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Social Media in Healthcare: How Is It Useful?

Over time, the Internet and social media have had a great impact on healthcare and medicine. It is now being used by individuals and businesses to communicate, stay connected, and even market or buy/sell products or services. The use of social media in healthcare has skyrocketed in the recent years. Healthcare companies are now turning to social media platforms to promote awareness, encourage patient engagement, and enhance accurate health messaging. Some of the social media platforms available to healthcare companies include social networking sites, wikis, blogs, microblogs, media-sharing sites, and VR and gaming environments. Here are some of the ways that social media in healthcare is helping healtRequest Proposalhcare managers enhance their services and stay connected with the patients:

Information sharing

One of the main motives of social media is to help users access information quickly and communicate with one another easily. The use of social media in healthcare is helping healthcare companies in sharing general healthcare tips and information with patients. Sharing news regarding outbreaks or health hazards is an effective way for healthcare facilities to provide accurate information to patients Healthcare companies can also use social media to reply to customer queries. Relying on social media in healthcare is also helpful to keep the public updated on the latest medical technology, deliver generic pre- and post-operative care information, and introduce new doctors on social networks.

Quality benchmarks

Setting benchmarks is an essential step in measuring and improving the performance of any company. Medical professionals can leverage the use of social media in healthcare to evaluate competitors and gain insights into the services they offer.  By taking a look at different practices and their social media involvement, companies in the healthcare industry have the ability to mimic these methods to enhance their own. Furthermore, the use of social media in healthcare can provide doctors and physicians with immediate or real-time responses from individuals to help understand common reactions to medications, as well as an overall consensus from patients on innovations in the healthcare industry


Several healthcare companies have begun to utilize social media channels as a part of their training process. Trainees are encouraged to use particular hashtags on Twitter or join certain groups to engage one another during training sessions. This makes the training process more enjoyable and interactive. These training techniques provide trainees with a central location to ask questions and receive prompt responses. Social media gives participants the power to provide the trainers with immediate feedback on training sessions.

Communicate in crisis

In times of crisis, social media in healthcare can help provide minute-by-minute information to consumers. Through social media, hospitals and other medical organizations can deliver real-time updates on hospital capacity, operation status, and emergency room access. Moreover, having a strong and active social media presence facilitates healthcare companies to pass along information shared by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Red Cross, and or communicate with news outlets.

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4 Social Media Skills Every Marketer Needs to Have

Social media skills and literacy are fast becoming a competitive benchmark in the world of business. While social media has immense potential, there are several inherent risks and uncertainty associated with it. But capitalizing on the transformational power of social media while mitigating the risks are what modern marketers need to build their focus on. Today, social media has the ability to develop or destruct the reputation of a business. Hence, it is not about posting anything and everything online, companies must carefully choose the content and their target audience before executing their social media plan. Marketers also need to possess a set of social media skills that will keep them a step ahead of their competition on social media platforms. Here are the social media skills that marketers need to up their game :Request Free Proposal


social media skills

Create compelling content

The success of a social media post depends on its ability to get the audience hooked on to the content. With video cameras achieving near ubiquity and film clips uploading in the blink of an eye to YouTube or other platforms, it is now easier than ever to create rich and engaging content. What marketers need to have are creative skills in filmmaking such as imagination, an authentic voice, and the ability to craft interesting stories and to turn them into media products that prompt people to take the desired action.

Leverage dissemination dynamics

New marketers must understand the paradigm shift in marketing content and look at ways to influence their messages to reach out to the right people and the right channels and promote frequent communication and exchange ideas. This fosters a culture of openness and engagement. Additionally understanding how the distribution channels work to increase word of mouth can help the organization and its brand. Furthermore, creating and sustaining a body of social followers who can help to spread and reinforce the message of the brand is highly essential.

 Manage communication overflow

Managing multiple channels to consume information and communicating with the target audience can prove to be overwhelming in the long-run. One of the essential social media skills that marketers must possess is the ability to decide when and where to engage to get the best results for their time. Understand which channels are essential for consuming information and which channels are right for engaging content, and participating is one of the vital social media skills to possess.

 Driving strategic social-media utilization

To leverage the complete potential of social media, marketers must play a proactive role in raising the social media literacy of their immediate stakeholders. This means that marketers must observe transparency and integrity, refrain themselves from speaking on behalf of the company without authorization and be clear in their social messaging that their views are personal.


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