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Online reputation management

Maintaining a Good Brand Image Made Easy with Online Reputation Management Services

Why is online reputation management important?

Did you know that at least 3 out of 5 people consider the internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business? This means that what people talk about your business online has the ability to make or break your brand, making online reputation management vital for survival. A strong brand lives on in the customer’s mind and can command a premium price. To put forth a brand image that instills trust and integrity, it is imperative to undertake an in-depth assessment of their customers’ perception. Reliable online reputation management services can help you achieve this. This blog explores some proven steps for brands to increase their digital footprint with better online reputation management strategies.

Maintaining a good brand reputation requires a deep audit of the market in order to help formulate the right strategies to create a positive impact on customers. Submit an RFP to learn how our customer intelligence solutions can help you achieve this.

Monitor online conversations about your brand

Staying on the beat with every online mention about the brand is one of the most crucial steps of online reputation management to ensure that you are up to date with what customers perceive about your brand. Several platforms are available today for customers to vent out their experiences. When one potential customer reads any negative review about a brand or their products, the chances of losing business with that customer is high. While several social media monitoring tools are available, it is advisable to use a combination of software and human efforts to tackle problematic situations. This includes keeping a eye on your own website content and social media handles for any negative reviews. By taking such steps towards better online reputation management, brands can not only work on minimizing their negative feedback, but also seek opportunities to turn negative customer experiences into positives ones.

Online reputation managementBe proactive, not reactive

Social media has made the world highly connected. As a result, a small glitch from the part of the brand can go viral in no time. In the case of such an event, you must be proactive and admit to their mistake rather than trying to defend your brand. This shows the customers that you are bold enough to acknowledge the brand’s shortcomings, instilling a sense of transparency and integrity in the minds of the customers.

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Ensure timely response

Businesses need to have a strong online reputation management team to ensure timely response to any negative feedback. Delays in response to negative experiences can cause a negative ripple effect on social media platforms, further harming the brand reputation. Acknowledging a customer issue and providing a promising solution at the earliest allows you to stay in control of the situation. It is also an indicator of the brand’s eagerness to solve customer grievances and build lasting customer relationships.

Create and promote positive content

You can use online reputation management strategies to build a positive online image and also rise an industry leader. Brands can leverage different channels like newsletters, blogs, and social media pages to create and distribute positive content. This could include, content that depicts brand values, customer testimonials, influencer reviews, and also ‘behind-the-scenes’ corporate videos. Through online reputation management services, brands can understand how to best leverage owned, earned, and paid media to build and propagate a positive sentiment towards the brand.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

One of the most powerful tools that all of us have access to is social media and for businesses, especially the small business, social media marketing is the most essential medium to establish their brand in the market.  For business owners and brands alike, social media optimization can generate more revenue, bring in more business, increase brand awareness, and attain several other goals. Today, with a combination of high-quality content, rich media, and personalization, social media marketing has become the most preferred way for businesses to establish a connection with their audience. But for social media marketing to work efficiently for your business, its optimization is very crucial. It requires the right utilization and well thought out marketing strategies. So, if you are a business owner and trying to deduce how to use social media for your small business, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed diffeContact USrent tips and tricks to enhance your social media optimization techniques and ultimately help you in your social media marketing.


Answers to the questions

4 Undeniable Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Good for Your Business

If your idea of social media is just being social and connecting with peers online, give that idea a second thought. Over the past decade,  social media has taken over our lives in such a way that today it has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Though initially it was meant for peer-to-peer communications, over the years the face of social media has taken a different turn. Brands and businesses around the globe were not far behind from discovering that ‘going online’ is the key to reach a broader group of target customers and pitch their offerings in a more personalized fashion. And what is the cherry on top of the cake? It goes easy on their pockets as well! Going online is the way forward for modern businesses because of the wide reach that social media platforms offer. Such platforms not only allow firms to reach out to a large number of customers at one go, but at the same time they can promptly understand the customers’ response towards their offerings and collect valuable feedback to make the necessary alterations. Still finding yourself ‘on the fence’ while deciding whether to leverage social media for your business? Let us discuss in detail the real benefits of using marketing strategies on social media platforms to enhance your business:IR_Brochure

