoded wristbands help healthcare professionals provide superior patient services and the adoption of RFID technologies help with scanning and identifying patients and verifying their specimens, medications, and chart. The standardized colors to identify patients with specific conditions are red-allergy, yellow-fall risk, purple-do not resuscitate, pink-restricted extremity, and green-latex allergy. The recent market assessment study by Infiniti provides valuable and strategic insights into the market landscape of wristbands in terms of market challenges, segmentation, and the growth drivers. The study also helps companies understand the adoption patterns of single-use, disposable, and non-electronic wristbands in the healthcare and hospitality industry.

These wristbands are gaining popularity in the market as it increases patient safety prospect and ensures proper services by the hospital staff. These labels are primarily designed for point-of-care applications such as medication administration and lab labeling. The doctors and nurses use these brands for patient identification, reduces medication error rates, increases reliability, ease of administration, and accuracy. The use of these technologies increases the overall productivity of staff and enhances patient outcomes.

Telehealth and telemedicine

The advent of new and innovative technologies in healthcare is revolutionizing the industry. The increasing focus on patient satisfaction and feasibility is promoting the launch of telehealth and telemedicine in the industry. These are customer facing healthcare solutions that increase the patient satisfaction and connectivity between the consumers and the professionals. The introduction of telehealth and telemedicine is enabling remote health monitoring and treatment cost-effectively.


Standardizing sampling techniques

The use wristbands are standardizing the blood and other specimen sampling techniques. The system provides protocols for maintaining patient sample identities throughout pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical processes and reduces the errors of mixing test results. Moreover, wristband uses automated systems such as bar coding, electronic order entry, radio frequency identification, and biometrics to decrease the probability of identifying errors and ensures faster diagnostics.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s market assessment study on wristbands in the healthcare industry helps companies implement a strategic development plan and evaluate potential growth opportunities in the market. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Help plan the market entry strategy and target the most relevant customer segments
  • Assess the adoption patterns of disposable wristbands in the healthcare and hospitality sectors
  • Provide a better understanding of the growth potential of the market and make informed business decisions
  • Offer a comprehensive breakdown of the current and forecasted market size for wristbands across multiple industry verticals
  • Deliver actionable insights on the market trends, competitive share analysis, and challenges in the market

Read our comprehensive case study on market assessment study on wristbands helps a leading technology provider

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Bearings Market to See a 9.1% CAGR in Revenues in the Construction and Food & Beverage Industry

Infiniti’s recent market intelligence study on bearings market identifies the growth prospects of the bearing sector in the construction and food and beverage industries.

Bearings market in construction and food and beverage industries

Bearings are used in a wide range of industries to lessen friction between an item and the surface over which it is moved. Technological advancements are augmenting the demand for these products in the food and beverage and construction industry. The demand for earthmoving, excavation or mining and material handling equipment used in severe and harsh operating environment is driving the demand for bearings in the construction industry. In 2016, the CAGR of bearings was around 7.1% in volumes and USD 3658 million in terms of revenues in the construction industry. The growth of replacement market, rapid industrialization, and robust technological advances will have a positive impact on the bearings market over the next few years. The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti provides a comprehensive understanding of the market in terms of the growth drivers, market landscape, competition, challenges, and distribution channels. The study offers insights into the competitive landscape that helps companies analyze the market size based on the geographical regions.

The food and beverage industry generated USD 1097 million in terms of revenues and 8.8% CAGR by volume for bearings in 2016. The increasing demand for bottle products is propelling the application of bearings in this market segment. The stringent regulatory compliances to reduce the risk of safety hazards in foods will help in the growth of the market. The growing demand in the construction and food and beverage industry from emerging countries in APAC such as China and India will help in the development of the market. APAC produced 159.4 million units in 2016, followed by the Americas at 23.9 million units and EMEA at 22.2 million units.

Demand for high-efficient machinery

The exponential demand for machines that reduce friction, less energy-intensive, ensuring more efficient, and support environment-friendly operations have a positive impact on the growth of the high-quality bearings market. The manufacturers are focusing on developing advanced bearings that help achieve operational efficiencies and increase their profitability. The introducing of special bearing such as high-precision bearings and tapered bearings find applications in multiple industrial functions and specific needs by providing high efficiency of machines.


Application specific and integrated bearings

The demand for application specific bearings is primarily from the wind energy industry. These products offer low maintenance and high-quality that saves energy and reduce carbon emission. The continual investments for the development of these products in China and the US will increase the demand for such bearings in the market. Integrated bearings are used in the automotive and aerospace industries as it increases reliability, reduces equipment cost, involves ease of installation, and boosts service life. The introduction of such products will improve the efficacy of many industrial operations.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence study by Infiniti Research offers comprehensive information on the key competitors, market landscape, market positioning, and the distribution channel. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Identify the competitive threats and understand the growth possibility of the bearings market across various industrial sections such as construction and food and beverages
  • Offers insights on position strategies and how to differentiate the products against competitors
  • Provide a detailed overview of the market size, competitive landscape, and distribution channel
  • Effectively strategize the market segmentation across regions
  • Mapping high probability or high impact future market trends

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading manufacturing company assess the market landscape

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