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Top Trends in the Construction Equipment Market

The recent increase in the number of construction activities around the globe leads to the path towards development. Development is a never-ending process, which is why there is always some form of construction going on somewhere. This, in turn, increases the demand for construction equipment, not only in terms of volume but also to innovate and evolve. Manufacturers are constantly innovating and bringing innovations to markets of all sizes and types. Additionally, mobility solutions have also been keeping pace as construction equipment continues to evolve.Request Free Proposal

The complexity of user demands

The construction industry is getting more and more efficient with new technologies. Today, it comes as no surprise that companies are able to build skyscrapers in a matter of few months. However, to build such marvels, complicated construction equipment are required. Users are demanding more efficiency, versatility, and durability from construction equipment. For instance, tires and tracks comprise the most expensive consumable items in a construction equipment. Contractors use such machines on a wider range of work and are under the pressure to deliver timely performance without compromising on durability. Additionally, they also want to get the highest amount of work done from machines with little capital and maintenance cost. Manufacturers are also leveraging the use of tire tracking software to help increase the awareness of the current situation and help predict future issues to minimize hourly costs.

Tracked construction equipment

To boost the performance of heavy machinery construction equipment, users are increasingly adopting tracks over tires. It is also evident in numerous industry reports which outline the growth of compact track loaders in comparison to traditional skid steers. The trend is evident in the rental, construction, and agricultural sectors. Tracks provide wider footprint better pulling power, more torque, and enhance the maneuverability and stability of the equipment. Such trends are even more prominent in places where seasons change drastically. Such tracked construction equipment usually costs less than tires and offers undeniable advantages. Additionally, manufacturers have come up with over-the-tire track (OTT) solution, which can convert a skid steer loader into a compact track loader within minutes.

Rising popularity of rentals

Let’s face it, all companies are on the lookout to cut their cost base. Sometimes it makes sense to rent the construction equipment than to make a purchase. For one, they avoid all the maintenance and depreciation costs. Also, they can make sure they make optimal use of the equipment. Buying and maintaining a large fleet of equipment carries a substantial financial burden and risk for the company. Renting out an equipment can provide companies with the flexibility to use it when needed without having to bear a huge capital expenditure.

Use of radial tires

Using construction equipment such as wheel loaders, backhoe, and motor graders to move between the local job sites is not uncommon in North America and Europe. It offers contractors productivity advantages as floating the equipment from site to site is often cumbersome. As a result, radial tires are gaining popularity as it offers better ride quality, decreased heat build-up, and reduced tread wear on hard surfaces.

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Road to Smarter Cities : Smart Highways Coming Our Way Soon

Today, roads aren’t just conduits that connect one place to another, they can now be utilized for multiple applications, best expressed in the form of Smart Highways. The terms, smart highway and smart roads are expressed for the usage of smart technologies in road construction. This improves the maneuvering of autonomous cars, monitors traffic and pedestrians better and even, generates solar energy without the need for additional infrastructure.

Smart highway construction is a revolutionary concept that outlines solutions to promote sustainability in urban transportation by delivering easy and innovative mobility. The technologies integrated into the construction of smart highways are extremely expensive and require big investments that have rendered them a bit impractical. However, research is in full swing to make smart highways more efficient, durable and economical.

The following are the next-generation technologies that are likely to be implemented shortly, as part of the smart highway construction initiative –

Smart Lighting: Glow in the Dark

Generally, highway lights tend to be illuminated throughout the day, wasting precious electricity. Hence, concerned authorities are forever looking for mechanisms that could plug this wastage. Some of the noteworthy technological concepts devised by Studio Roosegaarde, a Netherlands-based tech company, to simulate smart lighting on the roads are as follows:

  • Glowing Paint: The glow in the dark paint gets charged by the sunlight and can glow in excess of ten hours. Glowing paint is implemented on the N329 highway, in the Netherlands, after Studio Roosegaarde received a contract from the Dutch government.
  • Temperature-sensitive paint: This method has been significantly developed and represents ‘smart’ paint that changes color during extremely low temperature.
  • Interactive road lights: Apart from glow in the dark paint, there is also the idea to implement motion-sensor lights. Herein, an interactive road light illuminates while a car passes by and dims off afterwards.

Solar Roadways: Harvesting the Power of the Sun

The innovative idea to transform roads into solar generation infrastructure has captured the popular scientific imagination in recent times. A further push is derived from the rising number of laws imposed by regulators from around the world to reduce carbon emissions. The primary intention of solar roads is to generate clean energy through the latter’s exposure to sunlight. This clean energy can then be used for a plethora of activities, including making energy contributions to the power grids from wherein the same could be piped to individual homes.

Intelligent transportation system: Connecting Vehicles with Infrastructure

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is currently under implementation in the form of electronic toll booths and traffic monitor gantries among others. The next generation in intelligent transportation is likely to reinforce road safety is the form of pro-safety vehicle-to-infrastructure protocols that look out for trouble and actively avoid them.

Charting your road to success with Infiniti

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