Brand awareness

With competition in the market swelling up by the day, companies from different sectors around the world are running a rat race to survive. In this scenario, it becomes imperative for businesses to ensure that they are visible in the market and their marketing strategies do not go unnoticed. But how can social media help? By marketing the offerings on online platforms, companies can ensure that they are effective in reaching out individually to each customer and also acting upon their feedback helps improve their brand loyalty and sense of belongingness.

Higher conversion rates

As the visibility of your brand increases, it becomes easier to garner better conversion rates. Today many brands have marked their presence online by launching their websites. Therefore, it has become easy for them to use marketing strategies on social media and redirect the traffic to their sites to induce a purchase from the customers.


Social media is undoubtedly the most cost-effective channel among the different types of marketing strategies employed by a brand. From signing up on online platforms to paid promotions and activities, they are priced at comparatively lower rates. Being cost-effective is vital for businesses as it ensures a higher return-on-investment, also giving scope for allocating funds to other marketing strategies.

Gain better market insights

What better way to understand the mindset and the needs of your customers than to interact with them directly? Social media helps you to reach out to customers and vice versa. This allows brands to understand the market and customers’ needs better. Also, companies can keep a close watch on the marketing strategies and tactics of their rivals quickly on social media. Using these insights, they can make necessary alterations to their tactics.

How to mark the online presence of your brand using social media?

Here are a few quick tips that you can use to grab more eyeballs and establish your brand online:

  • Do your homework right when it comes to understanding your target customers, their needs, and what the brand stands for before venturing into social media marketing platforms
  • Continuously engage with customers to understand their perception of the brand and the offerings better
  • Work on building long-lasting relationships with your customers so that they stay brand loyal in the long run
  • Frequently conduct polls or question-answer sessions with customers to get a better understanding of the customer needs and requirements
  • Acknowledge customer feedback and responses; this will make the customers feel valued

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Top Four Advantages of Media Monitoring Services

Media monitoring services are an easy and effortless way to study and analyze the trends from social media. In simple words, it helps companies gain an in-depth understanding of the changing customer preferences and improves the overall media return on investment (ROI). Media monitoring services enables IR_Brochureorganizations to gain a comprehensive picture of the impact of their marketing and communications outreach, which subsequently helps in media audit and performance measurement. By leveraging social media monitoring services, businesses can make informed business decisions based on the insights and develop business solutions and strategies to understand the competitive landscape, drive social media effectiveness, and measure brand performance.

Benefit 1 – Media Monitoring and Crisis Event Reporting

Media monitoring services help gauge consumer perception about the brand and the products or services. It also facilitates reputation management and crisis event reporting by closely monitoring news, especially the negative discussions about the brand, its products, and the organization on social media. Media monitoring services allow companies to react to the negative news before they impact the brand image in an unfavorable way and assists in developing PR and communication strategies to get the right media coverage.

Benefit 2 – Identifying Trends and Understanding Customers

Through media monitoring tools and services, marketers can leverage social listening tools that help the brand to listen to their customers to understand the prevailing trends to assess their behavior and patterns that enhance targeted marketing and helps in business and product development. Social media listening tools help marketers to read between the lines and gauge the customer sentiment towards the brand.

Benefit 3 – Monitor Industry Trends and Competitive Landscape

Organizations can monitor their competitor’s activities and study their communications outreach strategies to develop and enhance the changes and trends in the industry. Media monitoring services enable better strategy development by studying the competitive landscape and marketing tactics that drive operational efficiency.

Benefit 4 – Measuring Marketing and Communications Effectiveness

Social listening tools and media monitoring services aid in measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities and communication materials. This helps in assessing the tone of media discussion around the brand and their products regularly. Media monitoring services help in developing customized communication messages that drive media coverage and operational effectiveness.

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